Asteroid belts to merge

Make asteroid belts in star systems being real belt by stitch together all current so star system fits astrophysical conceptions. The amount of ore, the type of ore and it’s distribution remains same. But it could be a one belt like any real star system has, on the ourtskirts (like Oort Cloud in the Solar System). Sometimes there can be two of them: outer and inner (like asteroid field between orbits of Mars and Jupiter). It will be vast areas filled with asteroids so everyone still be able to find place for mining.
Reason: to make game more realistic and beautifull place to be.

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im more infavor of, delete current asteroids fields for over mining, increase spawn rates for ore anoms. that way you have to go off the grid and you can get the big ones way out past the system edges.


You know real asteroid belts have millions of KM between asteroids, yes?


On the one hand, warp from rock to rock. on the other hand, having to probe out 1 rock at a time. :S

But yeah, it’s amazing how after all these decades of video games being a thing, people still think “realism” is desirable.


Verisimilitude would be enough for me

as nice as that sounds considering that EVE has to track every object in EVE making a belt of 10000s asteroids to mine in each system would be just to hardware demanding in my opinion.

Altho Id love to see some large asteroids belts that stretch out of grid… but again inpractical from server side

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If you’re still going to have multiple grids (which you kinda need to) it’d make no difference. You wouldn’t see it except for when you zoom in on the solarsystem map maybe.

Agondray has the right idea. Reduce belts. Increase anoms.

Ore anoms are something unreal actually. We don’t have ore anomalies in space. Every mass has it’s place in star system.

Anyway if it goes to ore anomalies increasing with reducing regular belts then ore anomalies itself should be reworked (totally).
Also here we have another problem. Each system has it’s specific ore destribution and composition in asteroid belts. There are some things that connected to it (including current state of the community). Ore anomalies have random nature so it can break the balance.

I just assumed the drifters are wondering who vandalized their artwork at downtime and just press their repair button.

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Mineral availability in a system does not necessarily need to be rigid, in fact it would be great if you could get a heat map for minerals/ore on the agency.

And anoms don’t have to be so random either.

Maybe you’re right.
But ore anomalies being in big numbers (3-4) are also create non-realistic picture.

The idea is to have only one (or two) but volumed and elongated belt.

That’s a lot of overview spam. Tens of miners on a single grid. Though that already happens in ice belts.

Unless there were real benefits to doing it like that, i’d prefer the current system.

the ore anoms could provide all ores of an area with a bit of tweaking, I mean we been at this game since 03 and if ice belts can be “mined out” and moved to anoms than normal belts could too, we also have refinaries going up in all 0.5s which conist of better area ores and limited moon ore. make the ore anoms able to be probed again and it should cut back bots too

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Most planets have clusters of “Trojan” asteroids at the 60 degree leading and trailing Lagrange points (L4 & L5). These would be similar in character to belts in Eve except they don’t regenerate at downtime!

In a true belt the delta V to get from rock to rock can be massive - might not be an issue for New Eden technology but the Trojan clusters will be a lot easier to mine.

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… so you want the all the rocks spread out millions of KM from each other?

Why not do both? Have a large solar-system belt that’s just cosmetic, then have anomaly pockets appear inside the belt that has the mine-able asteroids? (So you’d see the rest of the asteroid belt stretching in the background beyond the pocket you’re currently mining in.)

Not really sure what benefit this would have over the current system though. Maybe would just look cool, seeing a large asteroid belt in the background while mining? Kind of like the background nebula that adjust as you move through different systems.


That’d be cool! The anomalies might make sense as a larger asteroid which just got broken by a collision (I know, not that common IRL, but still), rather than all asteroids just spawning somewhere random, or always at the same place in the same boring half-circle.

It even gives a reason as to why there are new asteroids every so often: new collisions make new rocks available!


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