Astroid belts


What is about an astroid belts that has like 30 Rock that giant and each
one is 100KM or more in diffrint types.
I see this can give more visual looking and less generated ID for the units in the game.
Better experince for miner .

So the suggestion is make prettier asteroids?

No. It’s for fewer, bigger asteroids so the OP can mine without needing to switch targets, pay attention or ever switch to the client.

No. More and smaller smaller rocks would be better.
Add in belt rats that target drones then I’d be even happier.


Thanks for the translate, to further translate to my inherently high level of sarcasm: bigger rocks make bot better :rofl:


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I suspected that was the case (sarcasm on your side that is) since the idea really was:
“I want free ISK for no input but I need to have a better justification than that. I know pretty rock! everyone will support it!”

Of course, if the OP is really interested in reducing the number of unique objects the Eve Database has to track and thus increasing performance, we could get rid of mining drones…

Why i feel so much hate speech agianst this pure idea ?

But yeah as Terak Said in his first replay that how i meant even if he disagree with me.

The cycle even dose not finish in some rocks that radius like 130M .
I really see it as issue even if some ppl that pvp do not see it as issue for mining pepole.

Guess what this already exists in EvE CONGRATULATIONS!!!

the lower the security of the space the larger the asteroids become. you want larger asteroids? head out to NS

that’s balance you are detecting the trade off work being in a less risky area of space

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I understand that it is in high sec and because it is more safe as ppl think then
yeah ppl will not agree to make it easy to live in it because it have some advantages.

But i am not requesting to make it equal to low or null sec nor to make it easy.
I am requesting to increase the size at a point that can do two or three cycles.

Just go to high sec in your covetor and try to mine two rocks and each one using one
strip minier.

The larger rocks that you want to mine already exist is hisec. They are the rocks that come from moon mining in 0.5 systems. These rocks are all much bigger than the ones in asteroids.

to add to what lily said mining in low population HS is even better as belts grow each day (up to 5 days iirc) so if you are in one that is mined out daily the rocks will be smaller. You can also get much much larger rocks if you set up a moon

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