0.5-1.0 Mining

“Asteroid is Depleted”

how the hell did ppl mine those velspar behemoths that where bigger then a titan ?

i get nerfing the amounts a bit but getting “asteroid is depleted” all the time is retarded

i remember the days that u needed a mining op to kill 1 roid , now u kill a hole belt in under 1h


Asteroids belts are very old, but yield and mining ships have changed a lot since then.

I don’t know if less but bigger rocks would make for a valuable change, I don’t mind but technically it would make highsec mining more similar to nullsec anom mining with a few very big rocks.

I think you might be confusing asteroids with ice cubes. Those used to last forever. But I’ve never seen giant un-pop-able Veld.

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yeah they changed alot , back in 200x the veld roids where huge in higher sec space , models where diferent 2 ,they didnt reset in maintenance and kept growing , now its like idk
i used to leave an hulk with 3 strips tech 1 and just forget about having to target new ones

today its like 3000m3-8000m3 they deplete in 3-6 cycles

Moon mining anyone?

Eve really hates players that just want to mine. It’s a shame, it use to be fun to mine.

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You heard about Goons and Rorquals?
If you just wanna mine, do it the right way, multibox like a madman and build your Titan fleet.

You forget that EVE is sandbox . There is no right way and don’t tell people how to play your way. Maxing isk/h is not game it’s grind or second job.


My three favorite words in the game! Asteroid is Depleted.

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yep ccp hates miners more than mission runners

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