Not a new topic but a new week

So there I am, finally able to get in some low sec mining in my spot. The one I moved my stuff to. The one I had to jump a tech one hauler to get my stuff to. The one I scouted for. Very exciting for one who has no life.

Can you imagine actually looking forward to mining space rocks aka pixels? Well I did.

And once again no rocks. Not a single one. CCP hates miners. Either that or they never pay attention to Min space. Maybe they hate Min people? Who knows.

Why do you need rocks?

You don’t need to mine rocks anymore to get ships these days, or industry, market or hauling for that matter.

Just buy your ships directly from CCP!


This is the same theory I have talked about for a while, make mining so burdensome that we welcome fully fit ships for RL money.

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