An Open Letter to CCP from Current and Former CSM Members on the "Prospector Pack"

My mistake.

Maybe you should not use words like “charlatan” if you don’t know what they mean.

Of course it’s not realistic. I was agreeing with what it was you said that I quoted.

CCP/PA probably make more from extractor sales than subs or PLEX. Billions of SP extracted at $50 per 10 extractors. And just to keep the party going, they hand out millions more SP every month from the daily log-in crap. They’ve made extraction the new core mechanic.

Ain’t no way that’ll ever stop.

But this has natural balancing factor in the economy: if plex becomes more expensive, fewer people will buy pex in the game, and more people will be inclined to buy a plex pack when it buys more goods.

Additionally speculators with large amounts of plex will start to sell it when the price rises and will buy it when the price is low.

Finally, if these balancing mechanisms aren’t enough, CCP can indirectly infuence the ingame price of plex with sales that either add more plex (plex sales) or extract plex (NES item sales for plex).

So yes, while plex value can vary, the impact of adding extra plex to the game has very little impact on the player-based economy as long as CCP also has enough plex sinks.

Ha, it may have been an improper use of the term but it doesn’t mean committing fraud either.

With regards to isk maybe. With regards to specific items I don’t think so.

If ALL miners plexed their accounts I would imagine it would self regulate. However, because increases in Plex prices would mean that some miners mined more and other miners would continue as before, the ratio of ore availability would not be a 1:1 exchange with the availability of Plex.

I would think the majority of plex trades are plex → ISK and the other way around. And the ISK gained that way will then be used to trade for specific items.

So I don’t really see how the ratio of plex to ISK may have balancing factors, but not the ratio of plex to items.

When you start mining career agent…


The self-righteous indignation on this thread is droll. If the roles were reversed, I would totally exploit the dumb newbs to achieve the game’s performance metrics and get my annual bonus. The new players don’t stick around anyway, so what difference does it make? The older, vocal players don’t buy much more than an occasional discounted annual subscription - they are unmilkable.

On-and-on with the ideas of how to get people to pay handsomely for structure skins. Does anybody know how much programming and art resources that would eat up? Those people are busy designing the ads for the newb deals and developing the next crossover promotion.

How long can this corpse of a game hang on? They are right to milk it dry.


Have you read some of the recent Steam reviews? They’re a real trip:


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That game sounds pretty cool tbh.


I am not a goon. But I support your argument brisc.


I fear that Hilmars’ trans-humanist sympathies have modified the dna of the game.
It once was a game about the punishing consequences of ineptitude and striving for excellence. Now it appears as a panderer to globalist ideals.

CCP owns it.
You will be happy.


I came to EvE specifically because I heard crybabies whining about how hard it was, and how it wasn’t noob friendly, and I thought, “Now that sounds like a challenging game…”

I hope CCP remembers that for every whiny carebear, there is someone else who plays EvE specifically because it offers a challenge.

Some of us don’t want another boring farmville.


It doesn’t matter what a mom’s basement-dwelling virgin like you wants, it matters what the hundreds of millions of normal, well-adjusted gamers with jobs and money want, you stupid moron griefer.


My mother says I’m not allowed to leave the basement until we can afford a proper dowry.


lol that was fast.

I think people are missing the point that their cute little Retriever complaints are a drop in the bucket and don’t even begin to register on the scale of negative feedback with regard to the “issues” that are “holding back” or “hurting” this game.


I read that stuff and I simply can not believe they are talking about EVE. “impossible to get anything done solo”, “I started grinding because I enjoy grinding but now I hate grinding and grinding is the whole game. This sucks”.

Am I wrong? Are they wrong?

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I sometimes wonder if the average steam EVE player is similar to the average EVE player.

Many of those steam comments show such a lack of EVE knowledge that it seems they just installed a random F2P game that seemed interesting, got surprised by the harsh nature of EVE by losing a ship, posted a rage review and quit.

I would expect that people who look for EVE outside of a platform that provides games at the click of a button would have put more effort in learning what kind of game they were about to play. As such, I expect the average EVE player to be a bit different than the average Steam EVE player.

But maybe my expectations are too high.

(Edit: wait why are we talking about steam reviews in the open letter thread?)


When you’re dealing with a sample size in the tens of millions, you will effectively get 100% overlap.

I know this isn’t the answer that most EVE players (many of whom believe that they’re somehow “special” for playing the game) want to hear, but it becomes a simple mathematical truth at that point.

Because it’s proof for the argument that no significant amount of people cares about something like CCP selling a cash shop mining barge.

This isn’t the straw that finally broke the camel’s back, because the camel was already ground up into glue and dog food some time in 2007.


This is not a discussion about what Destiny believes or what disgruntled reviewers believe, it is about what past and current elected representatives believe.
Don’t let CCPs silence about what it believes it is doing let your attention wander off topic. Enticing as the dangily tread bait may be.


All the snowflakes … I can’t bear it …

They don’t deserve this game and neither do we, anymore.

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