What did the CSM ask?

Just wondering where the prosperity is? Just saying what a load of crap. Is this CSM even advocating for the players, because it looks like a CCP front show if you ask me. Stick around all the established players will be the last of the Mohicans playing in their own little private sandbox. The only thing CCP listens to is a burnt Jita. Almost everything cost way more to build than what it’s worth. I recommend that anyone interested in playing EVE stay the hell away, CCP has put the final fork in it, IT’S DONE, FINISHED. NO ONE IS TWISTING MY ARM, I INVESTED A LOT OF TIME INTO A GREAT GAME THAT HAS TURNED INTO A PIECE OF … Advocate that

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Well, there’s been no shortage of prosperity for those willing to chase new strats and opportunities. So, how about we rephrase your post to be a more accurate reflection of what you’re actually saying:

where’s the prosperity for the casuals and evolutionary holdouts? I have become accustomed to low effort, low attention, low risk money, and I want it back.


I’ve been advocating just that for a year.

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For low effort money?

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Get in a free corvette on a killing spree day. Fly to a burrow shoot an NPC. Kill collect the skillpoints, loot, and bounties. Low effort.

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