The Closure of Singularity

I would like to know what the CSM candidates think about the closure of the Singularity test server


Aw hell future csm


I’m fine with it.

You’re going to have to find somebody new to @ here in a few weeks bro, lol.

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I doubt it matters what the CSM thinks.
Going on past decisions, it doesn’t appear that ccp cares what the csm thinks.

I am looking forward to asking CCP about that. I have used Singularity now and again to test skills and new fits but I know others used/abused it in other ways. Safe scouting of stations prior to them being loot pinatas leaps to mind.

But what if the map was about to change due to, oh I don’t know, new types of gates or something? Only those who had connections in Singularity would have the advance news?

Low cost practice for tournament folks . . . hmmm

Me? I like playing where it is ‘real’ I always feel that time in Singularity was time I could have been in Tranquility.

Ah but knowing how we think might influence your voting, if you do that sort of thing. Not to mention who will speak up and risk answering questions.

like me



me too. i’ve only ever gone onto SiSi a handful of times over the 10 years I’ve been playing to either test out some wild oddball idea or for capital tanking practice with my corp.

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  1. It could either be cost for no return, business decision.
  2. It could be too much leaks from the SISI giving those in the know a heads up, solution could be cutting all API / Code collecting information access away somehow, not the technical IT person here.
  3. Working on some massive changes in game, and Dev doesn’t want to hear all the whine on a none polished product.
  4. Issues with current server as is, and need to get the money maker working well, before opening the none money maker.

This is what comes to mind for me.

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Probably a severe outbreak of Tribbles.


Nobody knows the tribble I seen, nobody knows the sorrooooow



They have occasionally requested players log in to test things, so they’re removing that capability. I assume they have testing in the pipeline, but they will no longer have free ‘torture’ testing for new features.

This will damage the tournament system.

There is a solution if the ‘problem’ is leakage of new features…keep SIngularity at the same release as Tranquility. Release only what needs to be tested by large numbers. Don’t release anything spoilery.

SInce they probably discussed most of these points, I don’t think spoilers/leaks is the reason behind it.

Probably money.

Parent corp is squeezing. Features with no revenue get dropped.

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