Sisi died

Hi sisi again died,or only i can’t login?

Yes Singularity is offline. It’s a test server and can go offline at any time.

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Rip sisi xd

Do you like permanently spend you time on SISI? When you post on the forums it is because you cannot get on SISI.

Honestly who cares about SISI other than to actually test changes or mass tests?


I like playing on sisi and tq

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No offense intended, but in my opinion playing on a test server is like kissing your sister; it doesn’t count.


Ik but my mom will not allow my to buy omega xd and as alpha i also want use some capitals

Sisi is more likely to be broken than taken down for a prolonged period of time. There are two future update being tested as much as I know : Help Make Eve Beautiful, and Hunters Boon (and especially this one, as some change were introduced yesterday and Sisi can’t be accessed since last night (EDT).

At least, if that was intentional to shut it down, it should have been announced.

Yesterday I had noticed on Gallente station that it was more orange and more foggy than when I first reported on it on the feedback thread, and I wanted to take a look at the other empire stations to see if there was any other ajustments, compared to the initial implementation and the feedbacks that were in the line of “stations are too foggy”. It felt weird to see more fog when people gives the feedback it is too foggy.

Yeah, OK, that’s understandable :slight_smile:

Wait what? Is kissing my sister ok?

i mine on SISI so i can just relax and not worry about ganker griefers

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Ahh, so that explains the loud constant Fog Horn and rumbling sounds inside station interiors on Tranquility… :wink:

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The forum hates me… it doesn’t like quote apparently.
Take 2

I guess, if you don’t get the point that adding more fog in the coming update during the first iteration on Sisi and then people give the feedback that there is too much fog, and then on the second iteration on Sisi the devs adds even more fog, I don’t need to explain to you that CCP should not ask for feedback when they don’t care about feedback.

I think you’re misunderstanding me.

Anyway, I totally agree. In fact my original statement was a sarcastic complaint about them. The current station interior sound effects consists of a damn Fog Horn and rumbling noise which is super loud and irritating, definitely not conducive to staying logged into the game.

My bad, sorry, English is not my native language. The “wink” emoji lead me to think you were sarcastic in the sense that I was complaining for nothing as there was already some fog in TQ’s station. I didn’t catch the remark about “Foghorn”, though I grew up on a coastline town, there was no such devices.

In Settings → Audio, you can lower the sound for World level, which affects the in-station sounds. I admit it can be pretty loud by default, and somewhat creepy depending on some empire station. I’ve put it to almost zero a little while ago. The horn one is Amarr if I recall correctly.

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If she’s OK with it, sure.

Yeah, the high sound level is most prominent in Amarr stations, I also noticed it in a Gallente station as well but it was located in Amarr space.

I already tried messing with the World Level control, problem is can’t hear all the other sounds when undocked. The loud station interior sound effects issue is a recent development, somebody at CCP decided to turn up the volume on that which is rather annoying and quite irritating, makes me want to log off.

What CCP should have done is added a volume level slider control for station interior sound effects, especially if they’re going to continue messing with the sound levels.

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You just made me laugh so hard I think I collapsed a lung

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