Sisi offline for 6+ hours?

hi there . its 8:11pm new york time and it looks like its been 6+ hours that sisi is down . is sisi being updated to latest prototype dev build ??? or maybe it has hardware problem ? id like to know because im to be honest no used of seeing sisi down for so long , and tried to scour the forums in search of maybe an explanation to what happened to sisi since its been down for so long and cant seems to find the appropriate category in the forums that would lead me to such information . kind regards , a player that have played eve longer than any other 3A titles in most of his life :wink:

this is why

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a deeply thank you for letting me know as i had no idea about it .

also what do they mean about “the conversion” ?

dualitty still up for grabs

a dev can lockup this thread now . ty both of you for your help

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