Just got back, and leaving again

Like I have been gone for a year or so, but what the f have you guys done to mining ships?

Why in hell is my exhumer moving so slow?
It takes 5 minutes to move from ROCK A to ROCK B.

Anyways I did a mining session of 25-30 minutes, 1 full load, for 2mil isk.
Warping back out and im constantly bumping into invisible rocks, no joke it took me 9 minutes to dock up.

Thats my last time docking, goodbye EVE. The Developers clearly dont play their own game.


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That’s the same figure I would get solo hisec mining over a year ago.

Did you already donate your isk or would you care to send money to Ricky Tock in-game? Would really help my Exotic Dancers, Male business a lot.

Find friends or win EvE. I have little sympathy for solo players. This isn’t a single player game. I suppose you’ve heard this before.

It’s a good thing to win (quit) EvE. The terror of constant loss will be here when you get back.


We don’t need more miner/grinders.

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Can I have your stuff before you biomass please ?

Because they are slow.

Better than getting blown up and loosing like 50 mil isk.

Stop bumping into invisible rocks. Problem solved.

That’s seems awfully fast for a mining ship to dock. Did CCP give these ships a docking buff?

Good bye.
Before you go, can I have your stuff.

Seriously, why are miners so whiny? Can’t they ever see the good in anything?

I wonder if veldspar dust causes neurological changes in the brain and makes them bitter and entitled?

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I’d ask for your stuff, but seeing as you were a hisec miner I don’t want cooties.

Without PvE and industrialists who would there be to gank?

We are almost at that point now.


It’s because they don’t read the patch notes or understand the state of the game.

Miners are just like their counterparts – gankers.

They both only know “hit f1”

I didn’t realize ganking was that easy.

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i know thats an exaggeration but damn. thats reaching

But…it’s not just about mining. There’s so much more to do than mine.

No offense to those who like it but I found mining a means to an end. I found it really boring.

But everyone can pve and manufacture things. Including the gankers.

Why do these people that leave never give away their stuff?

I have only had that happen once where somebody gave me everything. Even extracted his characters skill points and gave it to me.

It is because they never actually leave. Just pretending.


Heartless! They become what they claim to loathe.

Should that not be “Find friends or LOSE EVE”
Or “Find friends TO win EVE”
Or maybe “Find no friends or win EVE”

Anyway, the road to riches in EVE for a solo player is the abyss.
Sell barge
Get one of the 2 cruisers in the entire game that 96% of other players use in the Abyss, Hint -

Fill in the blanks. Gil_ or Ish__r

Find the level and type of filament you can handle without any risk in test server.
“Mine” the abyss for several times the ISK that the stupid barge was making



Just to feed the trolls, I uninstalled yesterday, not because of mining, lol.

And I worth 30b, 7b in wallet. Convince me to install again so I can donate my isk to you. 3…2…1… GO!


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How about you convince me to take your worthless pauper crap off your hands?