Mining Changes are HORRIBLE

You have turned exhumers into death traps. 18 second align time? What are they, freighters? You have just about eliminated the main defense, running. Your propaganda said you were making them more survivable, That is a flat out lie. With the removal of slots, I can’t properly shield it. I die significantly FASTER. I really feel like you HATE miners and want to discourage players from getting into the profession. The improvements in storage and cycle times would be fine had you not turned Exhumers into death traps.

This almost feels lie you have a sadist in dev who gets giddy watching an exhumer try to run when bad guys get on grid and then the pilot realizes that dream about trying to run in quicksand has now been made a reality.

Good job CCP, you have convinced me mining is not the profession for me.


Who uses exhumers in first place? 10x price for marginal yield increase?

I forgot to mention, this applies to Procurers as well. And those ARE a mainstay of mining. They are significantly smaller than Exhumers and with same aligning time.

Considering that this was mentioned same day, first changes landed on sisi. CCP is probably aware and don’t care.


They nerfed the proc down to 2 mid slots and 17 sec align time…adding a mid slot to retrievers and covetors and exhumers is useless, without fleet support to swap ships in an orca, having more useless shielding is just meant to lure people into a false sense of security thus the grief/gank trap, the mining changes favor greivers and gankers and bumpers, because it wasn’t easy enough for them apparently.


Just buy an orca and solo mine AFK, they did remove the yield nerf in the end and it is now the most op barge also in terms of DPS and tank. Tankier than combat BS, reaching 1000dps and with very nice mining capabilities.

Orca has never been more buffed than after this patch.


  • Drone Ore Mining Yield 15% per skill level, increased from 10%
  • Drone Ice harvesting cycle time 5% per skill level, increased from 2%

Time is money. All other activities payout more isk then mining, and not so rarely they pay an order of magnitude more. If finishing the mining op 10% faster enables me to make more money in the remaining 10% time then an exhumer is priced at, then I’m losing money not using an exhumer

Wanna duel that 1000dps orca with my 80dps ceptor? :smiling_imp:

The orca isn’t a barge btw., but you’re certainly not the only miner who tries to use it as one.

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I don’t hate the mining changes, though there’s things about them I don’t love. I get a 9-second align time on my Exhumer, which doesn’t seem unreasonable at all. Even with waste, mining fleets are more profitable in my corp than they were pre-changes, and that was with Ventures on grid.

The crystals are expensive and degrade really quickly, but that’s really my biggest complaint, and it’s not something that’s going to send me into wailing and gnashing of teeth.

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Try using a higgs anchor to turn the low top speed to your advantage.

The align time on a ship displays how long it takes to accelerate from a dead stop to 75% of your top speed, the threshold to enter warp. To be “aligned” means to be moving at this speed in the direction one wants to warp in. With a very low top speed, one can align for instant warp and stay within mining distance of an asteroid for a longer period of time without changing direction than someone who moves faster. Do this and you can instantly warp away almost any time you like, the exception being the brief transition from one direction to another.


Despite the proc and orca nerfs and low isk from mining these days the new visuals and sound effects of mining are excellent.

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These are the worst changes I can remember and I have been playing for 5 years. Half a year of skilling and 60% waste. Nightmare, I’m losing the urge to play this game. Something that was a pleasure for me now I force myself to play. I don’t see the point of these changes. A rorqual that costs as much as a fortizar is useless mining like two little exhumers so what’s the point of skilling it? I was looking for some model to explain what needs it, but only sick CCP delusions.


The rorqual was way too good for too long. It’s unfortunate you skilled into something that got nerfed, but it was a long time coming and that’s how the game goes; they make changes to prevent the meta from stagnating. Extract the skills if you really don’t want to fly a rorq any more, and invest them in something else. Try a different aspect of the game, there’s lots.

Higgs anchor. You’re welcome…

These losers will still whine and stamp their feet no matter what solution is presented…

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Having been using exhumers and barges, practically and in numbers post change… frankly? I couldn’t disagree more. This has been one of the greatest steps forward for me and mine in ages in terms of industrial productivity.

Alright survivability… align times dropped for skiff and procurer, stayed roughly the same for retriever and mackinaw, and notably gained on the covetor and hulk. Not super optimal in my opinion, but the increases in yield and potential tank balance it out more than enough in practical application.


I can see how mining is now more difficult for newbros in frigates, and yes, that’s a punch in the…capsules. However, every miner I’ve seen who takes an active interest in mining generally gets to barges and beyond pretty quick.

The hitboxes on asteroids are still too large, and the crystals degrade faster than I’d like, but even with those difficulties, mining seems better now than it was before the changes. We’ll see how things shape up after they implement the changes to compression, assuming they’re still planning to implement that.

why is no one listening ?

18 to align!? Skill and fit right to start… I get maybe half that without a Higgs, which will help but I’ve yet to find nessisary myself.

If the hit boxes bother you that much, don’t mine in the middle of it. Work your way in from the outside, make the blob smaller in the process. Why would you want to be in the middle of all that anyways? You never mined from the middle of the belt before for the same reason? Sounds more to me like your just upset that warp to point doesn’t drop you in the ‘perfect’ location and you have to think a bit.

And everyone complaining their command ship sucks to solo in… guess what it’s now better to command in, you know it’s purpose. It’s a force multiplier, ergo needs a “force” behind in which to multiply. You guys are like capital pilots complaining you can’t solo a war campaign, smh.

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Mining is a GROUP activity so don’t whine if you insist on mining on your own. Two ways in eve to form a group. Make some friends and mine with them, or, acquire another account and train up a booster alt to sit in an Orca. Or you can do both together!

I see lots of people mining in groups and hear they are making very tidy profits.

The only thing that turns an Exhumer into a death trap is the pilot in it.

Their are plenty of places to mine in eve. In my time I’ve mine’d gas in worm holes and rocks in both low sec and Null… You won’t believe the profits to be had mining in Null! All of these places come with their own unique dangers.

So stop crying and engage your brain. Other players are succeeding where you are failing.

I’m curious as to what you are going to do next if mining is too rough for you? Missions? Abyssal space? PvP? I guess we’ll see you back here on the forums crying that another aspect of eve is broken because you can’t do it.

PS join my corp and I’ll teach you the dark mystery’s of profitable mining.


There, I fixed it for you.