Procurer is no longer fun to mine with - Too slow to do everything

It’s bad, really bad, I loved mining with the procurer before the “update” and now I am fully bored with how long it takes to do anything, it’s slower to mine, my drones lost their buffs, I can’t use my strip miner II because now I need another 9 or more days of training, all my crystals I did have are all the same?? aaaaand the power grid boost is jussssst a few Gj shy of the 50nm microwarpdrive I always thought would be cool to have on it. A little more foresight would have allowed mining to continue unabated, they should have boosted the output on the powergrid slightly higher so that the bigger drive could be used since they upp’d the weight and size so much it’s like a fly stuck in honey.

It was fun, not now. It’s slow like a slug moving so slow it makes the other space slugs jealous.

And don’t get me started on the warp lag, wow, now you have to use hours to get anywhere on the map, no more ice mining unless you want to live in that system! Waiting for the warp takes forever, I’ve seen and I agree with the “procurer is now been gankers bait nerfed” the procurer is now on their menu more than ever, it can’t move out of the way! It’s toast.

Wow, bold moves. I for one do not approve.


What made you think this needed a new thread?

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Responses like your’s because they are what EVE really needs to thrive.


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Could be worse, could be whining and ranting constantly.


CCP is allowed to make changes that force the meta to change, it is their game after all. Use another ship, that was ccps goal, force us to come up with different ships and fits to do what we want.


:rofl: this made me laugh out loud :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I too wonder what happened to the drone bonus…


I think mining yield went up compared to pre-patch, especially with type B crystals.

Which buffs?

It now has 50 Mbit/s and can use 5 mediums instead of 5 smalls like before. Drone bay also got a boost.

That’s a significant damage boost.

You could use the strip miner II before with crystals?

The old refining skills got merged and you got a lot of unallocated SP back to put in the new refinement skills to unlock the crystals again.

Don’t accidentally put that SP in other skills (or do, but then don’t be surprised you cannot use mining crystals).

Then put some powergrid in the low spots or rigs,or use a 10mn AB instead. I personally wouldn’t put a propmod on my barges though.

Maybe CCP intentionally changed the barge so that things change for the pilots?

Why else make changes - if nothing changes, why change at all?

In this case they seemed to want to bring the Procurer more in line with the other barges. It’s still the most tanky barge with the most damage, but less ‘best of the barges’ than before.

Yep, that significant agility nerf (and the huge agility buff to Covetors) surprised me.

CCP changed the mass of the barges and forgot that had effect on the align time it seems. They’ll make the Procurer a bit more agile but it’s still going to be a brick.

And I really don’t understand why the Covetor is supposed to be so agile now. Was that intentional or another bug?


Plot Twist

The Procurer has always been the mentally challenged miner… It has never been, nor was it ever meant to be, good at mining. It’s literally the lowest level mining barge. Also, with the HP buffs, Retrievers are the new Procurers. The more I see people whining about the Age of Prosperity the more I smile… because it becomes clearer who has the will to adapt and become a force in New Eden and who will be playing the next Beta module for ‘Star Citizen’.

‘dOn’T yOu KnOw HoW lOnG iT tAkEs To MaKe A aAa GaMe?!?’ :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

Also, they gave you the SP back. You should be able to get back to the same relative level instantly after you buy the skillbooks.


You are so right! This is a terrible change! The Procurer is useless now! Just a useless piece of junk now!

Can I have your procurer? …Just as a reminder of how useless ccp made them of course…

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Ok, I spent more time with it, spent a lot of ISK and now built a nice cruiser that goes stupid fast, and kinda fixed the speed issue.

I really really REALLY like the new mining graphics, so props to those people, it is very interesting now.

The Procurer is still slow like a kids bike with training wheels, but it does eventually get there. (I know it’s actually like a kids bike with training wheels so I’ll save you the trouble :))

The crystals are… complications. The strip miner 1 is the solution until the SP racks up, looks like another 150 days of studies before my current direction build is completed.

The drones are cool, I like them better than trying to fight without them.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I’m glad a few of you seem like miners and not just bashers out of the thread gate.

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Weird coming from a ship named “mining barge” or dedicated miner role

But it’s our $$ they want… :roll_eyes:

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True, but.

Subscribers are not a god given right.


If you like the game then what’s wrong with that?

Do you think about you spenditure when you buy a takeaway or anything in that realm of pointlessness?

If you love eve then why not spend a little the same as you do on anything else?

You misunderstand my post.

CCP (as any subscription service) wants my and yours and other’s business.

EVE may be their property but not the players (customers).

You don’t get business by irritating your customers. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Well what works for some doesn’t work for all.

Yeah, and it can also use an Ice mining drone now, which it couldn’t do before.

I do feel like the PG is off though. I made a thread about it, and I’m not saying that it needs a PG buff to be worth it, but it actually does feel like a troll amount of PG. It’s like there was a disconnect between developer intent, and what we got.

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What is wrong with you equating fun to Eve Online.

Lost my Procurer due to inability to warp in time- GOT GANKED!!!

I loved that ship, now it’s just spare parts for “coolbabe”, what a downturn. With equipment and time invested in the build, I lost about triple what insurance paid, and I am turned off on buying another one.

Luckily I still have my peppy Venture, it’s a fast ship that can get out before a gank occurs for the most part.

SO in conclusion, the new stats on the Procurer are wrong as I said and others have said, it’s gank bait, it can’t warp out in time, and now I don’t have one, so the systems/markets I supported with my constant manufacturing will be without my products until a suitable replacement ship is bought and gathered. I don’t see a replacement that is of the caliber needed yet.

All my production will be on hold until the loss is made up.

I will ask the CCP, that the warp rate for mining ships is modified to be much faster than normal ships to support commerce and manufacturing, and the power grid adjusted so the ships can support the 50MN engines plus mining equipment, the warp rate is too slow and the ship speed to mine is too slow. The Procurer build like other miners are broken, they weight too much and have warp issues and now like predicted I don’t have my procurer due to a gank and cannot support the markets with the loss of mining materials per day I was producing with it.

fight or mine, that is eve, it all comes down to those two things.

I will still mine, but it will be very limited since the “safer” Orca is still 3 billion ISK.

I’m sure there are other miners that will lose their rigs and lose interest in the game as I have. Fix the Procurer and the mining ships before all you have is an entropy situation as the game spins down to fighters with the strongest ganking fleets. mining supports the bottom end, without it, you won’t have ships or anything else above it.

Rock rock till ya drop, Rock rock never stop. Space miner creedo.

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a) you lost it in low sec so it wasn’t ganked
b) your lows were all overdrives, like what the actual Hell
b) the whole fit is clown: ice harvester rig but normal strip miners, a medium shield booster…

You lost it because you’re uninformed and/or lazy. You would also have lost it if it had aligned in 6 seconds and had 200K EHP.