Procurer is no longer fun to mine with - Too slow to do everything

Thanks for your offhanded opinions but no thanks, my Procurer was multi-purpose before the “Slug” mods were released which made it a slug. I used it for ice mining too for months without issues I couldn’t warp out of.

That ship that blew it up was on me in a instant, and I was watching the scope and chat, locked me up and I couldn’t warp out. got ganked by a ganker, coolbabe the ganker (solo) just came in a blew me up.

Watch out for her.

Low spec or not, that area only had 1 ship in the last few days blown up, she hung out there and nearby all night blowing up ships = GANKER.

Not sure what you are doing here except flaming my post.

You got tackled by a battleship, lol.

I don’t think an align time of 3 seconds would’ve saved you from that one, pal. It’s pretty obvious you weren’t paying attention.

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It’s not on you in an instant: that player is in local and has been for a while, has to find you in a belt using Dscan and at that point you can also see that BS on Dscan, then it has to warp to you which is takes pretty much eons, THEN is shows up on your grid and overview and THEN it has to decelerate to drop out of warp and THEN it has to target you which takes several weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, this whole “it just suddenly happened” is normal for newbies and people who aren’t used to it but it’s not correct. You had ample time to get out if you had put in the effort.

Go and check the killboard of this forum veteran @Aisha_Katalen

You can’t there isn’t any…, so you know that this is just hot air from a forum alt.

18.21 s is a long time to warp out, I agree with you.

This forum warrior would suggest something simplistic like be aligned, but I bet it has not even looked at the new asteroid fields to understand just how stupid that is.

Don’t waste your breath, this forum alt is trolling you.

Best advice I can give you is use a Endurance for ice and a Prospect for ore in lowsec. Good luck and do not be discouraged.

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Drac, sometimes what you say makes sense, but when you’re attacking what people say because of the character/alt they’re posting on rather than what they say, you’re not. Ad hominem doesn’t suit you.

That forum alt correctly noticed that the Procurer fit was not ganked and was honestly one of the worst Procurer fits I’ve seen. Saying so outright may be harsh, but is not trolling.

Mining aligned has always been the advice and is how I used to mine in null. Not all the time, but when I see a hostile name appear in local it’s time to align and check dscan.

I did not but nice straw man. Nice ad hominem as well.

If you’re in a belt and someone enters local then you notice him and start running Dscan, if then suddenly a fcking Praxis shows up on Dscan it’s time to move or get ready to move. Before that thing actually shows up on your grid, drops warp and targeted you EVEN a crap aligning procurer can get out easily.

Also, if people are that inexperienced then don’t bring a ship in to low sec in the first place.

When people say “he came out of nowhere and I died in like 5 seconds” then you know this is generally not the case and really just the result of a lack of effort and knowledge and also a warped perception of time due to a lack of pvp experience and sensory overload.

He would have died regardless of the stats on that Proc.

Everyone please be aware that I am applying a temporary two-week block to Gerard Amatin. Thank you.


The player I defended is in lowsec taking risks and was bemoaning the change in the align time of the Procurer that made him more vulnerable.

I wanted to check if the player telling a risk taker this had the experience to do so, and yet I find nothing, so how good is that advice, how do we know that this person actually has this experience. We don’t, this is not an Ad hominem but a simple fact.

After I made that point, the player concerned made a better post on this subject which is more useful to the Porcurer player, so job done.


What if the Procurer was burning to another ice roid and took 18.21 seconds to align to safety. Depending on where the Praxis lands from warp that is still a long time. And another thing this assumption that someone enters local, this Proc player was obviously using the lowsec system while people were in local, which again shows a more can do attitude.

The strawman and ad hominems are not coming from me…

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What if what if what if.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending that the proc’s align time is as it should be, it’s stupidly long. But some guy with a clown fit going into low sec and then dying to a fcking praxis going “I died due to bad stats on the proc” yeah, no. Not buying that. You shouldn’t buy that either.

If you want to give advice to new players taking real risks and having an issue with a ship change that you agree with, and credit to you for that, it is better not to trash talk them when doing so.


This player is taking risks, I suggest he switches to an Endurance which is what I use in lowsec icefields.

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Moving goalposts :slight_smile:

If someone asks for help yes, I’ll still be blunt/honest about things though because facts and details can’t be explained with soft evading language. if someone makes a rant post and just spouts all kinds of nonsense, I’ll just go “you’re wrong”.

If they want answers then they should ask a question, if they just want to rant I’ll reply in manner. Seems fair to me.

You found the change unreasonable, so did he.

You were giving advice to a new player, what’s more you were giving advice to an Eve player going outside the comfort zone. You should do better with those types of players as they are what makes this game.

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As said, changing goalposts and story now. Thanks for admitting you agree, even though you won’t admit it.

I made the point more to Gerard Amatin why I reacted like I did. I hope you can do better if you chose to reply to a new player taking risks.

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So how long does it take someone to not be a new player anymore these days? Two years? Three? Can anyone tell me? Asking for a friend.

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Speed is not a good given right!

Neither are subscribers …



Not an excuse…

You were mining in low sec and didn’t have your head on a swivel? That’s on you.

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