Ccp directed me here

i heard they are nerfing my battle proc by taking away 2 mids. i only pksy eve because of this ship. have been flying it for years and years. some of you may know Grace Genisis. i’ll probably retire from the game if they do this. at least i made it to the top of zkill in a procurer. Are you guys able to lobby ccp about this change? it’s going to kill my eve career lol they said you guys have some influence on the game :).


The place to post this feedback is in the discussion thread for the planned changed: From Extraction to Production

Thanks for the feedback - I’ll pass it on.


didnt you get the memo? mining ships were too formidable for incoming enemies. something had to be done to make them less tanky i heard epithals were next

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CCP does not listen to the players, they do not care if they are enjoying the game, and every avenue for feedback is a dead end.

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And the covetor and retriever are getting buffed. But it’s funny how miner whiners overlook that fact when complaining.

What are you talking about? They have been adjusting things both before, and after releases, and have even gone so far as to create a new official thread specifically asking for players to give them feedback. But, CCP doesn’t always cave to the ranting of bitter vets and whines of victim playing carebears. So, I guess that means that don’t listen.

Sigh, I just don’t get how people can be so willfully ignorant of reality. Do they lack reading comprehension skills or have memory issues? Can they not help but focusing on the negative? Are they just dead set on playing the victim?

Who can say?


Just fly a new ship man :partying_face:

The battle proc is indeed a sexy beast.

It is a sad day.


There is an axiom in mathematics and philosophy: “The whole is equal to the sum of the parts.”

You nerf the Procurer tank
PLUS defacto require new mining lasers and crystals
PLUS require/change mining and reprocessing skills
PLUS change the refining results of ores
PLUS add all this “waste” stuff

And it adds up to a much tougher life players.

Whoever thought THIS was the way to fix things needs their head examined. :rage:

and buff the retriever and covetor

which esults in more ore availability for miners when using b-type crystals. Also, how are you not excited about new toys?

But in the process, are refunding all SP, reducing the number of skills needed, and the total amount of SP needed to max out the skills. So, miners come out ahead.

I know they changed compression, but I don’t remember hearing about them changing reprocessing. So, I guess I’ll talk about compression -I’m sure you meant to complain about it anyway.

So, they are changing compression so that it is no longer 100% efficient, but they added compression for ships and resource types. Plus, prices are determined by the player driven market. So, reduced efficiency doesn’t translate exactly into reduced profits. After all those are determined by supply and demand. I mean reprocessing has had waste throughout the age of abundance, but that didn’t stop rorqual pilots from making boatloads of cash.

Well, some miners will use this to sabotage their competitors, but honestly, I don’t think this one was put in for the miners -in fact, there’s a reason that I’m that I’m excited about it, and I’m a scumbag looking to do scumbag things with it. So, yeah, I’m not going to try to tell you that this one is aktually a net positive for miners. However, that also doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to get ■■■■■■ by it either -that’s actually up to you, and how you respond to adversity.

Besides, are there no miners that welcome conflict and emergent game play opportunities in thier PvP-centric MMO? Actually, scratch that, because I know there are. In fact, I remember a corp mate that used to use his rorqual to respond to calls for help. So, I know that they’re out there.

Sure wish they’d speak up right about now though.

But I digress.

Long story short, it really seems to me like miners are focusing on the negative -especially considering the fact that CCP is actively asking for feedback. So, I dunno, how about trying to give some constructive feedback while CCP is actively looking for it, as well as trying not to be a bitter vet about the whole thing. I know I’m not a miner, and this isn’t my area of expertise, but hot damn does it seem like a lot of miners are trying their damnedest to hate it.

Oh, and by the way, here are some of the changes that they are considering. Maybe give it a look, and provide some feedback or your own suggestions.

1 extra mid slot does not a buff make.

They’re pulling common ore out of moon ore. Makes it less valuable.

Oh come on! You seriously think there will be “attack fleets” of miners soldiering forth into enemy territory to chew up their belts? Belts that will just respawn the same the next day?
Fairy tales.

With nerfed ships? That’s handing a fresh blade to the executioners.

Sometimes “It sucks! Don’t do it!” is the feedback.

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Only food flies those ships. It is like having a thicker McDonalds bag :smile:

except that now gankers can no longer indiscriminately gank covetors and retrievers with one account, and expect to succeed and make a profit. For example, a properly tanked coveter in a .5 system with a concord pull and no boosts now takes 2x T2 catalysts to kill. That means gankers now require at least 3 accounts to gank them and scoop the loot, and can no longer profit from the activity because profit margins were already razor thin. But, let’s ignore the fact that this buff created a breakpoint for the ships, because I’ll be damned if anyone tries talking me out of being unreasonably bitter.

A video explaining breakpoints for those that want more info.

Okay. Sounds like that sucks. Why don’t you keep throwing a tantrum, and see if that improves your situation.

I have no doubt that there will be miners who use this to their advantage. I know it might seem like a fairy tale considering how many miner whiners there are, but not every miner is a little ■■■■■. @Solstice_Projekt

And, because I’m sure someone will try bringing it up, there is a difference between being unhappy with a change, and being a bitter vet. So, I have nothing against the miners who are providing constructive feedback, and who meet adversity head on. My beef is with the space karens who are throwing a tantrum and poisoning the morale of other players and newbros.

Yeah, it is feed back. But a rant isn’t going to improve your situation, or help move the update in a direction that you’re happy with. That’s why I suggested that you give constructive feedback.

Yes. Let’s be civilized.

Sit down, have some tea and crumpets while I humbly, softly mention how my [paid $$] game play is being destroyed before my eyes but it’s all for me own good.

Thank you kind sir for the moment of you time.

Pardon as I crawl back into my troglodyte hovel to give thanks for CCP in my life.


i would look at it again it’s not actually getting nerfed. You can now get more tank or dps out of a battle proc

did you honestly link a video by the guy who said including playable nazis in wwii videogames was harmful as though he has any credibility?

Didn’t hear that.

Regardless, while I do disagree with that opinion, I don’t think that it means that their education content is inaccurate or uninformative.

Also, you have a new fit for the proc? Because when I looked on sisi, the best I could do was still around a 20% reduction in tank. Of course, I fit two mining laser upgrades. Suppose I could do better with PDS’s.
No P2W

you’re thinking too small, you can make it a brick now it got an extra low and now has a duel resist bonus of 6% to shields and armor rather than just 4% to shields

it was one of his “educational videos”

and its was just the worst examples. His videos have good quality and that just leads people who don’t know anything on the subjects he talks about to think that they are informative.

Stop Normalizing Nazis - Socially Conscious Game Design - Extra Credits - YouTube

Oh yeah and he is also one of those people who jumped on the “orcs are racist” bandwagon

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I was sent here too… CCP does not listen to the CSM…

linux support as in do not keep ***** up the launcher?
Rorq too good: nothing
and you can make the list bigger if you want because i sure there are many more examples…

sick and tired of this all… 12 accounts unsubbed.

also standard answer from CCP:
post on Eve forum and or Eve CSM forum

Next steps for CCP:
post it on reddit and we will do it?

NFT in game? - NFT’s are the biggest scam ever
What is next? blockchain coins in game? or PTE (play to Earn) even bigger ■■■■■■■■…

i do not trust CCP anymore. they have done it now…other games…here i come.

I have read a dev post about Avast cause troubles in launchers. May be that was the issue ? Did you read it ?