New Dawn... on the graveyard

~2 years since ‘big changes’ started and now CCP finally came for miners.
Some people dont learn on their mistakes. Like CCP, which got biggest playerbase drop over last 2 year since game existence. Seems they want it to drop even more.
A lot of guys who trained their characters to Orca/Rorq, perfect mining skills and all that stuff now just throwned to the dump with this overstupid changes.
“Nice” work, CCP.
I have even better idea fo you - remove everything except arena. In the end - this is PVP game.
Then you get exact audience you want.

I bet on <10000 players online within half-year.

Age of Desperity has begun.


What are you so upset about?


I’m sorry, age of what?


In my opinion all the changes and content that CCP has implemented in the past few years has been a nerf to miners.

I’m talking about everything from NPC Mining Fleets to removal of Ore Anomalies…


More like the age of boring trolling.


I pray that all the bitter vets quit at around the same time. Then they won’t be around to poison the morale of others.

And here’s an idea, instead of dedicating a new thread to your rant, how about you try providing some constructive feedback in one of the official threads.

And, if you quit, please give your stuff to the magic school bus.

No P2W


Yeah… this new changes is definitely trolling from CCP.

Careful … that will be the future nerf . Giving things to other players is bad for the future of the game… It robs CCP of vital funds that would otherwise require plastic investment or months of endless Grinding in the new Balanced Dynamic Managed Economy…

That seems to be CCP’s declared goal. CCP does not want people in their game that criticize their developments and just accept them without questioning and with much fanfare. The reason for that is that these people will also buy all of CCP’s macro transactions without care and only with joy in their minds from another quick, meaningless serotonine kick. That is what CCP wants and that is why experienced, old and critically thinking players need to go.

To say that people who don’t like CCP’s changes for rational reasons would poison the morale of other people is hilarious.



Stop being dumb.

You first. I base my claims on Rattati’s statements and Hilmar’s statements and years of CCP features to prey on the weak-minded people and claw more and more money out of their pockets and that pervert principles of EVE. What are your counter claims based on? Except for the exceptionally constructive “stop being dumb” exclamation.



Some miners might be old, but I generally wouldn’t call them either “experienced” or "critically thinking*. Most of the ones I’ve met weren’t able to do simple math. And I mean simple simple, like calculating 25% of 1,500. They would use a calculator for this, and even then half of them would still get it wrong.

There’s a reason why they mine instead of doing something more financially viable.

As said, stop being dumb.

Very well said and 100% correct…

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I have lost count of all the old bitter vet gankers whining about nerfs, often imaginary ones to ganking. If only they practiced what they preached…


What mining bitter vets? I just see Rorq whalekrabs crying.


RMT operators, mostly.

I have a lot of experience with that unsavory aspect of gaming (in other games—in EVE I just watch), and I can tell. The types of backlash/reactions you see with regard to these changes are indicative of people whose income streams are being endangered. I can tell. Dinky high-sec miners or the occasional honest null-bear don’t react the same way that people who think they’ll be losing money are reacting. This is further evident when you compare historical reactions to changes where nerfs (or the perception of nerfs) took place, and how players reacted to, say, jump drives or wars being nerfed versus any changes to mass-scale PvE income.

Also, if the honest players here had any idea just how much actual RMT goes on in this game, they’d absolutely lose their ■■■■.


Same thing surely?

Though as was obvious from the so called Jita Protest that the RMT krabwagen drivers find it easy to whip the ill informed and lazy minded into a frenzy when they just tell them what they dont want to hear.

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op just wanted to say he’s sad…

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