Operation Magic School Bus, fund raiser

Two years ago I posted this (Operation Magic School Bus Fund Raiser)] and the response was appreciated. I hate fund raising and so this is the one time a year that I pass the hat for the Bus.

If you do not know what the Bus is? I visit the career systems of all 4 races in the game and give rookie pilots a decent ship to fly, all fitted out. At the end of November it will mark 7 years that the Operation has been in service. I made a joke, a long time ago, that I would keep doing this until I ran out of assets. So by donating you help chain me to the helm of the flying dutchman of a project.

This is not a CSM thing, it is just me. (and you, if you donate) If you decide to donate then you can contract things or send isk to Mike Azariah (in game of course). If you think that I am some sort of scammer? well then don’t. But maybe you could take a moment or two to ask around . . . see if anyone has heard of me and what I do.

If you do donate then you have my thanks and the thanks of all the players who have, over the years, received a ship from the Bus.

Thank you,



iskies coming shortly

100,000,000 to get you started.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Glad to make a donation to one of the very few players that I would trust in EvE.

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All isk sent to me will be tripled and sent to Mike.


All the best with it Mike.

I don’t have much isk but I’ll send you half as soon as I’m back home in a couple of days. You’re an inspiration.
Thank you.

I won’t be in-game for a couple days but I’ll shoot 100M over when I get on. Thank you for all that you do, Mike.

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