Go fund me

Hey fellow geeks.

Im wanting to carry out an experiment to see how generous Eve players are.

Im wanting to see what the maximum size of ship i could pruchase is purely with ingame donations. The aim is to get a Titan of course but we will wait and see.

Depending on the final amout which ill post weekly ill buy other ships for a free lottery.

So lets see how generous you all are.

I am running the same experiment.

If you prefer me, send isk to me. Let’s see if we can beat his team!


Translation: “None of my other weak scams have worked, so now I’m going directly to the forums…”

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Ive never actually tried to scam. Im just wanting to see what is possible.

Count me out.

I’ll donate enough for a corvette :+1:

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Will you wear that Yellow Jumpsuit?

I’m happy to donate some HAIL L. You’ll need to be within 10km and accept 450mm Autocannon as the…er…means of delivery.

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Thank you Buldath.

dave, i am affraid you cant do that.

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Hi friend,

I have sent you 18.5 billion ISK, all I had. I hope you win! Go Team Aiko!

I would gladly donate you 35 billion ISK but am too lazy to sign in to transfer it to you. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smirk:

Well in that case I resort to this method…

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