Donate to charity?

Long time player, hopefully returning after many years (this is an alt).

I accrued multiple billions when I played, and to be honest, I just want to give it away so I can start again more or less broke and have a challenge.

Is there any way I can somehow convert this ISK into ‘something’ in order to donate to charity? I think I know the answer, but I’ve been away since 2011 more or less, and things change in 9 years.

If it’s a ‘no’, other than Plex, is there any useful thing a returning ISK-rich player can sink their money into (bearing in mind expensive ships are pointless, I am beyond rusty and will lose every ship I fly for six months, no doubt).

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


give it russians. they have to pay double bill in 1 month.

Give it to me, I’ll actually return it to you at a later date when you need it - otherwise, pass it to your own alpha alt to act as your banker (much like ppl use alts for in other mmos).

You will almost certainly want it at some point - even just to give it away when you next quit - we’ve all been there :slight_smile:

Or… wait for the next plex for good thing - buying plex is straightforward use of isk/market transaction

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Give it to the Magic School Bus. This video from CCP talks about @Mike_Azariah’s efforts (among other topics covered in the video) to furnish free fitted ships to characters younger than 30 days. He gives these ships out in the starter systems, and has done so for years. Operation Magic School Bus is showcased about one minute - twenty into the video.

Just contact Mike. He is doing something very positive for new players, and for that matter, returning player’s using alpha characters younger than 30 days.

Here is his thread in the New Citizens section of the forums. He’s got lots of feed back there.


Thanks both, really appreciate the ideas- hanging on until the next charity event is smart, and I’ll definitely donate to Mike, sounds like a good cause. Need to watch the video, thanks for the link.


I’ll double the vote to give it to @Mike_Azariah for Magic School Bus. There are few things you can support in the game that are better than giving newbros in rookie systems a bit of a leg up.

Other than that, I’d convert it to Plex while prices are historically low, and either set it aside for the next Plex for Good campaign, or keep it on hand for when you either need it, or run across somebody who could use a month’s Omega time.


Thanks, this looks like my first best thing to do then :slight_smile: - cheers


According to a recent Dev Blog, the current PLEX for Good campaign is still active till end of June:

PLEX for GOOD collection for COVID-19. The program will continue to run at least throughout June – this is longer than any other PLEX for GOOD campaign we’ve run in the past, but the nature of the threat is extraordinary.

As was stated above, the current PLEX for Good campaign is still active. Here’s more info for contributing to it:

To contribute to this effort:
EVE players can contract PLEX in-game to the character CCP PLEX for GOOD. The real-world monetary value of all PLEX collected will be donated by CCP to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund at the conclusion of the campaign on behalf of EVE Online players.

We are requesting that players respect a minimum donation of 240 PLEX. This will help us process donations as efficiently as possible while also allowing those with only a small amount of PLEX to participate.


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