Donating to CCP Nominated Charity

General query and I’m not even sure if anyone from CCP will see this. Maybe there’s been a previous precedence of this?

Has there been instances where players have donated their characters for CCP to auction off? Obviously CCP very active when it comes to supporting charities, the last of which 2022, raised $500k for Ukraine.

The combined value of my characters will generate the nominal sum of 100~120 bil isk - covert that to plex I’m not sure what the overall value would be. I don’t intend to log back in and really wouldn’t mind donating my characters to generate the plex which can be transferred to any given charity. So if anyone from CCP wishes to reach out, I’d be more than happy to transfer ownership of my characters.

I don’t believe so. I think when people have wanted to do this in the past they have liquidated their character and assets, bought PLEX, then handed the PLEX over to the next PLEX for good.

Alternatively, you can donate stuff to me :grin: I’ll use it to fund shenanigans.

Thanks Elizabet, I did suspect as much :slight_smile:

Sadly, I hadn’t even thought of donating the assets. I sold all assets, bought officer mods fitted onto a Gnosis and jumped through various systems until I could find someone to kill me. It made for a truly terrible KM :rofl:

That’s certainly another way to do it. I found the kill, loot fairy very much said yes on that one :grin:

A BLACKFLAG guy did something similar, jumped in a corp called GOODBYE EVE THANKS FOR THE FISH then lost a 128b Charon to his mates in Jita.

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You should raise a ticket at support:

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You can extract the SP, transform the injectors into PLEX, and then wait for the next charity event to donate it.

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Do you trust CCP enough to delegate the funds for charity or their pockets?

I would not give a dime unless there was a lot of transparency…

Rather give it to Mike.

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Referencing The @Mike_Azariah of Operation Magic School Bus

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(2) Magic Bus (Original Stereo Version) - YouTube

@Mike_Azariah Thanks for your tireless efforts! :star_struck:

Not that. This:

The Real Magic School Bus

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

The part where kid shoots a snot out of his nose was disgusting…

Reminds me of a co-worker. :upside_down_face:

No takers from CCP sadly so biomass was the only way to go. All the best to the eve community o/

I doubt it. I mean I have sold off a few of my mains that I made back in 2005 maybe. Only got a few trillion but nothing so huge that would be worth monetizing on.

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