I recently decided to retire from EVE and convert all my fictional wealth and inventory into as much PLEX as possible for the PLEX for GOOD campaign.

As part of the retirement liquidation, I have a standing offer (until my planned exit on May 15) to aggregate small PLEX donations that don’t meet the 240 PLEX minimum.

When I leave, I know that I’m going to ask myself if I could’ve gotten just 1 more PLEX. Could I have done more? With that in mind, I am asking everyone out there to send in just 1 more PLEX to add to the donation.

1 PLEX. That’s what I’m asking you to contribute. Then, share the link to this thread with everyone you know. Share it in local. Share with your friends, your corpmates, and your alliance. Challenge people to contribute just 1 PLEX.

Current ISK: 0
PLEX Donated: 160,645

*If CCP announces an end to PLEX for GOOD prior to May 15, all collected PLEX will be donated on the campaign closing date.


Thanks to the following pilots for making ISK or PLEX donations:


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My inventory is liquidated and everything was converted to PLEX and donated to CCP PLEX for GOOD. As such, I am no longer aggregating contributions.


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