PLEX FOR GOOD, challenge accepted!

Just wanted to say that I’ve been keeping a stash of Plex set aside ‘for emergencies’, and since I haven’t had many of those in-game lately, I thought I’d contract a couple months worth of Plex to CCP Plex For Good in order to make better use of it.

It’ll give me an in-game goal as well I guess, since I’ll probably feel a desire to go do things to earn those Plex back. If you haven’t already checked the blog, this round of PLEX FOR GOOD is to help bring relief for the Australian brushfires that are crazy huge already and haven’t even hit peak season yet.

On the plus side, Plex is at it’s lowest point in a year! Adam4EVE Plex Chart

So pile in there, grab some cheap Plex, and contract away! Fight fire with, um, futuristic immortal space-clones. And stuff.


+1 for posting a positive thread topic and for donating a couple months of Plex.

Almost seems like you’re a CCP Plex Salesman.



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