Proposal: Gaming for Charity, having fun and doing some RL good

I was offline over Christmas and missed the Plex For Good campaign regarding the bushfires in Australia. I was very impressed by the community’s response and it started me thinking (I had a lie down after).

I do a bit of a lot of things in Eve and enjoy my time, but I am a bit of an isk hoarder. I’m happy with the goals I’ve set myself and will continue to play for some time as far as I can see. However I’ve known many industrialists, miners or traders who have hit a bit of a wall. They’ve achieved what they set out to do and can’t find further interest in the game.

If you give them a purpose, charity, then they are more likely to stay and contribute I feel.

So some thoughts on how this might work …

  • CCP creates a new NPC corp, something like “The Society For Generosity”, CEO Robin B’stard. Anyone can transfer isk to this NPC corp.

  • Player corps can nominate a wallet division that will be “Deposit Only”, periodically this division would be auto-billed for the balance and transferred to the NPC corp. Division changes would automatically trigger a transfer. Corp members can deposit in this division, corp directors can deposit corp isk in this division (or not by access list maybe).

  • Player corps can allocate a proportion of their corp tax to automatically be deposited in this division.

  • Periodically the NPC corp isk would be used to purchase plex and the proceeds donated to nominated charities. I would suggest something like

  • CCP & maybe CSM would oversee the plex purchase with some trustworthy individual as outside auditor.

I can see that this would be an isk sink and could affect plex prices, I’m no economist though.

So what do we all think? Good idea? Stupid idea? Should I get my coat?

Over to you…

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