Charitable / Noble Causes

so, this idea is more focused towards the lore and allowing players to interact with the setting and its history.

I’m a little rusty with my lore on the matter but if i recall correctly. ISK is heavily regulated and valuable and every planet with a population contributes towards ISK (or something like that, again i’m a little rusty on this)

well it got me thinking, the players in EVE do have a good nature about them, they are likely to help a bro out from time to time when they can.

however if you’re on a planet, 1 million ISK would theoretically be a sizable chunk of money when converted into your local / planetary currency.

so I was thinking what if the players could donate ISK to planetary based charitable causes, some of my posts recently have been towards helping planets, maybe this could be a way to further divide the planet as different groups and factions establish their citie states, so you donate to X faction on X planet for X cause.

just a thought, i figured it would be good to see planetary politics something which we can influence a bit more as capsuleers, broadening the universe some.

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Would you really toss your hard earned ISKs into a void (ISK sink)?

Helping a Rookie is one thing, throwing ISK away when you know it does nothing in the game is a different story. I bet you no-one would ever do this in their right mind.

The Lore on planets only mattered for those planets that housed the Dust 514 battles. Since that game has been discontinued a long time ago, Lore for the planets doesn’t matter at all (others than providing man-power for stations/ships Capsuleers build/use).

I’m hesitant to respond to yet another one of your vague, half baked ideas, I must be a serious glutton for punishment…

In the 20 year history of this game we have had a total of two methods of directly interacting with planets. The first, and most obvious, is Planetary Industry.
The second was the ability to bring an Orbital Strike against players of the now defunct Dust 514 FPS. This was limited in scope and you had to have some groundpounder call in the strike, but it was hilarious when it worked.
So far, that’s it. Strip the planet for resources or blow something up.

I’ll also point out that there are some 7,800 star systems players can visit in EVE. Assume an average of two populated planets per system, that’s 15,600 planets that need their lore, backstory and political intrigues mapped out and written up in order to even begin to implement your proposal (hint: that’s a lot of work right there). If we limit it only to empire space, that’s a lot less, but still a non-trivial number of planets.

Your ‘proposal’, for want of a better term, lacks any kind of specific reasoning. What is the benefit of donating ISK to these mythical charitable causes? What happens when faction A appeals to the capsuleers in their internecine political intrigues with Faction B? Are these the currently existing factions and NPC corps in the game or totally new ones for each planet?

If there is a clear benefit to donating to one or other faction, how do you prevent it from being manipulated by players to drive outcomes favourable for either an individual player or some null power bloc with thousands of players. I can promise you, if there’s a clear benefit for, say, Pandemic Horde for all players in that coalition to donate ISK1m to insert planet based organisation here, then this will happen, PH will reap the benefits. Goons will see that happen and do it themselves, ditto Fraternity, TRI and insert corp or alliance here.

If there is no in-game benefit, then no-one will do it. If I feel like throwing some ISK away, I’ll find a keen young newbro and throw it at them rather than send it off to some planet based NPC group.

Now, all of that said, who knows, perhaps when the long awaited successor to Dust 514 lands there will be more avenues of planetside interaction available that will have clear ingame benefits assuming the economies of the two games are shared.

You really should think these ideas through a little more before posting them up.

edit: i really should proofread better before hitting ‘post’…

well i would say that there is a sizable missed opportunity there.

in one of the recent fanfests the empires are going to be depicted as city states going forward.

so what if during the foundation of new eden every planet has a city state / mega city

meaning similar to the judge dredd universe there are whole towers dedicated towards representing a singular corporation.

so using a city state as a template located on almost every planet, each planet could have different NPC corps there which could in turn lead to resource wars / turf wars within that city state.

I imagine in practicality this would be much more like shadowrun where there is extraterritoriality, so if you raid a corp office building and then break out into the streets, they can’t follow you because its outside of their jurisdiction, so unlike Arasaka from Cyberpunk which owns everything, these corps would have their products and services which within the lore of the game make their money from the people within the city.

further more this template model of city states with different NPC corps / factions could then be used to vastly expand on the geopolitics of individual groups and seeing unlikely team ups of groups which have been geographically polar opposites for the last 20 years. which would also mean any aspect of a double cross from something like that happening become even more note worthy.

but back to the charitable (possibly noble causes) and your question, if it meant, feeding the homeless, building anti aircraft batteries, orbital defense platforms, perhaps lunar colony foundations. then yeah I would sink some isk into that.

maybe there could be something given as a reward (depending on the cause) LP points, Standings, hell I could even see a system of isk sinking to getting ISK Bonds (would be like PI where you can invest and set up as an alpha but only claim when omega)

this way you can create new and unique story lines and when two factions declare war on each other it also means there is fighting on the streets on these planets or whole blocks being destroyed.

if city states are across new eden and each planet has one (possibly more) which all have the need for trading across planets and thus a need for ISK.

then the city states setting up lunar colonies for mining operations I can totally see being a thing, a cause worth supporting, example rewards could be 10LP/10k ISK Bond per week. (you have to log in to claim these, its not accumlative)

this would also bring more demand for the internal security service NPC corps we’ve seen in the game and Dust bunnies to return to keep the peace.

so no need to go writing crazy levels of plot for each planet, just take the existing factions, maybe divide the game up geographically into quadrants and each quadrant then has its own story line relating to the geopolitics as all these mega corps scrabble to start generating ISK, as capsuleers you can fight against them (much like NPC Miners now for example) or you can support them, making your choices of allegiance within game more present, as the lore changes and wars occur, perhaps you are asked for assistance, allowing people to use a mechanic similar to the FW Mechanics, where you don’t have to actually leave your corp but can participate in FW.

Group A is teamed up with group B to fight group C

here’s a list of planets where this is happening.
join the fight / support the cause (pick a side)

but when you pick a side, it effects us in space.

if you’re an alpha clone for example you could support a few causes and get LP per week, while your skill que painfully trains up and you meet people and get flying eventually bagging yourself a nice faction ship from that LP store. you should be limited to how many causes you can support universal and not omega get more.

circling back to the fighting in the streets.

say two factions are renting space in a city state in a 3rd party territory and these factions declare war on each other.

you could then easily spawn some ships and use the Trig / Edencomm / Drone AI in the game to allow for roaming fleets through solar systems for these two groups and allow them to pew each other giving all NPC interaction that much more high end feel people loved when the trigs and edencomm were duking it out. if you slap the previously mentioned FW idea of joining the cause / supporting the cause you’d then find yourself in a constantly changing dynamic system of FW depending on who is renting space in city states on what planet.

no new lore needs to be written, but things like… when an Amarrian representative of X Corporation, is challenged in a private event in his own home to make a joke about Minmitar, he does so because the power of alcohol is strong, said bad joke is leaked onto social media causing outcry from the people because they’re offended, Corp Y declares war on Corp X

now every solar system which has a city state where these two corps occupy is now a warzone, support fleets of ships arrive to patrol solar systems and in some extreme cases evacuating people from planets, people cause sympathizing will be shot on site.

TLDR: by further exploring the idea of city states and using existing factions/groups to create new geopolitical landscapes across new eden and combing this with causes or reasons which would in some way benefit capsuleers you could not only make the planets and what is happening on them relevant but also significant to capsuleers. not only does this make for good content but also then further supports the need for ground forces when the FPS makes a return.

ok, so the mechanic is trading ISK for LP?
No way that’s not going to get abused and manipulated to all hell and back. Nosireebob, not in EVE…

yeah,. we loved it because we setup MTUs and bubbles at the Sun in Pochven systems and earned shiploads of Navigation Logs and salvage with zero effort or risk… (which is why this has stopped)

I RP’d something on my previous account which might resonate a little with what you’re thinking of. I had two characters and set up a corp which was basically a Sisters of Eve support group. I wrote a little lore around it for my bios and basically, in game, solely worked with SOE agents. But it was all about supporting the humanitarian efforts of SOE.

I had the plan to skill up on the SOE Epic Arc Missions to such a degree to be able to offer newbie pilots the opportunity to ‘volunteer’ with the charity. So basically, join the corp for a limited time in order to complete the SOE Arc, get access to particular ships and modules and maybe even support from members of the corp to complete the more difficult aspects of the arc ie. taking down Nagan.

Never got as far as that but I thought with a little work, it could have been a decent in-game initiative.

not quite what i’m going for, but mad respect for you trying to inject some RP into the game.

I suppose in a nut shell it would be a new aspect to the geopolitical landscape with an automated, where different groups can ally or war on planets which effects the systems in space.

support fleets, protecting asteroid belts etc.

maybe rewards maybe not, I like the idea if these city states having ISK sink’s which actually just develop further things as mentioned above lunar colonies, orbital batteries, maybe something as simple as feeding the homeless.

can you imagine a city state having an influx of refugees and the homeless situation is so vast it causes food riots which causes a support fleet to come into system to ensure an enemy group isn’t going to take advantage of the situation.

during the trig invasion and recent ship caster stuff there was a whole thing about capturing resources, so why not use that mechanic with trade goods, wheat, medicine etc.

waring groups take defensive postures and put defensive posts in asteroid belts like edencomm, these can come and go depending on the cities current political state, as it is on planet it should be on state.

if every planet has one then every system should have a “prime” city.

so the other lesser prime planets influence the prime planet, which then cause decisions to happen which effect the system / all systems where the two parties occupy.

i’m sure there is a way to have naturally occuring events based off of standings and players actions.
players interact with setting.
setting then interacts back with players autonomously without oversite from the dev team.

I seriously think it opens up a vast opportunity to bring planets and the politics and the lore of the game present into the forefront.

I can also see a planetary object used to found your own corp / alliance city state being a thing.

edit: can you imagine what it would be like for capsuleers fighting over the rights to resources in high sec space as each asteroid belt becomes its own unique warzone.

i think it would be cool, then it changes when the politics changes and the events have run their course.

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I think this kind of thing is happening in Elite Dangerous, isn’t it, with their version of faction warfare. The missions for different systems on offer to players will reflect the state of the war - so if a faction in that system is down on its luck in a particular system, the type of missions they will be offering will be requests for donations of particular resources such as food and medicine, and courier missions to transport refugees etc. When I played that game, I did a similar role play situation to the SOE one where I ran mostly missions helping factions to deal with their humanitarian crisis.

In terms of EVE, I like what you’re saying and I think it would be a great addition to the game for those of us who enjoy the lore and RP elements. I guess the challenge, as others have pointed out, is to make it equally as appealing to the average player who is more motivated by ISK and their own bottom line. Or to newbies who aren’t to clued up in the lore. I think Elite does a good job of that so could be a good point of reference.

well I’ve never played ED so i wouldn’t know.

however i suppose people in other game play styles could simply hop a solar system or ultimately by not supporting the cause they’re not opting in.

having some kind of reward for opting in would be good, perhaps evermarks but i genuinely have no idea what a suitable reward would be.

I feel this idea creates the aspect of financial and geopolitical aspects to the game which are both applicable in space and on the ground.

dust bunnies battling on the ground can change the political landscape which can effect capsuleers in space and vica versa, so in truth its really the only way forward using existing assets without introducing more factions and such into the game

edit: further thought this could also lead to dynamic changes in legal status over various trade good items and basically create a dynamic legal aspect between solar systems within the same constellation this would basically re-introduce smuggling into the game and not done on such a grand regional scale, but a more localized and potentially profitable venture.

Corp A is at war with Corp B

lets assume corp A is the aggressor
Corp A can only request legal items, while Corp B can request both Legal & Illegal Goods (providing they’re relevant to the war effort)

Corp A wants Medicine for the wounded
Corp B wants wheat to out last the war, while additionally wanting small arms to fight back.

Isk donations welcome to both signs
Join the cause and battle in the solar system for juicy content.

edit 2:

this could also work the same for bounty hunting as bounty hunting requires people to go out of the jurisdiction of the body bodies territory meaning NPC and player Bounties could come back into the game in a more official capacity, further more you could also make bounty hunting legal in some places (meaning no bounty board / placement) while perfectly legal in others.

IMHO professional BH’s would be allowed to come into a city and perform their duties as it is there Job, I think that would be the one essential difference

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