EVE Online 2 wishlist

  1. Vitals -You are living in a pod, but is everything is ok? Do you still get stressed during encounters? Do you get lonely? This is an area that can be expanded upon if done properly
  2. Stargate aimed at stars and not other stargates. When you use them you land in a random spot near the target star.
  3. Commodity based currency and actual banks and custodians that can be extorted/protected, Pyerite/Trit transports that settle balances between banks and custodians that can be robbed/protected etc. Why are Pilots with -10.0 security rating allowed to use ISK? Why dont they just turn off their wallet? Lots of room to expand here. With pirate currencies and what not
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Are you one of those people?

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Second Third thread by OP not being happy with the concepts of EvE Online.

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Or you could just select ‘Star’ in overview and do ‘warp to’.

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  1. the only purpose of this is if you could take damage inside your pod. Basically pointless.

  2. Why? Gates are connected to each other. Maybe the ship caster could work the way you’re suggesting, but the gates are already designed to work the way they work.

  3. Crypto prevents central authorities from being able to arbitrarily decide if you can use it. Which is the only way we’d be able to have a single currency over multiple empires that war against each other.

Banks already exist, look up CSS. I wouldn’t mind that system expanding to highsec though.

Npc transportation that could be hijacked / attacked is really the only decent idea you have in this thread. (But they already exist to some degree, they’re just not tied into the market.)

Maybe… in addition to ‘Features and Ideas’ section we should add a ‘Brainstorm’ section where you are allowed to throw out wild and crazy ideas. Whatever happens to pop up. A standard brainstorming meeting where the goal is not to put anything down.

Brainstorming sessions only work because they’re structured. 10-30 minutes of idea gathering, a duration where ideas are discussed and dismissed, final selection process.

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No, we should add a ‘Brainfart’ section.

Maybe they could call it The Suggestion Box Megathread :wink:

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@Uriel_the_Flame I love that picture, lol. I like how they’re cracking up while the others are… well, burning.

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