24 bullet points? (WIP)

24 bullet points thought of by playing the game for 30 minutes after returning after 10 or 20 years aka first impressions after returning after 10-20 years

  1. Get rid of cloaking after jumping through a stargate? Why is the ship cloaked anyway? DO EVERY SHIP HAVE A MAGIC CLOAKING DEVICE?

  2. After jumping you land in a random place in the target system instead but you arent cloaked. Maybe always near the center. The stargates aim for the mass of sun but take care not to put you directly in it. Somehow it always works and never screws up.

  3. Remove the safety system. Let new players discover the ins out and out “the hard way”. You know how it used to work when Eve player base was increasing!

  4. Change the launcher. Make it more simple. Remove any links to the daily deal and the shop. This stuff needs to exist in the far background, otherwise it ruins the immersion. (the launchers function should only be for the player to login to his account and make new people who are curious, want to create an account and login after checking it out. the current one does not do that imo. and no “JOIN NOW AND GET DIAMOND FEATURE FOR FREE LIMITED OFFER” is not what im talking about.

  5. This is a sandbox game, players make up their own oppertunities, this is why the “oppertunities” thing needs to go away.

  6. “The Agency” needs to go away for the same reason

  7. The Air Career program needs to go away for the same reason

  8. The skill trainer needs to become simpler. Make it like it was many many years ago. The queue functionality can be a premium thing. The whole concept of skills training automatically without players having to grind is very appealing to present day gamers. Its what can bring in players again. But the idea is kinda lost because the trainer has become over complicated and uninteresting.

  9. No in-game restrictions for free accounts. They should have access to the same thing as premium members, including all skills, except they may not skip a potential login queue, they may have not have access to QoL things like a skill queue. If those were the ONLY two difference between a premium and free account, you would have alot of players and alot of premium accounts imo. But instead the whole free vs premium thing has been completely butchered and probably turns away people more than it gets them playing.

  10. Get rid of the “Project discovery”

  11. Get rid of the “in-game help”, you can never do as good a job as external sites and tutorials anyway

  12. Dont call it “chat channels” call it something more immersive like “Communication” or “Comms” or something even better. Maybe just call it “Radio”, most people associate the term radio with music. But in ships and trucks the radio is used to communicate with others. Even tho its text based you are sending the message out via radiosignals. Yea?

  13. Get rid of the daily login campaign. Make players want to login and play the game in better ways

  14. Get rid of the New Eden Store in-game. It ruins the immersion. By all means have it on the website. People can browse it while at work or school or what not. When they are at home they play the game?

  15. Rename “Fitting” menu to “Ship” and possibly merge it with Inventory in as imple and intuitive ui as possible.

  16. Dont play the music on repeat.

  17. Tone down the backgrounds in more systems. Most seem to have extremely bright and large nebulas. Whats wrong with empty space and stars with maybe a sun and some planets in the distance.

  18. In NPC corps where new players typically start, disable chat. Make it emotes only? Inspired by hearthstone.

  19. Dont give too much info for free. For example right clicking in space and selecting planets, without any survey or anything, it lists if the planets are solid, ice and what not. At least make the player purchase this info on the market, or do the scanning and such himself? Apply this principle as much as possible to other things as well?
    For example when right clicking and selecting “Asteroid fields” it should say “Unknown” if you dont have the data, and no-one should have the data by default. Must purchase the info from another player (And/or new eden store?) or do the neccesary scans and surveys himself! I mean im in an Ibis with combat fitting and i can just right click in space and know all info about asteroids, glacial anomalies, and planet states(gas etc.)?

  20. When a criminal enters the system, put the dialog “You are wanted etc.” in LOCAL for anyone to see instead of having it pop up in the middle of screen for a few seconds. This helps to liven up the game ever so slightly. Do this to more things if posible.

  21. Get rid of overloading modules. On a scale from Fun to Just complexity, its just complexity.

  22. Company logo creator needs to be modernized. Higher resolutions each decal at least.

  23. Please rename “Search for anything” to “Data assistant” or something more immersive a long those lines. This is also where people can see which systems they know what about, and what data they are missing, which was a suggestion in point 20

  24. Get rid of the different types of each ore? For example veldspar is veldpar, there should be no Dense Veldspar or Concentrated Veldspar. Getting more yield comes from training skills and upgrading ships. No reason to have versions of each ore that yields 5 and 10% more than base ore.
    Add an asteroid that actually has no yield instead. For more variation in higher sec. For example “Asteroid (No ore)” or something along those lines.

  25. Some stations are very dark. Why dont they put up some spotlights on themselves to liven it up a little? Example of a dark station:

  26. More formatting? For example in industry tab when the amounts get kinda large formatting is essential imo


  27. If someone types something in local but leaves the system in a relatively short period of time, make a notification like “pilot x jumped out of system” or something like that. To avoid confusion. Its probably one of the contributing factors to local being kinda dead. People cant tell if the player who asked something is still around, unless checking the list first. Sure they can do that, but QoL mate. QoL, QoL, QoL. Make the “pilot x jumped out of the system” if he jumps out after asking or saying something. pls?

Why does it need change?

/As the old saying goes, if you can’t change the person then change the person

If things dont begin to change there will be noone playing in 5-10 years


standard deviation…please use it! Thanks!


And away you go.

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You realize you are not special by stating this?

Am I supposed to panic? Why are you attempting to cause false panic?

Looks around for the panic. Nope no panic here.

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I’d like to hear more of your ideas, please share all your knowledge and opinions with us. I am pretty sure everyone has a lot to learn from you, especially about how EVE Online should work. You look like a true expert on the topic. Don’t be shy!


Just take everything out, right?
Why not turn it into a text-based game? Who needs 3D ships or space environment anyway?
Or CCP should maybe replace it with a board game.

The new and improved EVE:

Bare bones.


Those first three points are getting a very hard no from me

Well here are my counter points…because I’m bored.

  1. This is here to act as a balancer for those with higher levels of lag.
  2. When using Stargates, you are aimed at the stargate pairing, not the sun. This would require fundamental lore changes.
  3. We’ve had this before, we have higher new player retention with safety in place.
  4. Launchers aren’t just a gateway to the game, but to news of the game, official websites, etc.
  5. Players are asking for more things to do though, not everyone is content with just the sand. (you can ignore the extra bits btw)
  6. Read above
  7. Read #5
  8. The skill trainer is the same as it’s always been, with the addition of a queue. It doesn’t make it more complicated, just convenient.
  9. The game needs to make money, removing reasons to spend money is a fast way to make a game die from not enough funding.
  10. Why? Just ignore it if you don’t like it.
  11. There are a lot of good videos in the help section that external sites reference actually.
  12. Only thing so far I don’t disagree with, but ultimately don’t care one way or the other.
  13. If retaining player is something the game has issues with, something as low maintenance and evergreen as login rewards can only help.
  14. A website does not replicate an in-game engine. People get really picky with skins and don’t want to be restricted to some out of game viewer. No one is forcing you to open the store in game.
  15. Gawd no! Keep them separate! Fitting window has enough clutter as it is.
  16. You can turn the music off if seems repetitive to you.
  17. You left this blank
  18. You can turn this stuff down if it bugs you. Others use it to navigate and know where they are without relying on the UI or needing to bring up a map.
  19. But why though? Newbros should be able to talk and get advice.
  20. Our cluster, especially in Empire Space, is very well travelled and documented. It would not make sense to remove street signs, building names, etc in a city…let’s not do that for known space. (wormholes…sure why not)
  21. Sure
  22. I hope you like PVPer hate, if it’s too complex for you…then don’t use it. Don’t need to ruin everyone else’s fun.
  23. Sure.
  24. Meh
  25. (OH I found point number 17!) But why? I rather keep the richer varieties tyvm.

Overall it sounds like you want to remove stuff you don’t like…stuff you could just ignore. Removing it because of complexity when thousands of others find it just fine is really not a reason to remove it imo and only serves to remove content from a game that has players consistently asking for more.


OP is long gone laughing at us and the thing he has created.


This mechanic is there to prevent abuse of the “loading screen”. If this and the station invulnerability wouldn’t be there, then many players would jump/undock and end up dead even before their grid loads lol.

It is better to have some unrealistic (weird term in a sci-fi game) mechanic, than to have unhealthy gameplay.

If you can’t understand this I doubt the rest of your post has any merit.

That’s why in cases like these I don’t even bother other than “lol no”.

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Felt some negative vibes was the reason why I replied.

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I was just bored, lol.

heeey guess what the people that made the game literally had never played it before because it wasnt made yet so what is your point?

But also ever thought that maybe this game need a fresh perspective?

okay so why did they remove walking in stations then? if removing anything is bad because players “always ask for more”? I mean by that logic you can never add anything wrong or mess up. But ever wonder why “players always ask for more?” is it because what they have gotten over the last 10 years is mostly hot garbage?

btw. i was never in favor of walking in stations. i also had to spam forums relentless “back in the day” to get freighter fits and the way they ended up implementing it is subpar still. goddamn

I was thinking about it more after writing and it got me thinking that it might be better to make EVE online 2 and i had a ton of ideas for that. Basically what enables the game is the technology to “Aim stargates at the stars” this was how we went further and further into space, by hopping from star to star. Because when you think about it, who took the time to travel far enough and put the stargate that the first stargate is paired too? Do you know what i mean? Someone would have had to travel the distance with normal warp, in order to built the second stargate. It doesent really make sense?

Good luck with inventing your own SciFi space game! Make sure to leave a message when it is up and running!


We get an ‘outside’ persective at least 10 times a week on the Forums.

Of course 9 of the 10 are from old players wearing new-player skins.

–Gadget hopes they washed them first