Things I don't like in Eve Online and how to improve them:

Hi, Komi here o7

I’ve played Eve in 2009-2012 and now I’ve started from scratch with the intention of being a hardcore RPler. The reason for this is because RP is the only thing that makes eve worth playing for me, because it’s such a great universe with a lot of great characters (players) and lore behind it.
The game hasn’t changed that much in all that years and that’s really not great.

Here are some of the things I personally don’t like and some ideas how to fix them:

Multiboxing / Skill injectors:
I think I don’t have to say anything about this. Just ban it or limit it to 2 Accounts because it’s very unimmersive.

The Ships:
The ships are so linear in their ability to interact within the universe… You have exploration ships for exploration, combat ships for combat and everytime you encounter another player there are like 2-3 possible fits so you know how if you can engage them or not.
Why not simply remove all the “10% bonus to XXX” and merge them into a med slot or 10% more CPU or something. Or have general bonusses that benefit every playstile like speed, sig radius, energy recharge?
I personally want to fly an exploration rifter or firetail! >_<
And combat would be so much fun, because any cruiser could have any possible cruiser fit.
This would be a lot of work but i think it would make the game more fun in the long run. + Laser Tempest looks really cool :wink:

Citadels should be end game content that need to be defended. Increase the price and remove timezone tanking.

now the biggest critiqe:

Why is there no captains quarter? Why is there no walking in Stations? Why is there nothing new that promotes social interaction within the eve universe? Eve is still an RPG.
Eve has a character edior that is still one of the best in 2020 but the characters are thrown away once you create them.
Eve is great because of social stuff like intrigues, friendship, cooperation, story… your character in the game should matter more then all the ships you fly or how much ISK you make.

Isk and ships are replaceable, a character, a FRIEND is not !!!

Walking in Stations was the best idea ever for the social side of eve. Why is there no development to make the social interaction more immersive? There could be Space casinos and boxing matches, dance clubs and so much more stuff out there that would bring the universe alive.
Who cares about triglavian stuff If you could enjoy some drinks in a dirty pirate bar or a high class casino.
Eve needs in my opinion more social sandbox elements and not more content in the form of “here take this alien race and fight it to gain much isk”

Sorry I’m a little emotional about this, I just want the eve universe to bloom with life and true characters and feel like a rough, cold, welcoming, warm, exciting place to take part in where EVERYTHING is possible. Where YOU can be the greatest person you can imagine.

o7 Komi

Nevermind that your justification for this is hilariously bad, how would you enforce this?

Nothing is stopping you from doing so.

They already can…?

How would you “increase the price” when the “price” is set by the players?
Why remove timezone tanking? You don’t give a reason for it.

Because CCP used to have it and less than 5% of the playerbase would ever use it regularly while it consistently caused problems each time they pushed through a patch or change to the game. Since so little people actually used it, it didn’t make sense for CCP to maintain it.

Actually far more because it was 32bit locked and holding up the 64 bit engine. They would have had to rebuild it from scratch in 64 bit using new software.
Which given the low usage wasn’t worth that level of investment simply to maintain it.

If it hadn’t been an issue for other reasons, 5% usage isn’t a removal reason on its own.

As for the ideas…
Actual time zone tanking is a bit stink, as in setting it to an hour when neither your corp nor your attackers actually play just to force them to get up at 3am to attack it.
tying your structure timer to having to be in a main play zone for your corp/alliance wouldn’t be terrible. If your corp happens to just be a different time zone to the attacker, then shrug, it is what it is.


(Heard you like RP…)

The captain quarters were not used, because there was no content there. But I think everybody dreamed about space casinos and those things when the CQ came out.
However, the fact, that CCP totally eliminated this idea was probably a bad move if we talk about long time player immersion. And let’s be clear. CCP had other resource consuming projects like dust, valkyrie so i don’t think some static space casinos and bars are that hard of a problem to solve.

CCP tried so many ways to bring more content into Eve, but they never improved the character part of the game.

Just look how the trailers have changed. From the “Butterfly Effect” or “Causality” that were focused on character development to the new “Invasion Cinematic” that takes the concept of player loss totally as a joke.

I think it has much to do with player mentallity. You can always loose your ship so if you make ISK, you can easily replace it and the loss isn’t hard to take. So the goal of the game seems to a lot of players “make more isk” and the adventure and character development, eve was originally about fades slowly away…

And this is really sad and I realise I’ve probably become a bitter vet :octopus:

Given that less than 5% of the playerbase used it, I don’t think enough people care about “long term player immersion” to justify development for CCP. If a significant chunk of people actually used it, CCP would care about it and develop it further.

But why waste development time on something that so little people use? For the sake of “immersion”? No thank you.

Eve, as a concept, is sort of at odds with itself. On the one hand, you can inflict loss on your opponents. On the other hand, though, don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.

A decade plus of people refining a formula to trivialize their risk profile has led us to the here and now where even our characters are relatively trivial, bartered for, bought and sold. Our doings are anonymized behind throw away alts so that we can’t fully be held accountable for what we do, assuming we present a vulnerability for someone to take us to task for our actions in the first place.

Eve has become more civilized and tame. Predictable. Some would say ‘stagnant’. The formula being to grind isk safely for equipment you can throw away to pvp with someone else’s throw away equipment. I think CCP has its hands full trying to revitalize New Eden with a sense of wonder again. Too much so to invest in a totally different kind of gameplay the user base isn’t really interested in.

I have gone the extra mile to be a single character that can be held accountable for all her actions in the Eve universe, and I weigh my options very carefully because of that. These limits are self imposed, though, and come at the expense of some of my more rational options for getting things done I want to do. An expense people reasonably don’t want to pay if they don’t have to.

By the time the captain’s quarters was removed, the mentality of creating an easily sacrificed willing slave to do your bidding instead of a fully fleshed out character with an independent life and motivations was already well established. Abandoning the captain’s quarters was the right move under the prevailing conditions then, and now. It goes beyond a lack of content in the captain’s quarters to a lack of interest in the person we are in game entirely, in my opinion.

This is kind of a soap box piece, and as such is just my idle musings. I have also glossed over a lot and oversimplified things in the interest of some semblance of brevity. When I play Eve, I deal with the rules as they are, and the players as they are. I don’t try to change the game or others to fit my expectations. I try to set what I think is a good example and let people decide what’s right for themselves.


Aww this is so well written, how could I disagree? :slight_smile: I think you are right.
Playing my Character I figured out I’m a great content creator for my Corp, especially when they have to save my naive self from being abandoned in a wh or nullsec system or trapped in a station besieged by triglavian forces.^^
I think a more personal approach would benefit the game because it can literally turn everything in an exciting adventure. Even a normal combat site turns into a one hour long diplomatic discussion with the guristas pirates ^^
I think, eve is a little “cold” and needs more personality ^^

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Because EVE doesn’t have the population density to support them, and because they would rarely see any use. Most systems have a handful of players at most, which means those stations would be empty and there would be no reason to ever go there. And most of the proposed station activities have zero practical value, so everyone but the hardcore roleplayers would ignore them entirely and that brings the station population down even more. So you’re talking about a massive investment of effort for something with very little value.

Who cares about triglavian stuff If you could enjoy some drinks in a dirty pirate bar or a high class casino.

And this is exactly what I’m talking about. People enjoy drinks IRL because they drink actual alcohol and get drunk from it. Only a tiny minority of players are going to care about having their character pretend to drink once the initial novelty of it has worn off. It sounds cool on a superficial level but once you start thinking in detail about what players are actually doing there just isn’t anything there.

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Merin is right. There wasn’t ever going to be much content for walking in stations.

All your folks meeting up in the same station to have a drink and a chat would get old fast compared to just opening up a chat channel or going onto discord.

And any functional feature for walking in stations would be quicker and easier to do using the station services button which is available the moment you dock…no need to waste time and lower your isk/hour wandering round a station.

Players can role play now by manually piloting their ships to a stations docking bay before they press dock…now how many people do you think are actually doing that? How many people are deliberately slowing down their game and adding tedium to it for role-playing sakes? Because that’s the kind of numbers you’re looking at for sitting in a bar or walking to an agent to get a mission.

With walking in stations being such a big time sink to keep up-to-date it was better for the game as a whole to take it out than keep it for the minority of people using it.

We won’t be seeing it again unless nova gets back up and running again and it gets linked onto the eve client somehow.

I dunno…I kinda suspect PA ownership makes WiS-type features likely, tbh.

There was a paradox that could not be overcome:

  • If they added unique content to the station the 95% that play spaceships would have been enraged
  • If they didn’t add unique content to the station then there was no point in having it

I feel we would have seen or heard something by now.

I have the impression PA aren’t pushing for features as much as money and activity numbers. I think features are still largely ccp’s ball .

There will be no more world-changing upgrades to Eve. It is just tuning the dials from here to the end.

You’re right. They should totally get rid of tiericide in favour of a more homogenous landscape, with less fitting choices. An automatic transmission is, after all, also far better than a manual one. Too much complexity for the brain to handle.

Yes, Sir, they’ll get right to removing one of their biggest income streams for your personal immersion.

It is too bad that you can not do that, even though you can easily fit even a rifter to be a ship capable of doing exploration. As you wish to remove complexity and fitting choices, though, everyone will rejoice in not having the ability to do so anymore.

No. It is an MMO. As you can see for yourself on, it is not any longer advertised as an MMORPG, but solely as MMO. A difference of three letters can make a gigantic difference, just like in YES!, NO! and ■■■■ OFF!

Yes, I am sure they will realize the potential behind your ideas, scrap their current development plan and instead opt for what you believe is the one true way for moving the game forward. I believe in your idea!

Yes! Everyone will be a winner! Everyone will be a hero! Everyone will be truly great!

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