Is it only me that miss it?

that misses the captain´s quarter ? to sit in the sofa relaxing while maybe just being social. I kinda of miss it but I would not mind some changes to it. Like i maybe be able customize it a bit add so you can maybe display some trophy´s you earned like a win in the alliance tournament or a relic you find or maybe some of the memorabilia we got. I know it´s sound proboly lame to allot of you but that´s something I enjoyed in mmo a personal house like in ESO or FFXIV you can display trophy´s of bosses you killed or display stuff for a faction you support. To make it to your personal space, invite friends to hang out and chat. I mean eve is kinda of a social game so I kind of like the idea.


No. Not silly. I miss it.


I actually miss it too.

It was cute.


Gimmick and useless…great idea that didn’t add anything and took resources away from elsewhere…


yeah it was kinda more pleasing than just sitting in a hangar.


It made even my crappiest ship look impressive


yeah when you stood there the crappy ship suddenly looked more bad ass because you got a more perspective how big a frigate for example could be.


I like anything that makes my frigate look bigger.


Yeah, useless. Like the bounty system. :grin:

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I still have all the images…


Yeah I miss it.



i think they should bring it back in some form! just create one or two rooms, one where you can walk up to your ship and see it and also some quarters with a bed and tv…

You should also be able to see yourself like before and change your avatar features.


Much of what you mention was in fact suggested.

Some players even asked to be able to put the corpses of other players in large jars or display cases.

Unfortunately, some people are so beholden to “what” they are, they lost track of who they became, so while they didn’t care for WiS as it was called, they still railed against it like a church lady complaining about topless natives on another continent.

CCP, already suffering loss of face over “1000 dollar pants”, made the mistake of cowtowing to the overly vocal player base.

That door never opened, and WiS became a joke. Did you know that at one time they even planned on WiS being so much a part of the game that there was a trailer implying “business you have to leave your pod for” or something like that.

Ironically, much of the fuel for the anti-WiS movement was to “save” Eve Online from becoming like the other MMOs. Lo and behold, Eve went onto suffer just like the other MMOs anyway. This is why people who don’t care for aspects of game content should be told to shut up about it and CCP should not bother with their overly emotional and bored player base: stick to a vision and move forward with it.


This same thread keeps appearing in the forums. But, despite the multiple threads, CCP did give out some very depressing statistics about how few people actually used the captains quarters. I really wish it would come back, but I don’t think CCP is on board with the idea.

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Captains Quarters had a lot of potential, the artwork was great and after they optimized and cleaned up the code it actually performed pretty good, just too bad CCP didn’t follow through with adding actual gameplay content to it.


that’s exactly what i’m thinking, too, and not only in regards to WiS. eve is so old-fashioned in so many ways, with parts of the game looking more like a 1989 MUD than a 2019 MMORPG. CCP need to realize that players are terrible game devs.


Yeah, I miss that time’s when you docked, wait few minutes to load WiS and pray for game to not crash. Just to see that you are alone in empty room…

i had performance problems on my old machine, too. however, they updated the client to 64 bit since, and years have passed - could have optimized their quarters code, and i got a PC that shouldn’t have problems running it now.

I had a 10 yr old computer that had minimum specs to play Eve when Incarna Expansion was implemented, other than the loading time I didn’t have any problems with Captains Quarters. Course after CCP optimized the code the loading time was significantly reduced.

If it crashed on you then the problem was with your computer hardware.

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And just exactly what part of Eve are you referring to?

The graphics in this game have been updated quite a bit and look awesome compared to when I first started playing back in June 2008.

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