What would you change in Eve if you could

If you could change something eve what would it be?

  1. more derelict objects in space to explore, for example starbases, alien structures, etc
  2. docking wallpaper needs more variety, maybe make it more 3d
  3. change the Map, currently its too graphical it needs more of a local feeling like a road map
  4. starship mods, make your ship more personal by adding a wing or a sat dish or something like that

I would allow landing on planets in planetary bases, I would bring back CQ and bar and corporation conference room with adjoining office with map room and sleeper exploration dungeons in wormhole space and high and low and null sec pirate bases, planetside and spaceside. Together with weapons and outfits for exploration for avatars. Available for all to take part in destruction and competition, I would tie it into EVE economy by providing additional resources and blueprints for this exploration and avatar gameplay stuff, and add a components you could find there, for tech 2 ships and for rogue drone ships that could be flied by capsuleers.

I would use magc to bring it. :sparkles::ok_hand:

Of course if I could.


yes CQ needs to come back but more updated look, and i like the idea of landing on planets…

move some of the bases to planetside :slight_smile:

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Remove local, make High Sec ownable.


Remove local in in low and nullsec

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why remove local how would that help


Allow players to rent a home in stations, with decor customisation options available in the NES that can be repackaged and transported around New Eden. It’s a sandbox, I have a human avatar and should be able to have my own home that I can walk around in.

Revamp the tedious clickfest known as the hacking minigame. Make it less random and allow for strategy. CCP Bayesian was actually looking into this during his ‘free time’ CCP devs get to explore their own projects, wonder what happened to that.


Actually there is some strategy involved already. Its called rule of 6’s.


Let us fly supers in high-sec, oh and get rid of concord.


I think EvE is in a really good spot these days - much moreso than when I first started. I don’t know if this counts, but if I could change anything, I’d double the playercount :slight_smile:

I guess besides that, I’ve always wanted in-game character support a la EveMON. EvE always felt unfinished and incomplete without the two most basic needs of the game being supported by the game itself - ship construction and character training planning. We finally got the ship simulator, and it’s everything I wanted from the feature in-game. Now we need training planning. This game is far too old to still be incomplete on basic essentials.

In a perfect world, I’d get rid of faction police, double Concord response times, and remove Concord aggro on really low-security status players (it always felt counter-intuitive to allow pirate players to be shot on sight, but have Concord pursing/destroying them before players could actually take up the initiative).

Besides that…I think the game is damn near perfect for what it needs to be. The ship/weapon tiericide is still ongoing and I’m happy with the results so far. I really respect the fact that the devs want all ships to have roles regardless of tech status. The structures are coming along as much as they are able to. All in all I really love what the game has become, I just wish* more people were around to enjoy it.

*edit - because proofreading is an important life skill I’m still learning.


Remove local from null, make jump fatigue more severe, make the security status of high/low sec dynamic based on use, so that high can become low and vice versa.

Id change the fact that the company named CCP develops and maintains it.


i think CCP are doing a great job, but they do need some new ideas


Planet warfare for omaga accounts
Capture cities for sov
Hover tanks for fighting same as ships now
Must use landers to land on planet
Landers launch from carriers
Only omagas can build cities to extract resources

Ok I’ll shut up now


Myself. But I’m not sure what I would change it to.

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Make the ship hangers scale with the station they are in. So a astrohouse, has very small hangers.
Make fleet hangers where you can see your whole fleet docked.
Make all t1 ships harder to get.
Buff the drake and rokh.

Redesign and update the ships. Something CCP is taking WAY too long to finish.

Full customization for characters and ships. Paint and emblem creators, new Corp logo creator, decorative stuff for ships, new expanded clothes and character creator revamp.
Current one is a few years old.
No microtransactions
Proper quest system with cutscenes, voice acting and interesting stories.

Out of ship activities like exploration, relic excavation, pvp and pve, bounty hunting, Wis, espionage by breaking into Corp headquarters.

Revamp null and low sec.
Add jovian and ammatar as playable factions and maybe some pirate options.

Add a map feature that colors the map based on your standings. Shows factions your low with as red, friendly with as blue. Like the security status map but togglable for your individual standings. (General Map overhaul included)

Highway gate system.
Cyno nerf
Cloak nerf
Remove t3s from game

Decreased jump clone timers to match fatigue reduction.

Man lots of stuff I want.

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  1. Remove immunity to interdiction spheres
  2. Remove asset safety
  3. Increase the number of null-to-null wormhole connections

Blind Cyno jumping to random locations along your route. So either you use a cyno to jump specifically or you blind jump to a system along your route, skills mitigate how many systems broad your final end point might be, to a random location in the star system destination. Then nerf jump fatigue like crazy.
Either blind jump, use gates or face fatigue. Blind jumps would split fleets and make it dangerous for even selective travel but means you could, theoretically, never have a cyno pilot or need help.

Im all for the initial comments on CQ, station side and planet side issues. Theres so much gameplay available for avatars. I still love the idea that you can board a derelict or ruin, someone else or multiple others can board it as well, in a race for the riches with the ability to kill each other inside, aka pod death, which means the site despawns and you can steal their ship intact, or blow it up and collect the loot for yourself. When it unachors from the derelict or ruin.

I want to sit in a bar and shot the ■■■■ over virtual beers, play space age beer pong, darts and pool or even poker and blackjack while watching girls… or guys if thats ur thing, strut around poles and serve drinks.

Id love a change to missions and high sec content, but I understand that the storyline is the issue. Writing backstory thats intriguing or interesting and coupling that with active gameplay is stupid hard. But having agents refer mission runners to other agents in lower sec as work runs out in higher safer sec is a thing. As well as incursion light styles of beating back NPC hordes and having L4 style rewards for this would be a thing much like FW or incursion system control which is internal could be a thing. Then let people run against each other without knowing it.

Player housing in stations. The ability to decorate housing. Walking around inside your ship while docked. Walking around inside the station. Multiplayer ships. The ability to have, say, 20 players all piloting their own fighters from a carrier piloted by another player. More in-depth damage than just shield/armor/hull. Sub-system damage (reduced cap, reduced shield, drone bay damaged, etc…) New ammunition types. More ways to interact with planets, moons, and stars, such as stellar cartography or an enhanced PI.