If eve had to be remade, what what you change?

Post your position below! What would you change? What are some of the things you like or hate about eve?

Liars and frauds would be permanently banned.

(Obviously this means your time in new-EVE would be very, very short. And the game would be a much better place.)


I am not gonna tell you. You will use our great ideas in the magnificent game you are developing.


Accurate celestial movement and interaction.
Get to close and you get crashed or fried.

I would remove multiboxing.


I’d block all of Bolas’s IP addresses. oh and also ban skill injectors and plex.

I’d be asking CCP to permaban every single case of paranoid grandiosity.

Why would you want that?

PVP everywhere would be the first victim

[quote=“Malango, post:6, topic:207721, full:true”]
I’d block all of Bolas’s IP addresses. oh and also ban skill injectors and plex.[/quote]

  1. Balos
  2. You know that an ip can be changed? :slight_smile:

But i thank you for letting me so deep inside your head that i even haunt your dreams :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t need to do that because the last thing I would do is listen to all you whackos :slight_smile:

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I would make it free for me to sub and twice the price for every one else.

Spotted the Grinch!

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I’d also un ban Mr Epeen :sunglasses:.

I’d mess around with how high security and low security space operates.

Change high sec so that higher index space like 0.8-1.0 be completely secure from ganking/pirates, removing roaming NPC rats entirely from high sec (except sites/mission running) and making high sec completely unavailable to war related activity.

Make lower index space 0.5-0.7 more open to ganking/pirating but create harsher punishments for such activity in high sec leading to incremental fines and permanent bans from high sec forcing you to work back your standing to enter again. (gankers got lots of time on their hands anyways, just giving them something to do in between ganking other players in high sec).

I’d make any border systems between high and low sec space flexible to a form of faction warfare where criminals and lawful players alike can battle to increase or decrease the security ratings of systems. Pushing and pulling bordering systems between high and low sec space making them either safer or more dangerous depending on which side of the law has more influence through such activity.

I’d probably add the same kind of flexible form of factional warfare to the rest of high sec and low sec to increase/decrease their index within high and low sec space. Making a form of criminal PVE for both spaces to increase criminal organizations influence in high sec to assist with ganking/pirating and give bonuses to PvP/pirating related activity in low sec. Let players work other high sec index up into the secure levels so that pirating/ganking has less influence in high sec for lawful players trying to make it more secure.

Stuff like that.

I have considered the idea of “dangerous” space in side of the game i am working on. For example, having nebula’s int he game that you can hide in, much like bushes in league of legends, but with the added danger if specific weapons hit it, it will explode causing insane damage.

These concepts are interesting, but like many things in software development, its really about the way you implement it, not as much as the idea.

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Multiboxing is possible because of bad design. In most cases, you dont generally see multiboxing pvp, and even if you do its generally not so good. In eve in some cases (like domi spam) it can work because eve’s classes are capable of multi-hybrid styles of game play, and domi’s are exceptionally good at tank, healing and damage.

In other aspects of eve, like mining, multiboxing is directly possible because of the lack of “attention” required. In essence there is no real skill element to it, as much as its about skill points. If mining had a scope of skill that could be applied to it, allowing for the good players to excel at it as an activity, multiboxing would become less effective due to the demand of attention.

This is the easiest solution to that problem, it however hides in a difficult area of code to be messed with.

While i agree with most of this i do think the trolls here on the forums have some legitimacy to the argument that high sec cannot be completely pvp free (to put it more officially, based on self-flagging systems).

I generally do not agree with the concept of high sec is safer but generates less income. I personally think it should be based on the activity, and subsequently all activities have higher levels of progression, and with them more risk, reward, and time commitment (among other important social demands like cooperation, and competition).

As for the war-dec system, the concept of wars being based on dropping a station is a really bad concept, though the rate at which war decs now is significantly better then it was in the past.

from a development perspective it makes it is insanity to base war eligibility on the condition if you built a station or not. Stations are single handedly the most important thing a corporation could ever accomplish. They should be difficult, and in general should not be the source of spam etc. I also believe that stations should be upgradable, from small to medium to large, or respectively from small stations to fortizars.

This sense of progression is at the heart of social commitment and progression, with out them the corporations lose an immense amount of identity, and really become random people wandering, looking for something they will never find.

I think they should make it so that if you go -2.5 you will be unable to dock at any station in high sec or low sec, but on the flip side, you can now dock at npc pirate stations which have ships and items that would potentially be locked out (unequippable or unable to be put online) to anyone above -2.5.

further i’d start to put many npc pirate stations around low sec. and, i would make items that would allow the pirates to disable your ship for 30-90 seconds, and other items that would just straight steal cargo from your cargo hold. and i’d make the bonus’s of these ships about these items and stealing, and avoid giving them damage buffs and potentially look at lower damage dealing pirate ships.

i’d then make all destructive (killing ships) give -0.5 per offense, but make stealing be -0.01 per offense. This way the pirating in general moves to being less lethal and more about stealing and mugging someone then mugging and killing them. this would make low sec a more fluid transition from high to low and thus people would be a little less scared to move out to low sec.