Pick your top 3 changes to fix EvE

As the title says, pick three, not more, how to start making EvE having a future.

Here is my pick for a first round:

  1. Low power citadels have no tether, no asset safety, one 24h timer, free for all (no wardec necessary in highsec)
  2. Wormhole statics respawn immediately on both sites, other K162 when jumped
  3. Remove guns from Titans.

While people are busy and hyped about killing low power citadels all across New Eden, CCP gets time to think about the next round of changes …

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  1. Put all PVP into consensual instances, like the abyssal proving grounds
  2. Add tech 2 capital ships with more EHP and weapons that you can change from anti-capital to anti-subcap by loading different ammo
  3. Add propulsion modules and jump drives to citadels
  1. Make warfare related acitivity in HIGH SEC illegal that demands a CONCORD response, this will push the focus of PvP back into low sec and null where it isn’t as easy to simply fly around and find targets as you could in high sec anyways where it is safe to dock up anywhere while hunting.

  2. Remove player owned structures from high sec. Having them in low sec makes sense since concord can’t assist you and you need your own safe havens inaccessible to the enemy. People in high sec should be relatively safe from one another and forced to use NPC stations to conduct their business. Free trade markets should only exist in low sec or null where the economy is sustained by player owned infrastructure not setting up market orders in an NPC station from a player owned station next door to avoid more fees. Might as well eliminate the fees all together to avoid the citadel spam and resources used to allow players to do the same thing. All this pushes more PvP relevance back into low and null.

  3. Eliminate multiboxing (having multiple accounts) and allow more or unlimited amount of clones on the same account that cannot be used at the same time. I know people love multiboxing and there isn’t necessarily anything wrong about it in regular gameplay but it means artificially supporting a player base and activity in game with a marginally small population of players involved. If we can only play on one account at a time it forces the game to need multiplayer to do anything. The relevance of needing players to work together to achieve goals is eliminated by the fact anyone with enough money can do much themselves without the need of dozens of players assisting them to do certain things. Also eliminates a large degree of botting in the game which depends on being able to run multiple accounts continuously.

Why bother joining a mining corp when you can have a dozen mining alts, scouting alts, and other alts in ships for defense. Basically something that would take two dozen players to achieve all being done by one player whose sole goal is to run away and survive in the event of PvP whereas the former being that a fleet of dozens of players will ship up to go ■■■■ you up for attacking them.

Instead of giant blob fleets the game can barely sustain PvPing one another where there is one player for every ten ships each and every player has to fit a certain role and work together in concerted effort to achieve anything.

Makes PvP more fun, more serious and then the game can actually handle the number of players on grid in a super fight.

EDIT: This basically can remove TIDI from the game and make subscriptions more relevant instead of free to play multiboxing fed by in game ISK to buy PLEX for Omega.

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Ok, I see, this goes as expected … :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Completely agree with Tipia’s citadel recommendations
  2. Alphas have safety on green and yellow only, no more throw away HS ganking with no long term/ meaningful penalties.
  3. Introduction of some form of mini mini game or such that forces player interaction for an EXTREMELY short time or suffer cumlative overheat damage to a ship’s active modules. The goal is to reduce botting of sites and mining. Add a 1 in 10 chance per active cycle for a mini game to pop up ( simplified form of Project Discovery for an example). Solve it correctly and is disappears for the rest of the site/ mining laser run. Fail it and your weapon/ mining laser takes 25% overheat damage and mining lasers suffer failure of cycle to deliver ore to hold. In addition, failure immediately spawns another mini game puzzle to solve for the next cycle; allowing an actual person a chance to correct mistakes and resume their activities, while bots hopefully fail again and eventually reach a point where their mining lasers/ guns stop working.
    Alt choice: CCP introduces random phantom pilots in local that run through systems, forcing scripted activities like botting to dock up, while players are not under any real threat ( although they may panic as well) Keeps local in all aspects of space, but reduces the effectiveness of third party Intel programs as they are flooded with phantom bogies.
  1. Titans can’t dock
  2. No more multiboxing
  3. Remove endless anomalies respawn
  1. Walk in stations
  2. More ships
  3. move stations closer to planet surface
  1. Nothing
  2. Nil
  3. Nada
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  1. Remove Upwell Structures and return conquerable Outposts.
  2. Neuter supers, titans and Rorquals.
  3. Have a dedicated team for PVE content creation so that people have something to do in EVE.
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reduce number of random wh spawns in lower class 2 and below :smiley:
Add t3 rigs and modules
Add new missions and mission types for the agents.

  1. Ban capitals from lowsec, and freighters from highsec. Expose Jump Freighters to some small iota of risk.
  2. Implement resource scarcity somehow - new limited resources or implementing meaningful negative feedback loops to current ones
  3. Completely redo the NPE, dropping players in a controlled environment in lowsec after a more complete tutorial

Let’s keep going:
4. Revamp bounty huntiing (make them more like hit contracts), smuggling, and contraband/drug game play
5. Let players play more as pirates - start as them, have pirate structures that provide bonuses useful for criminals, otherwise “be the villain”
6. Make PI have a major PvP element
7. Add limited walking-in-stations with social, gambling, and trading elements
8. Delete the Faction Police, or at least make them more random
9. Bring more Faction War to highsec
10. Engineer a much larger difference between wardec-immune and wardec-vulnerable corps such that opening yourself up to a war has real advantages; make being in the same corp that owns a structure have major benefits
11. Implement a scaling sales tax like the industry index to spread around trading activity
12. Fix nullsec - needs resource depletion to make people move, a nerf to the umbrella to spread people out some, and a less perfect intel system
13. More rare, random interactions with NPCs that you can’t win. Ships should be lost on rare occasions, no matter what you do. Letting people plan/optimize for near lossless play sets up for bad feelings when losses do happen and empowers large groups. You shouldn’t be able to expect to farm/haul/mine in space for 50 hours without a loss no matter how large your groups is.
14. Capitals and especially Supercapitals should have an upkeep cost
15. Asset safety should be nerfed. There should be a sliding scale of risk here depending on the structure size, but there should always be a chance of something dropping in a player-owned structure. We are well past the point of needing to encourage people to use Upwell structures. Also, magic teleportation should go away - you should be forced to firesale your items trapped behind enemy lines as before.
16. Upwell… just nerf again, especially low-power structures. Maybe they need some tweaks in some contexts instead of nerfs, but mostly they just smother content. Time-zone tanking needs a counter, at least for low-powered structures as well.
17. Revamp the rewards and expand Resource Wars.
18. Delete Incursions - Invasions do it better.
19. Probably just delete missions at this point. Or at least discourage new players from doing them somehow and start deprecating them instead of fixing them. Nerf/delete Burners. Spend that effort maintaining them on expanding the newer PvE, moving this content into non-infinite anomalies or the open world
20. Bring back seasonal events.
21. Mining should be diversified to more types and styles, with high attention, single account mining having the highest earning potential but all sorts available.
22. Nerf wormhole control.
23. Nerf Orca EHP. It’s silly. Probably Skiffs too. Maybe also give a repulsion module to Upwell structures.
24. Remove drone auto-aggression.
25. Fix loot laundering and make anyone with stolen goods in their hold a legal target until goods are shipped to a “fence” agent deep in lowsec and made clean again.

I think there is more, but that is enough for now.

  1. Remove asset safety. EVE is meant to be harsh, this would be a good ISK sink as well as providing an incentive for conflict.
  2. Remove Fozzie Sov - resources should deplete the more they’re farmed, not get more abundant
  3. Massively increase ways to use hacking - to take control of low power Upwells, to disrupt sovereignty etc
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Increase bounty payout in null sec those guys risk a lot and should be rewarded more.
Instant deployment of citadels there isn’t enough of them.
Buff VNI and Gila they are not easy mode enough.

  1. Place very strong restrictions to the number of citadels that can be anchored within a system. You want that space, fight for it or settle for seconds. Have constellations with do not allow any anchorage at all.
  2. Scale back the ores available to moon mining within High Security to types found in Low Security, remove the goo completely. Replace existing asteroid belts with barren rock, and add increased random spawning anomalies.
  3. Remove the Retriever, Mack, Covetor and Hulk hulls. Revamp the Procurer and Skiff by lowering the default shield bonus, but adding power-grid to enable the use of a couple of a Large Shield Extenders. Add some faction items available in High Security for Mining Upgrades, Rigs, Survey Scanners - put these in Resource Wars loyal store.

1 better industry in WH space, eg: the good moon goo
2. Some better PvE in WH space.
3.block whiners on the forums

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  1. Delete high angle weapons
  2. Let fighters only target other fighters or capitals and structures
  3. Finish the module balance
  4. Increase the lowest build times for a capital to 120 days, 240 day for a mothership and 360 days for a titan
  5. Increase the material requirements of capital to that of a keepstar
  6. Increase the material requirements of a mothership to the cost of 10 keepstars
  7. Increase the material requirements of a titan to that of a palpatine keepstar
  8. Give a 4 week warning on the launcher and self-destruct all capitals, motherships and titans
  9. Revert the rorqual back to a large command ship with a large ore hold (to compress on the spot)
  10. Delete harvesting drones
  11. Time is money! Increase battleships sensor resolution at slightly below 200mm but not below 150mm
  12. Increase battleships warp speed to 3AU/s
  13. Please give the Scorpion and the Blackbird another missile launcher hardpoint
  14. Delete energy neutralizers - everyone can shoot an unfit ship!
  15. Either label triglavian ships with a purple icon to give them the proper classification or play a little base ball with them until they behave in the proper ship progression order.
  16. Keep the proper ship improvement game balance intact and react quicker to keep it in place.
  17. Listen better to players whom play the game instead of alts who hurt the game and drop an “acknowledged” icon in the forums every now and then to inform said players that in fact you are reading.
  18. Make low power citadels disappear from the game like “forgotten” depots or MTUs do - with an automated timer.
  19. Encourage co-op play
  20. Discourage alt play (you don’t need an mmo to play with your lonesome)
  21. Delete skill-trading. Either you play a long game and know about it being a long game in advance or EVE may not be for you. And no, EVERYONE can train (insert frigate here) to level 5 and did so for more than a decade without complaining that you cannot train (insert frigate) to level 5 (at some point)
  22. Let the NPE teach potential new bros that skillbook != player skill.
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  1. Stop forum posters suggesting meaningless changes to the game.
  2. Stop forum posters suggesting selfish changes to the game.
  3. Stop forum posters suggesting impossible changes to the game.
  1. Rats randomly drain shield from player owned stations in systems and recharge other station shields where they are damaged and under attack.

  2. Null and Low Sec Gates go offline when attacked in a system. Natural repair rate is slow - taking between 1 - 180 minutes. But players using remote cap transfer logi in system will speed repairs.

  3. Players catch a Character Racial Viral Infection from visiting infected stations. Players can only fly ships from their own character race, or pirate faction, until they recover in 1 week. A cure can be obtained more quickly by killing a rat carrying medical supplies to a FOB. But there are several different strains of virus per character race, with several different cures. Anti Viral units can be traded by contract, but not sold on the market.

  4. Ship Maintenance - each day you do not run a maintenace check for your ship in an Alliance owned station, there is an additional 1% chance of an techical failure in a ship. Potential failures include Engineering (can’t warp), Navigation (warp to wrong location) or Electronics (random module goes offline while undocked) until the ship is repaired. The cost of maintenance is 1% of ship hull value in Jita. Half of this fee goes to the corp owning the structure. Half goes to Concord.

  1. Mining in highsec without a mining permit gives a suspect flag
  2. Level 4s moved to lowsec
  3. All supers are randomly assaulted by drifter murdersquads
  1. Fix structure spam in space
  2. Buff Battleship scan res, HP distribution and amount, cargo bay
  3. Iterate on Faction Warfare (lol)