3 Thing you would like to see changed in Eve Online

What are 3 things you would like to see changed. And add your reasoning if you would like.

  1. Make all ships and modules crafted by players while removing legacy BPOs
  • Remove modules from NPC drops and add short run BPCs
  • Remove BPOs, replace with longer run BPCs
  • Ability to research BPCs
  • This includes BPOs already in the game
    — Shake up industry a bit
    — Easier to transport BPCs than modules
    — Too many fully researched BPOs out there no longer providing an isk sink
  1. Make distance matter more for transport
  • Remove the use of cynos/bridging/jump drives from high and low sec space
  • Make high sec smaller
  • Make low sec larger
    — I think this would put more players in space
    — Risk vs reward convoys
    — Makes low sec a lot more alive
  1. Switch up the value of the ship from the hull to the modules
  • Make ship hulls less expensive to craft
  • Make modules more expensive to craft
    — Would make it worth more it to get into the ship you want and fight
    — Holding the field (looting) after a fight is worth a lot more
    — Learning to play a new ship is less punishing
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  1. Remove caps
    -because they are boring

  2. Make mining lasers do targetted damage to ship modules
    -it would be fun
    -makes mining lasers useful to all
    -venture duels

NEW! 3. Make all space High Sec
-stop arguements about ganking/create more arguments about ganking
-no more hating on Null
-why not

And Exploding Ice

  1. No Alpha accounts
  2. No Alpha accounts
  3. No Alpha accounts

If you make weapons more expensive than the hull, how is that even remotely possible to make learning less punishing? Besides, frigate hulls are already less expensive than a T2 single module in their fittings.

What I want:

  1. Fewer dumb ideas. EVE is overburdened with dumb ideas that ruin the game and experience.
  2. Follow through on the Vision For EVE trailer.
  3. More unique activities for each region of space. Lore gives so many inspirations for unique PVE in space (not instanced) that lay untapped for decades now.
  1. Fire the entire CCP management team including CEO. :psyccp:
  2. Cease catering to the lowest common denominator.
  3. Make EVE hard again.

You really want to see suicide ganking removed from the game?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

  1. Get rid of Alpha
  2. Get rid of the extended API feeding half the bots.
  3. Expand A.I. efforts to spot screen and memory-scraping bots.

Tired of ship and local scanning bots – hadn’t even known of ‘loot-bots’ until forum pointed it out. I could lose a hundred boats to people and not care, but lose one to a 'throw-away alpha-account, or one that was managed in part by bot, and that’s a game-breaker. I’ve already cancelled my subscription and just playing it out now. A year or so goes by and no changes in current direction, then yes, someone will ‘get all my stuff’ – I’ll log back in then just to give it to the first passing subscription player.

  1. Get rid of forced PvP in all areas of space/add a PvP toggle
  2. Make the game completely free to play (no sub, only skins in shop)
  3. Allow players to sell items to each other for cash (CCP can take a cut for admin fees)

1: The ability to train multiple characters on the same account at once as standard with no extra money or MTC being purchased.

2: Redesign of more ships in game on a regular basis, (CCP started this process and then stopped, there are some ships in dire need of a redesign (for me the the Helios/Imicus would def be one of those).

3: A revamp of content/mechanics that has been overlooked for years (Missions, Cosmos, LP store etc)

  1. No Alpha
  2. Make war decs like how they were before
  3. No multi boxing :smiley:
  1. BPO/C’s for npc trade items. The idea would be to make them not too difficult to craft for a small reward. It would be like the level 1 missions for the industry sect. Currently you almost need to have max skills to make it worth it to build things and still sell at a competitive price making it almost all or nothing. If you want to break into industry then you need to wait for months.

(These are going to get progresssivley less serious)

  1. Variable system security status reflecting CONCORD and empire ability to maintain security VS PLAYERS within a given system. Like an early iteration that would still need details worked out might be that security status is displayed with another decimal (0.52) and each system has a natural security status that can be changed by no more than 0.15, with larger changes being more difficult. Illegal acts and PvP lower the security status while PvE kills and players killing suspect players increase it. The exact changes would have to be balanced against each other. Probably a PvP kill would need to be worth many PvE kills. The actual security status change would need to happen at downtime, but show info would give a forecast of what it is looking like it is going to be. Haulers and industrial players could enhance the security of their routes and systems while other parties might make Uedama even more dangerous. Yes I can thikk of a bunch of problems with this, but I bet a dedicated dev team could find a balanced approach.

  2. With the change in war dec mechanics (and this also addresses one of the problems with idea 2) would it be so awful to allow at least the smaller capitals into high sec again? If it is about the level 4 mission opportunities, those are already completely safe (aside from PvP) in most battleships and plenty of medium ships. While carriers might be good for them, dreads as they currently are would, I suspect, clear many missions more slowly than BS/BC/cruiser.

Yeah two out of three are pretty big and unrealistic, but this has been a fun thought exercise.

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i really want to have a DEV that understand FW
IMO they will
■■■■ FW
i wish im wrong

low sec is NOT null sec

my three changes are
1, allow alternaive cursor size and shape
2. get rid of the outside the ESS mechanic, it is a joke and is generally just a get out of jail free card for risk averse filament groups
3, stop creating thinigs that require extra clciks for no value. example, compression box. example PI extracter restarts. keep it simple

I only have one.

Have CCP communicate with the player base again.

  1. Implement small POS for solo player usage.

  2. Make small POS requirements easily obtainable with low level skill training.

  3. Have small POS available to all players regardless of their Corp affiliation. (Player Corp / NPC Corp)


And high sec would be littered with thousands of them. No thanks…

Well, I never said no restrictions on anchoring them. There should be no anchoring allowed in High Sec since almost every system has NPC Station or Player Structure in them.

Also there should be an anchor timer on it, meaning after a certain amount of time, the small POS would be unanchored and available to be scooped up by anybody.


That might work. i’d much rather we go back to the old POS system where you had to have high faction standings to anchor a POS in empire space and could only anchor it at a moon. Not only would it get rid of citadel spam, it would force players to spread out among the systems in order to find a moon that wasn’t taken.


So basically a bigger version of a mobile depot. Maybe 2 or 3 thousand m3? Small POS towers were about 8,000 m3 if I remember correctly.

Something a solo explorer can use as a temporary base of operations for refitting, storing loot and logging out. A majority of systems have a lot of signatures in them which takes days to clear out.

The POS should be small enough to fit inside a Blockade Runner for transport, have quick anchoring & un-anchoring timer and be strong enough to withstand an attack for a few days.

Of course the small POS (and loot) would be vulnerable when un-anchored and during transport.