EVE IMPROVEMENT IDEAS collected over 2 years by several players with inspiration from hundreds

So CCP has a policy of actively not accepting any ideas from players directly and we have to post to this forum or approach a Dev at fanfest (as many have hillariously done in the past to force basic commonsense ideas)…

The document in this post is a list of EVE Improvement ideas written by several EVE players editted by myself with input and advice from several key EVE players who run public communities and inspiration, direct quotes and contributions from hundreds of conversations with random players, on fleets, in chat channels, etc pertaining to how EVE online could be improved from all possible backgrounds in EVE. Basic changes the EVE community has wanted for far too long such as increased bookmark limit, alliance bookmarks, etc, the basic things everyone wants and more ambitious long term ideals and ideas. The document has been built over 2 years worth of observation by multiple players. Its is 38 pages long…

A product of almost 2 years worth of observation, experience and evaluation of EVE online. Pls do not ignore it. Many of its contributors will be helping to publicise it so that CCP cannot ignore it in the coming weeks, tweeting it out and posting it in various places. Many of the ideas are simple improvements the EVE community has wanted for a long, long time. Others are more abstract long term visions and more complex and ambitious future ideas. It is a broad collection of ideas. It is split into clear headings to make it easily understandable and each idea is clearly defined and links drawn between similar improvement ideas backed up with justifications and some analysis of potential effects of some of the changes.

EVE Improvement Ideas.doc <Discord file link for the Word document. As the forum doesnt allow .doc attachments.

If you like any of these ideas feel free to help publicise them. You have my permission to link this document and tweet it or make reddit threads (:LLLL). This thread is only because CCP doesnt allow us to directly send ideas and responded to the sending of this document with “We don’t accept suggestions for features or improvements for EVE Online. If you’d like to post them, please do so on this forum section”

All the cited contributors at the end of the document were those who engaged in -direct written contributons- only.
Countless others helped with discussions and inspiration including those who created various situations discussed in the document and gave admissions about needed changes by even those such as in the mega alliances who some ideas would not benefit but realise such changes or balance initiatives are required for EVE gameplay especially in nullsec.


Lots of SJW stuff in that document, but at least nothing was mentioned about safe spaces. And good luck getting CCP to get rid of bots. Ever.


This is why posting to the forums with ideas is something CCP should not force people to do, so posts dont get negated by cynical trolls. There is nothing SJW in that document at all. Evidently you dont know what that term means. SJW is a political term meaning social justice warrior refering to leftwing political subversion to shut down free speech. Or silence someones opinion or ideas… (hrm, looks at your post) Without dealing with actual content (hrm) under the facade of ‘offense’… The document has one section out of 38 pages about conducting a basic standard psychological impact assesment to make sure EVE doesnt have adverse health effects on consumers… One of the contributory reasons CCP doesnt make changes is cyncial people like you who disrupt efforts to improve their product via trying to shoot down improvement ideas meaning CCP cant get a clear picture of what consumers want because oh CCP wont ever do that… without even reading the ideas of others with the expectation that CCP will never make changes to get rid of bots for example, what does CCP have to lose if you the consumer already thinks so lowly of them? Removing bots then becomes low priority… Perhaps you have a bot farm? Your comment is a cynical undermining attempt. Perhaps your just going to go play Star Citizen anyway?. Oh and pls reply with some ego venting to prove your troll nature. Perhaps pretend to have read the document and do some faux-evaluation.


I read the entire thing, and all I saw were a couple of decent ideas. Other than that, it was whining about awoxing, corp spying, bullying, suicides, and a ton of other random SJW stuff. And no one is going to list all of their alts in their character sheet for the public to see. No one. The walking in station thing went away a long time ago as well. Not gonna happen.


Yeah as expected. A troll who hasnt even read the document. Incase you didnt know, mr highsec carebear forum troll. I am a professional and known spy in EVE online so erm yeah…FREYJIASPAI

Mr 11 total EVE kills 19 total eve losses forum troll. You will find no way to undermine the credibility of this document just because you feel like it because thats what you like doing on forums. I expected as much from the CCP Forums :)) And stop re-editing your post out of frustration of being called out for being a useless detrimental forum troll. There is even an aspect in the rules of this forum section about not doing what your exactly doing…

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Oh, and also tears about bumping in high sec. That was in there too…

LOL, and there’s the expected personal attack, right on time. Like I said, SJW. It’s the only tactic you know…


My problem is with the document itself and the ideas contained therein. You decided to go after me personally. That’s called an ad hominem attack, where you attack the person directly instead of addressing the issue at hand. It’s a tactic of those who have no actual argument in favor of their stance, instead choosing to assault the character of the person opposing their views. And it’s a favorite tactic of, you guessed it, SJW’s…

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to be fair to @QuakeGod it was a lot of stuff showing a lack of ability to HTFU


But all that stuff is what adds some flavour to our silly game,if you haven’t tried awoxing,spying,corp theft,suicide ganking,scamming,tormenting some alliance of risk adverse nerds at least once in eve maybe even on an alt you’re missing out trust me ^^

They could add that in some extent if we would live in a perfect world, but that is not the case.

Sorry about lack of polit correctness and civil, but its impossible to see, when someone put ideas in forum just to discuss about it and know what people think about it. And always a couple of forum trolls came in and starts cynic trolling.

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Kicked back two posts to the author for modification

I’m surprised you guys spent two years on this and didn’t see the glaring issues.

You’ve got an echo chamber of people who don’t have a great grasp of balance or economics and are most likely carebears.

You could have saved some time by using these forums earlier.

From adding more intel to local to bumping damage. And even some whoppers like ships with boosted stats (what’s a mod?).

Posting these ideas in one bundle means the good ideas within are going to get obscured by the bad ideas and eye rolling at the ideas that have been posted numerous times already. We also can’t really discuss individual ideas without this thread becoming a huge mess. Nor can your ideas be fleshed out as some could be.

I guess that’s why they ask you to put different ideas in different threads…


A lot of this is what Daichi Yamato said. You’ve got way too much in there to be accurately assessed, this forum is typically for one idea at a time because of exactly this reason. Beyond that you do have some interesting albeit unrealistic ideas.

Some are just bad, like reverting the bounty system to what it was which also didn’t work, or adding ship bumping as damage which has been refuted on these forums hundreds of times. A lot are cosmetic, which despite what you think can take months or even years to do. The scanning window change you spout as an example of how these can be easily changed shows you don’t really realize that they basically scrapped the old scanner and built a new one from the ground up, which is what they have to do with a lot of stuff or they have to unspaghetti all the legacy code to get some things to work and that takes a decent chunk of time. Even if they’re building a new way to do it, they can’t always just remove the old stuff, they still have to make sure the code works without the old feature, sometimes removing them can break other parts of the game if they’re not careful.

Basically you’ve assembled a jumbled mess of good and bad ideas in such number that if CCP were to try and tackle the remotely good ideas in that list which is already a challenge to try and pick out that even if they did listen to these ideas it would take half a decade to apply all of them.

Try picking out some of your favorites and see how the forums react, once you have a group with some decent feedback try a forum post like this again. Right now despite your 2 years and all those who you say contributed there is still a lot of proof reading and reiterating on your ideas to be done. This time with the devs workload and actual viability in mind.

Like I said, a few decent ideas mixed in with a whole lot of bad ones. They were just nicer about it than I was…

The beauty of the forums is that it’s not just a group of sycophants. Whilst it’s not representative of the eve playerbase, it’s got people of differing opinions, backgrounds and playstyles. Something i suspect is lacking in the people behind the proposal. So it’s experiencing alternative judgement for the first time now.

Perhaps not everyone is as polite as they could be (I’m not). But growing a thick skin when you’re on the internet is recommended.

And bear in mind you just defended someone who reverted to personal attacks the moment someone disagreed with them…

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It’s okay. I don’t mind the personal attacks. I’m perfectly content with basking in the glow of my apparent high sec mediocrity. I’m enjoying the game…

what the hell was wrong with this post that it had to be hidden? these forums are getting a bit oppressive

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