Some suggestions for Eve in 2021

Hi all,

These are some suggestions I have for Eve -

Dynamic Security Status -
Rather than security systems have a constant / static security status i would like to see it pulse. I.e. a 0.5 system can on some days be 0.4 or 0.3, likewise a 0.3 system could sometimes be 0.5 (high sec). This would create opportunities for miners and gankers as miners would take risks entering these systems to ,ine better ores and gankers could also take opportunities knowing concord presence could leave at any time opening up some juicy targets.

Obviously some finer points to work out here but you get the idea.

Another change that could be made with the introduction of dynamic security status is to turn off the “travel in high sec only” autopilot functionality. Navigating eve could be a skill and in my view it would be really cool to have to try and work out routes to Jita that are safe to sell goods.

Ship depreciation. CCP keeps making changes to increase destruction, but maybe ship depreciation might be easier. Easiest way i see this implemented is to degrade the power grid of ships . Just spit balling here but maybe an arbitrary 5% decrease in ships power grid every month.

This would also turn ships into depreciating assets which would change player behaviour and might encourage more risks.

This is as a wealth tax and i think may have better outcomes for the game rather than the nerf’s CCP keep doing to Income. Wealth tax are more targeted on established players rather than the current income tax that is taxing established and new players alike.

Corp Market Something that I remember being talked about when I first played this game in 2005. I am still of the view there needs to be a better way for players to exchange goods within corp. The CEO of my corp spends his sat arvo’s doing ore buybacks via contracts with corp members. It would be much better if there was some functionality where he could put orders out via contract or in a special market that can be partially filled by corp members as they mine or farm.

Which leads to my next point Administration
Taking the administrative burden from Corp Leaders who are trying to organise groups of people to play together should be a priority for CCP, because without these people we are nothing and the game is lesser for it.

If I was at CCP trying to increase player numbers, making Corp Leaders lives easier would be my number 1 focus. From my observation leaders in Eve are overburdened with administrative tasks that don’t scale well, so as the corp gets larger the more admin they have to do, which means less organised play and eventually they get burnt out and leave. Does anyone know any other game with as much admin for leaders as Eve? Any organisation worth their salt, knows that looking after leaders is the number 1 priority to increase engagement, maybe eve needs to start implementing this into their game design.

What do you think of these ideas? Do they suck? :kissing_closed_eyes:


Making a last minute play for “worst ideas posted to the forums in 2020,” eh?


Shooting for the “Most posts that are a waste of bandwidth in 2020” badge, eh?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


1: Only idiots use Autopilot.
2: Ship depreciation? how about: NO. If anything, the more battles a ship survives, the better it should become as all the bugs and whatnot have been found and excised. Kind of like Sea Trials in real world navies.
3: Corp Market already exists. Just setup a structure with a Market Module and have docking rights only for corp members. Voila, all the exact functionality you have requested.


it’s a strong contender too.


If you want to bring in real life, I think you arguing for my change not against it, as everything depreciates overtime, unless its maintained by spending money on it.

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I play video games to avoid real life, not to simulate it.

Not to mention, requiring EVE’s servers to hold a database of EVERY SINGLE assembled ship, as well as their assembly dates to properly calculate depreciation is a terrible idea.


I agree. And nice cut and paste job :joy:

Date of ship assembly is just one data point… you can keep your knickers on. I wouldn’t be surprised if CCP already had it. The bigger impact would be how to sell on markets.

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Written like someone who has no idea what they’re talking about.
This is why CCP doesn’t take suggestions like these from the forums.

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Criticism with nothing constructive. You should write a book.

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Whenever an idea list like this comes up, the first thing anyone does is think “how can I use this to really break someone’s day” or “how can I exploit this mercilessly”.

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You guys just can’t say that his ideas aren’t good and explain why, can you. You have to put him down and insult him on top of rejecting his ideas and making him pass for an idiot, which he isn’t !

“This is the first time BMX Bandit has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!”
OH YEAH, he got “welcomed” alright, welcomed to THE most toxic and hateful community out of all the online games in existence.
You guys think you are smart and cute. You make me want to throw up.

That kind of hateful crap is partly why some new players are leaving the game. Who in their right mind would want to play with arseholes like you? I wouldn’t.

@BMX_Bandit Your ideas aren’t bad at all, especially the one about corporation leaders, but they’re just not for EVE and suggesting anything to CCP or these jokers is a waste of your time.
Continue to enjoy the game and forget about ideas of improving it. CCP doesn’t want them, they have their own scam going on and it’s been working for years and these hateful players don’t care about anything but the ability to play it like they’ve always done.

Take care and be well.


Dynamic sec status seems ugh. If I rat too much in nullsec does that make my system into highsec? Can I gank enough people to make Jita into lowsec? Especially if it changes in real time as opposed to every hour or so, that sounds like a lot of number crunching for CCP to do. It also seems like it would frustrate people who enjoy highsec and would not appreciate all their stuff being in a system that suddenly becomes lowsec. At least with the Invasion there was some warning.

Route planner should stay as it is. Making anti-QoL features doesn’t make EvE harder, it just makes it more annoying.

What happens if I repackage my ship? What happens if I stack that repackaged ship with a new one? I don’t think it’s a good idea to make people have to buy a new super every month if they want to fly a super (or any ship really, -5% PG would probably kill most fits and brick the hull), and I don’t think that CCP’s current system would be up to the task of tracking stuff in this manner.

Corporation contracts already exist. As do Want to Buy contracts. If you have a large structure you can also restrict docking access and make buy orders in that too.

You haven’t actually proposed any ideas for reducing the administrative burden. Do you think that CCP intentionally makes it difficult to run a large corp?

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I suspect most or all of these points might be found / have been discussed in the ongoing Player Features & Ideas section.

  • Dynamic Security Status - Oh the flash saltwater floods that would cause would indeed be entertaining for a bit, but probably quickly annoying. Also probably wouldn’t fit very well with the base structure of the game that has been established since release.

  • Ship depreciation. - Nah. Spaceships wouldn’t just be left to rust and rot (well…non-minmatar ships at least…). Maybe a usually-smaller RNG maintenance expense isksink, but don’t like a ship-decay thing.

  • Corp Market - I think the solution given by Mephiztopheleze is good.

  • Administration - Yeah, corp/alliance leadership could certainly use some help…but I’m not sure I’d want to see ccp shift their focus. It’s kind of like don’t startle a person carrying a glass jar of Nitroglycerin even if they are walking through your flowers. Sure it sucks the flowers you grew carefully are getting trampled, but distracting the walker might result in the whole garden being destroyed.

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This wouldn’t work, simply due to the security mechanics of CONCORD. That would basically be them saying “Oh so we’re not going to patrol this system for a week, and let a one week purge happen, but all the crime thats taken place in this other system will have to stop for a week so we can patrol it”.
As DLT says, leave the route planner alone

Ship degradation?? No thanks. Say I take off for a week or so when that one month time frame hits that I’ve had a ship fitted, I come back and now the PG is screwed and I can’t use my ship with that particular fit. no thank you.

Corp Markets are fine, and they are present in game.

Making administration changes could end others gameplay, mainly those who spai their way up the ranks just to tear down a corp. leave it alone.


nope we cant…

but we can point out how stupid and how overused his proposed changes have been discussed already.

Community is not really toxic, just weary of people new or old bringing up old shite that has been overworked like a dead beaten horse.

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Delete TIER 1 in FW
look at my suggestions and

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Obviously. :roll_eyes:

You’re free to be a jerk if you want, course.

Not toxic but just explosive, eh?

If you’re SO weary of people bringing up “old shite” then just don’t reply to O.P and let another person, who’s not so weary, reply to him, ja?

NO. You’re full of shite and spite.
You’re not “weary” or anything. You just can’t wait to jump all over people and debase them in order to satisfy your morbid urge to beat up on anyone who isn’t like you. Period.
It’s clear as day to me.

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wow your pretty salty LOL…

maybe you should follow your own advice and just…STFU

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Theres no room for popcorn with all this turkey urrgh

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Aaah, rudeness. It seems I’ve touched a nerve. Lets me know I’m right about your kind.

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