3 Thing you would like to see changed in Eve Online

My question is not whether it’s a good idea or not but as to how long it would take CCP to implement it?

-Would love to get out of capsule.
-Would love it if all the systems were nosec ( anything goes anywhere.)
-Have all the blueprints available on Market.

Probably about as long as it takes them to do anything else…

Course their answer = Soon™


  1. Revert Jump ranges/Fatigue.

This change was meant to stop big corps from dropping almost anywhere very quickly.
Well it hurt small Corps more, really limited our options.

  1. Old Forum was better, I like being able to see what Corp/Alliance at a glance with whom I am Forum PvPing with xD

  2. Bring back Gambling! I made stupid amounts of Isk on ‘Blink’ ‘Eve Poker’ etc etc


me to

or just remove the taxes from hypernet
hypercore is enough … but that is a discussed to death topic … CCP never listem

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  1. Remove ganking. :rofl:
  2. Build out walking in stations
  3. Scrap most of the P2W microtransactions and monetise by selling vanity items and accessories for walking in stations.

1 - A button to roll back eve to 2006
2 - No PTW
3 - CCP actually listen to the ppl who play this game
4 - All of the above

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The overview. Its the most important and most used tool in the game. Its still looks like a mid 90’s bulletin board function. I mean, its pretty much telnet on top of 2020 gen tech.

  1. Remove the need to pull CONCORD.
  2. 2AU warp speed increase globally to all ships
  3. Trim the amount of available sectors to players in all types of spaces except Pochven a bit.

Make it easier to track down and attack enemies when in a system to promote meaningful combat interaction.

Make it easier to escape gatecamps to reduce meaningless on-sided combat interaction at gates. The one-sided combat interaction at gates is what scares a lot of pilots out of low/null sec.

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Hello @Oshien ,

There are really a lot of very interesting ideas swarming under this topic, but the most important of all are not there; so here they are, some of which have already been mentioned in other threads; it is therefore also an opportunity for me to synthesize my thoughts around the potential future of EvE Online, and this in 3 x 3 = 9 points:

1- CCP must commit to never again interfering with New Eden by manipulating game parameters and rarity; the parameters as well as the rarity within the MMO-RPG-RTS must be stopped and constitute on the one hand, the common base of the rules of the EvE Online game, and on the other hand, the common guarantee of persistence of the New universe Eden, a persistence that must be accentuated in the future; the parameters of the successive versions of the game throughout the period 2003-2007 can serve as an excellent basis for CCP to work from.

2- CCP must, in the continuity of point 1-, renounce the refreshing of belts and deposits, in particular by defining a fixed value of content for each of them, so that the rarity is FINALLY inscribed in the DNA sequence of New Eden ; the definition of this fixed value (which can be called the New Eden Constant) involves taking into account IRL data from astronomy, and transposing some of these key astronomical values ​​to New Eden.

3- CCP must create a story within New Eden, a narrative compound that will inspire in the long term all the actions of the characters embodied by the players; the visual and sound work of EvE Online is indisputable, and this even by forcing the game to run under DirectX 11, which is more than enough while sparing our machines; the narrative work of EvE Online, well and truly present in people’s minds throughout the period 2003-2007, is totally non-existent today, and this absence of content now weighs heavily on players’ confidence in CCP.

4- CCP must stop encouraging players to possess alts; the alts are anything but a true gaming community, and it’s just becoming impossible to tell the difference between the two in-game anymore; alts are vectors of unwanted anxiety-inducing behaviors, even toxic anti-MMO-RPG-RTS behaviors.

5- CCP must give up its IRL economic model based on the erosion of players’ assets through destruction and abusive taxation, in particular encouraging them to buy ever more PLEXs; CCP must in particular take into account the security rating of the characters in all calculations of CONCORD’s response times; the high security ratings required extremely long in-game presence times and are always here synonymous with peaceful behavior on the part of the characters concerned, i.e. game play oriented essentially PvE, and not PvP, on the part of the players concerned, it is therefore quite legitimate that these security ratings can FINALLY be taken into account in these calculations for the sole benefit of equity.

6- CCP must imperatively review its position, give up PLEXs and take a much more serious interest in NFTs, as the blockchain may eventually become the ultimate guarantee that the time and money investments of each EvE Online player are not vain as it is alas! unfortunately the case today.

7- CCP must continue to innovate taking into account the laws of physics and astrophysics; CCP must propel every station, every portal, every planet into orbit so that every system can FINALLY become truly dynamic; CCP must also introduce laws of astronautics and ship maneuverability in space, so that the absurd era of messy, compact clusters of starships can FINALLY come to an end for all to see.

8- CCP must reassess the fair price of EvE Online for all of this, even if it means restoring a reasonable mandatory monthly subscription (< €10); the ALPHA and OMEGA statuses will then be definitively ended, and the erratic unwanted behavior resulting therefrom, the free service being reserved for a test server only; in my scientific jargon it is called a high pass filter for the benefit of a better quality community.

And finally,

9- CCP must allow EvE Online players to FINALLY be able to find their characters in EvE Echoes; the fact of having created an EvE Echoes license without allowing this synchronization between the two platforms caused most players, in addition to the confusion attributable to a totally misleading commercial launch message, a great deal of disappointment…

Q. Compared to 9-, Scopely has recently synchronized its Star Trek Fleet Command game for both computer and mobile use, and it works, the community of players continues to grow since these important changes…

Good luck, there you go!

So. Try To Fly Safe Again. Or Not.

Ully Loom

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You don’t want real world physics in EVE. If that was implemented, I could use a Vagabond, with a mass of 12 thousand tons, travelling at 13 km/s (29,000 miles per hour) to slam into any ship I want and instantly incinerate it. It would be like getting hit by a comet. Not to mention that every ship on Jita undock would instantly be damaged and disabled upon undocking.

EVE Echoes and EVE Online are not the same game…


Someone is sounding…ELITE and DANGEROUS

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Nothing “dangerous” about elite dangerous. Use that game as a cautionary tale of what happens when the powers at be give in to the whining and crying of the player base and turn it into nothing more than a grindy-snooze fest.

  1. People stop whining
  2. People stop whining
  3. People stop whining
  1. Bitter Vets Gone Forever
  2. Less Crywhining
  3. Aiko in Stations!
  1. Delete all the abyssal nonsense, one of the worst idea ever CCP implemented to ruin the real player-interactions which is the only advantage EVE has. There are no doubt those anti-interactive, highly closed and instanced BS is defiling the original concept of the great game.
  2. Cease developing First Person Shooter which will never get released. Stop to waste our sub fee for everlasting delusion immediately.
  3. Abolish alpha accounts gradually. Alpha accounts are as big mistakes as the abyssal nonsenses are. As you just implemented this without changing the base game design, it is obvious you didn’t make success as you had in your blueprint.
  1. Abolish alpha accounts. Go back to 2 week free trial

  2. bring back the old war deccing mechanic

  3. remove the orca’s ability to mine via drones. Make it a 100% support ship. OR keep its ability to mine by drone, but they are not allowed in high sec.


Instanced play is fun.
ie: Abyssal Space Filaments.
Dr. Who was beautiful and different,
I think the timed element for both was important.

Instanced play could create lots of interesting opportunities…like HUGE Multi-Player PvE Capital sites, and expansive storyline re-enactments that players could experience. Time travel and experience New Eden’s past. Or Planet Low Orbit sites where you could hunt, destroy and loot Player PI Installations, or give Mission Running a whole new look.

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What part of the current marketing = PTW?
(skill points don’t equal skill)