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So, I’m new to EVE, and I really like it a lot. I had a few ideas that I’d really like to see implemented. I love doing peaceful stuff like being a courier, or mining, exploring, etc. I noticed that the Stargates and Space Stations look like Huge Ships to me. I love that! I wish I could pilot them to their new destinations to expand territory, and create new routes across the interstellar vastness of New Eden.

What do you think? I don’t mind spending hours and hours in hyperspace taking a new Stargate somewhere. Seems better to me than helping to pilot a fleet of construction and hauler ships full of whatever is needed to Build a new Stargate somewhere new.

Also I’d love to be able to do things like repair people’s ships, build ships for them, etc. An actual game mechanic where I control the machines that put things together. Or let me move cargo onto and off of ships, I’d like to give that a try.

Also, I’m really curious about the In Game explanation for what fuels these ships. Their engines look Chemical, like they are burning fuel. Totally unlike Star Trek and Star Wars. I’d love to have a fuel gauge and a Bussard Ram Scoop system on the ship that collects the fuel my ship needs by diving through gas clouds.

What does everyone think about my thoughts? Could any of this be fun for you? Anyway, love the game CCP, keep up the great work! :smiley:


Soon young one…

But that will take large group of people to achieve if you believe the idea CCP is touting.

The gate idea is already in place… (Null alliances use these to make traveling easier) building gates to new systems for exploration might not be far off. But as I mentioned, these endeavors will take considerable resources of large group working together.

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hey @Krepta3k

welcome to EVE

well you can build and place stargates with the Ansiblex Jump Gate
so thats easy to do but its only in null sec and player can kill it

there are also player build spacestations … the Upwell_Structures

you can see a lot of them in space everywhere …

for your “repair” idea … thats not implemented because players dont want to wait for there repairs … you dock … righclick … repair … pay at NPC stations or do it free at player stations … problem solved

the “building” ships idea i a nice thought but i dont think CCP will bring that to EVE … you just use material … a BPO and hit the build button … wait a bit and here we go

how does your ship flys? well i have no idea … for me its pixels on a screen … i dont care about the tech in the lore of EVE but maybe you can find your answer here somewhere: https://fiction.eveonline.com/new-eden/lore


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Here’s ideas on that:

Perhaps, but not in EvE.

You want to… be able to pilot a space station to new territories…?

Do you also look at buildings and wish you could drive them around town? Do you look at a skyscraper and wish you could stick wheels on it?

You can do that already.

Its in the lore.

Hello Krepta3k,

Welcome to the community.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself and definitely don’t stop posting your ideas for Eve. Just ignore the players who post dissenting remarks, they have limited imaginations and don’t speak for the community or for CCP.

Years ago a player came up with an idea to add a transport ship to the game that would haul ships that were rigged and fit. Over time that idea became reality when CCP added the Bowhead to the game.

In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to know that personal mobile depots first started out as a player idea. The point I’m making is that anything is possible so always keep envisioning new stuff for Eve…

May you have a long and rewarding career here in Eve.

Welcome to EVE!

See, even new players can add to the game.

Check out the top vidio, timestamp 19:40. Does that mean a ship can take armor damage from bumping if it’s shields are down? :wink:

2nd vid timestamp 14:20. Does that mean CCP is going to give us new systems to explore/exploit? :wink:

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