Voluntary ISK sink based on lore (example: in-universe Charities)

Yes. Seriously.

Have factions create charities that accept ISK from capsuleers.
Have these charities create in-game news begging asking for money.
Give them some room in World News based on milestones or whatever.

I’m not saying that it would be a massive, raging success, but I’m saying that it’s doubtful that the amount of devtime needed to create such an ISK sink would be massive.

The returns:

  • People would feel like they can contribute to the health of the game/society.
  • People would have more “EVE real life” things to talk about.
  • More in-universe-Life perceived by players is ALWAYS better than less.

I know that many people treat this game as a collection of mini-games nowadays, but there’s still plenty of people left who treat people as what it is: A living, breathing universe.

That’s why this makes sense. It’s little things that make a universe feel alive and every single little thing adds up to that. Sure, in isolation they’re useless, but when seen as a whole they’re far more than the sum of their parts.

CCP’s side of things can be minmaxxed to:

  • Setting up NPC capsuleers
  • Giving them some backstory/description
  • Writing occasional lore tidbits.

Does not seem too far out of reach to me. :slight_smile:


Great idea, almost makes me believe in humanity from the people who play Eve, but not quite…:stuck_out_tongue:

So are the faction charities gonna try scamming too?


Thank you. :slight_smile:

I know, you’re chesting, but no … of course not. Basically, from the out-of-universe perspective it would be people throwing ISK into a sink that in return gives them some nice lore (Lore is literally Life!) to dive into, talk about and maybe even develop their characters.

We’re already seeing an uptick in the rate of WorldNews appearing, which is absolutely GREAT, and the more the better.


At first glance, the Sisters of EVE would be an obvious choice for something like this, as they have been involved in relief effort style news stories in the past.

To my knowledge, the vast majority of humanitarian reactions to catastrophic events in New Eden have come from players, but I don’t see why an NPC character leading some SoE philanthropic initiative couldn’t be a thing, ready and willing to accept donations of ISK and items like medicine, etc.


Kind of a cool idea too with fulfilling orders for the commodity-like items.


maybe in all ‘insert charity here’ they make buy orders for commodities. Maybe the Amarr charity will buy slaves and dancers


Hehe aye, I was bantering, but no I agree, it is a nice idea man, I like it.

Hope it gathers pace


The whole point of charity is that, the money gets put to good use, litterally every bit of isk sent will disappear into nothingness, seems like a huge waste.

I think the most realistic prospect is that this kind of idea would be donations happening as a reaction to a lore storyline (as recently happened in Semiki, for example), which would then be affected / steered accordingly.


Here’s one too, I think!

Thanks for linking. :slight_smile:

I’ve done RP about keeping up refugee centers and stealing sl… I mean liberating people from the Amarr Empire on and off for over a decade now.

I have never personally felt a pressing need to have an official CCP NPC organization behind it; I just gather the stuff myself and periodically trash things I think it makes reasonable to imagine have been used and make play about it with other people. I also imagine there are a lot of non-capsuleer humanitarian organizations in play everywhere, even though we do not hear about each and everyone of them.

Such a possibility to interact with NPCs would be cool obviously. Just saying you can do these kinds of things completely player-driven, no need to wait for CCP.

PS. got any slaves / freed slaves in the Aridia area in need of transport to Republic space?


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I don’t.

I once suggested buying them in masses from the market. Someone then complained about how that’s bad, because then more slaves need to be caught and put on the market. I still believe that opposition comes from people who are simply unwilling to do anything beyond virtue-signalling, because anything beyond that simply costs them time, money or both.

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And I think people need to stop worrying so much about what other people say about their ideas and calling those who disagree on how to do it names and attributing motives to them.

The argument that feeding a slave market is valid. However, so is the argument that freeing actual real people is more important than worrying about what it does to the system. Just do what makes sense to you and have the arguments feed RP via political disagreements.

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