[SoERR] Humanitarian aid in the current Empire crisis

This is just a short note to inform the interested parties that SoERR is moving our humanitarian and transport supplies from Mabnen to closer to Anath.

We will settle our forward humanitarian base and offices on Tisot VI - Sisters of EVE Bureau, to better assist those displaced in the current crisis and looking to be reconnected with their people.

This is not a military deployment and is not intended to be a repetition of the regrettable escalation of events in Thebeka.

Donations of food, water, textiles, building supplies, medicines at location are welcome. People seeking transport should, if possible, arrive at the same location; if not, please contact the undersigned for arrangements.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
SoE Roughriders


While I may not currently hold an official position, please expect some donations from Aloga Industries to arrive within the next dew days. If there is anything more you would need, a representative of AI will be made available to coordinate.


“Humanitarian” base. Pff.

You are not welcome in Anath the same as you were not welcome in Thebeka. Go home, Ms Rhiannon. We will tend to our own - those that have suffered from this attack and it’s instigators within the Khanid Kingdom.


I do not take orders from you, Ms Newelle.


That’s not very neighborly. Fortunately, for the good of all the cluster, Electus Matari is quite well versed in turning the other cheek.


Orignal edited to add:

What my lady meant by this is that the Blood Raiders likely retreated into the neighboring Kingdom as it was the nearest gate and border, though we cannot be certain. The entire region is remote and lawless; information is still sparse and we are yet forming a proper response.

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I think we all know what she meant.


is really not made any better by you trying to sweet-talk it.


What a disgrace to your Sarum liege it is that you would slander the Kingdom even while our forces are the ones tending to those stricken by the evil depredations of the Blood Raider filth.

Shame on your impiety and faithlessness to the order of Holy Amarr. I pray the Lord Sarum will take steps to clamp the bile duct that is your mouth tightly closed lest you further imperil the unity of the Empire and Kingdom.

It has become quite clear that this parvenu Ni-Kunni can’t even enforce discipline over her own servants, let alone a disgusting terror harlot posing as a “humanitarian” while peddling guns and rebellion across Holy Amarr.

With the dreadful mismanagement exemplified by this kind of over-elevation of servants, it is no wonder that Minmatar terrorists and Ammatar traitors feel free to indulge in their evil works in plain view.

It is past time that a firm hand was taken with the subject peoples and slave races. Long past time.

I will look to this matter when I have completed my vital relief work here on Anath IV.

I have the honor to be,


Aga-Count Chakaid of Kahah III,
Sa-Baron of Ves-Sefris, Zirsem V,
Colonel General of the 19th Royal Uhlans,
Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III

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Do you require support?

You are quite the polyp. Far up his ass and entirely unwanted.


As long as people get help why do you care?

Oh wait, you’ve never cared to try and build anything. You are either always trying to tear people and their projects down. Easy work that.

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Quite the challenge, Chakaid.

Bring it.

Elsebeth Shaninn
of Rhiannon, born Rhiannon,
from Mikramurka, Matar,
of the Sebiestor Tribe
CEO, SoE Roughriders, Electus Matari


Let me know if you need help in any way, and/or what is most needed.


Once again at the scene of the crime. And yet another family home of an opponent of yours. Curious.

If the 7th Fleet is wise they’ll detain you as a likely suspect.


The fact you hold this title is an insult to all those who perished in Kahah, on both sides. Your Kingdom handlers certainly have a sense of humor. The Ghosts of Kahah will never forget, least of all let you rewrite the history of what happened there.


I think I heard this expression, giving other cheek when you was hit once. From our point of view, it’s a sign of weakness and dishonor. Because if you will dare to slap a cheek of someone with honor, like Caldari, you can expect a challenge to a duel. I believe in the Empire there’s a “throwing a glove” custom that reflects this tradition as well.

Other than that… what is actually being neighborly?
When your neighbor tosses a bomb over your fence, causing some damage, and then pokes head up, asking if you need help, what would you do? For me, bringing up a shotgun and “shoving muzzle into muzzle” is quite a proper response against improper neighbors, ya know…

Now that’s a pretty good title to have.


It is most saddening to me to see such a lack of faith in my countrymen and women from such respected pilots. I have full confidence that the RKN, no doubt in full cooperation with the 7th Fleet, would never willingly allow the murderous blood drinkers refuge in any system under their protection.

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