Location & current status of SoE Roughriders humanitarian operations

SoE Roughriders mobile humanitarian base On The Way Home is currently at Amo II - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support.

Standard policies apply:

  • The base is aimed for individuals facing a crisis that prevents them from receiving what usual support they would have for dignified living (e.g. due to oppression, war, or a natural catastrophe)
  • We have emergency medical care facilities but are not primarily a hospital
  • We do not take in persons who do not come voluntarily, nor do we ever forcibly stop individuals from leaving the base
  • We can arrange for pick-up of individuals and provide further transport to any location in high-security space
  • ID or reason to relocate is not routinely asked from individuals in baseline bodies, but individuals identified as known criminals can be excluded from entry on a case-by-case basis
  • The base will under no circumstances give out any information of individuals in its care; if someone here wants to contact you, they will

We welcome donations of humanitarian supplies, preferably contracted or delivered to Oliveer Martel of SoE Roughriders at location. What cannot be used directly will be sold and the income used to support this operation. ISK donations can be sent to SoE Roughriders, please mark any deposits clearly as “On the way home” so as to ensure their usage in full to support this operation specifically. Please contact yours truly for other arrangements of donating.

Please do not send weapons or other military items without prior consultation of appropriate destination, we all remember what that lead to last time and there’s no opportunity for repetition of that here.

I will from this on try and make updates of the status of this operation in this thread rather than piecemeal in every other mess we end up in.

I have the honor to be,

Elsebeth Shaninn
Of Rhiannon, born Rhiannon, Sebiestor Tribe
CEO, SoE Roughriders
Head diplomat, Electus Matari
“Terror Harlot, peddling guns and rebellion across holy Amarr”
“Capsuleer renegade, clothed in tribal concern”


To add, On The Way Home is also able to provide support for individuals’ spiritual needs, with most major religious systems covered.


My, the neighborhood is really picking up since the Tebu Amkhiman arrived.


Welcome back to the Mandate, Captain Rhiannon! I’m more than happy to see you and your corporation supporting the revitalization of this crucial region.

Of course, Corovid will send all the resources we can. In addition, I have opened a tab for yourself and your staff at The Ocean Blue Coffee House on the Tebu Amkhiman, so that you may have coffee, tea, juice, and pastries to enjoy at your leisure.

Please let me know if there’s anything at all I can do to assist you.

Melisma Ramijozana
Cadet Chief, Clan Ramijozana


If anything’s needed, either Non-Hostile Target PMC (to a lesser extent) or our humanitarian aid Initiative, HHI (more than likely more helpful) would be happy to offer assistance, just let me know what’s needed.

Deitra Vess,
CEO, Non-Hostile Target PMC

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I am sure the staff will appreciate the fine entertainment Tanoo has to offer on their shore leaves.



Might the SoE Roughriders be interested in purchasing a medical center or two for use in its humanitarian operations and in support of a similarly good cause?



We are grateful to Jorda Hareka of Aloga Industries for a co-operation offer and happy to announce that persons seeking refuge and transport to our services in the system of Floseswin, Metropolis, and surrounding areas, can now contact him for local assistance.

EDIT: The base itself remains stationed in Tanoo for the time being. We are prepared to move on a short notice.

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Fixed typo in the name of the contact. My mistake. Apologies to any inconvenience caused.

The base is moving to Amo II - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support. The influx of individuals in Tanoo is slowing, and the crisis in the warzone has increased the number of refugees from the warzone to Republic high sec, and is further picking up by Ushra’Khan and allied forces having secured a Minmatar-controlled route between Floseswin and Amo/Hror.

All standard policies apply. We can offer transport to former slaves (regardless of their current status of legal freedom) and other individuals from anywhere from the warzone though more remote areas might get slower service. We can also still support transport from Tanoo but cannot offer immediate shelter.


If there is need for help with transportation, let me know. I’ll instruct Havens for Heroes to be ready.

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I can operate anywhere in the cluster, so should their be slaves that need transportation away from their shackles with or without ‘legal’ freedom, I offer my services as well.

The fighting on Floseswin is heavy but my people are making a stand against the Sarum forces on the planet.


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