[SoERR] Statement on behalf of "On the way Home"

Since the news spread about interception of shipments of weapons for “terrorist dissidents” I have received inquiries from both journalists and the general public about the possible involvement of SoE-Roughriders-sponsored operations in this incident.

On behalf of the refugee base On the Way Home (currently staged in Amo), I forward the following statements:

One, This operation denies involvement with the abovementioned shipments.

Two, Weapons other than ceremonial knives and similar are strictly forbidden and actively screened for on the base, and carrying even ceremonial weapons is restricted. Shipments to and from the base are carefully controlled and screened.

Three, In the context of the above screening, there have not been any incidents giving cause to suspect the base being used by outside forces for smuggling of arms to internal markets.

Four, The base is an independent capsuleer operation staged in the independent capsuleer dock sections of the station. The privacy of the refugees moving through is of paramount importance of us. For many of them, their families remain in custody of hostile forces and could be targets of retaliation if their location within the Republic was published. We have no cause, no duty, and no interest to subject the base to inspection or control by any outsider.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
SoE Roughriders


As a personal reply to kind inquiries: no, I’m not among the foreign-elements-in-quotes eliminated in Sundsele and neither are any locals associated with me.

To me it seems likely to be more about the Republic security’s wish to arrest someone to show they can do something the Sundsele Circle of Chiefs for Security cannot handle locally than any foreigners really needing arresting with a show of force.

But I might be mistaken. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

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