[SoERR] Policy statement on refugee centers

I have said this before but let me restate again because apparently it is not clear yet:

Refugee centers of SoE Roughriders do not in any circumstance reveal the identity of or provide access to individuals currently in shelter to persons outside. We will pass messages left to us to individuals if they are reachable by us but will neither confirm nor deny presence.

The shelters, including On the Way Home, reside and operate on capsuleer docksides and we maintain that they are not subject to national / regional / tribal laws and law enforcement, only to international laws governing capsuleer movement.

There has not been a change in this policy for years, certainly not since On the Way Home’s move to Amo to support the Floseswin front in December 121.

Elsebeth Shaninn Rhiannon
CEO, SoE Roughriders


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