[SoERR] Assistance in the current Empire crisis

SoE Roughriders now maintains offices and hangar space with a stockpile humanitarian supplies plus refugee camp core and security staff at Mabnen VII - Moon 6 - Freedom Extension Storage station.

We are ready to receive refugees of all nationalities. No questions of origin will be asked, but we ask that you come unarmed and submit to a security scan.

We also stand by to assist in any humanitarian capacity that we might be of help. Inquiries should be sent to CEO Elsebeth Rhiannon.

Please note that this is a purely humanitarian operation with limited capsuleer involvement. Any requests of military assistance or support will be forwarded to Electus Matari alliance command.

Donations of food, water, textiles, building supplies, medicines at location are welcome. Please contract to SoERR directly and note in contract notes if you do not want your name public. We do not at this point accept isk, nor donations intended for this base at locations not listed in this thread.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
SoE Roughriders


Well I hope it will work out the way you intend it to do. Good luck!


Capsuleers & general audience;

While this operation aims at fast transport of rescued individuals to more permanent conditions, we are currently in need of more food (especially variety would be good) and construction supplies to turn hangar space into temporary shelters. Donations more than welcome.

I also find myself in a somewhat problematic position where I have recently freed slaves coming to me and asking for, instead of transport to the Free Tribes, ways to join the fighting.

In case of people wishing to join the Amarrian side this is easy, them holding control of the surrounding space, but in the more numerous case of individuals wanting to leave the refugee havens to join the rebellion, I find myself somewhat at a loss. I cannot obviously stop anyone from leaving (I am running a refugee camp, not a prison, here), but letting people leave without contact to friendly forces and without weapons would be sending them to certain death.

Any advice, contacts, or even gear to enhance their chances of survival would be welcome. I can arrange for transport in space to anywhere people are willing to go but do not have orbital drop capability.

I also request that people will avoid coming to SoE centers, ours or official, with the express purpose of getting in contact with rebellion forces. While I am sympathetic, this is not what these operations are for.



There’s a persistent rumor going around that somehow Project Mekhios - through whatever link these demented feverdreams that spawned the rumors have conjured up - is connected to nefarious ne’erdowells! Now, I’m sure this is clearly nonsense and silly buggers, given what a nice and upstanding citizen I am, and given how I am welcome in all Amarr space.

Nevertheless, the rumors persist. Let me reassure everyone that letting angry Minmatar with some fight in them looking for the Network or other means towards putting the hurt on Imperial interests surely wouldn’t find such things at Project Mekhios. That’d be… silly. They’d most certainly find food, shelter, treatment and other aid and if cleared for it, transport to Minmatar space but a fight? Surely not. Can’t imagine how that’d happen at such a location.

Or so the legal advisors say.

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Thanks, that’s good info.

I have just received confirmation from Interbus that 2456 tonnes of frozen Mikramurka Cod in refrigerated freight containers have been delivered to Mabnen VII - Moon 6 - Freedom Extension Storage station.

The containers only require a signature from a representative of the SoE Roughriders organization in order to complete final transfer to the aforementioned.

This whole philanthropy thing feels great.


I know you said SoERR is not accepting military aid for it’s own operations, does that include small arms for those leaving your care? I only ask if you would be opposed to a third party offering them out, not specifically if you would do the offering.

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Well, if it is handled completely by a third party - I obviously cannot stop anyone doing whatever they damned will on a Freedom Extension station. We also do not police what information gets distributed among free people in the shelters.

(Be advised that most small arms illegal to transport in Amarr space.)

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Was more worried about someone painting you guilty by association, if that’s not a concern then appropriate actions will follow. Thank you.

I’m also not allowed in Amarr space but get in just fine.


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(Psst, high tech small arms are not contraband. And yes I noticed you said most.)


But they’d require more training to use than simple small arms. Still that’s an option.

For most part the high tech classification in CONCORD market comes from a safety device that prevents them being used without authorization aboard stations. Crudely put it is a remote controlled safety switch.

Unless you’re talking about heavy weapons, the “high tech” small arms require as much training as any other gun, generally the most basic care instructions, how to tap-rack-bang equivalent (troubleshoot) your laser- or railrifle and knowing from which end the ouchy part comes out. (And never point them at anything you’re not prepared and want to kill)

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Ya, honestly I was thinking heavy weapons, my bad on that. Still would rather not have them limited but then again it’s not looking like that would be a major hurdle.

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Yes; it’s what our own security tends to use in normal circumstances. But we do not have enough to distribute, even if we wanted to.

I got over worrying about guilt by association sometime between Colelie and Icecream Auditors.

I am glad to report we are now also set to receive refugees (and donations, if anything can be spared in that system) from the Thebeka structure Mojemi Jaira.

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Given your history of hostile action towards Amarr, your presence is unwelcome and your activities cannot be trusted to be non-military.

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I apologize for this inconvenience, but there is really not much I can do about it.

I am glad to be able to announce that we have added the GSF Imperial Oversight Committee structure (owned by Tuoni Cruise Lines) in Alkabsi as a possible pick-up point.

Surely PIE are now going to declare war on the Goons. I mean, anything less would be hypocritical and cowardly given their choices in Thebeka.

Having some strategic sense is not cowardice.

But yes, at least in this case one can hope that if they have an issue with me, they will come after me.

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