[SoERR][EM] Changes in status and services

I am sorry to report that due to combined capsuleer and government interference with the operations of SoERR waystation Freedom’s Gate at Thebeka, we have decided it is the safest course of action to change the status of the station from primarily a humanitarian waystation into a combat base.

Electus Matari warships with their usual marine contingents have started to arrive to the station, among them those of Challis Drant, the alliance executor. What ground logistics and support capacity we have will now be put directly into strengthening operations against Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris. We will still offer assistance to any individuals who come to the station seeking shelter but this cannot remain the primary operation of this base.

Superfluous civilian staff is already being evacuated and will find work in the humanitarian base in Mabnen, which is on a secure Freedom Extension station, and will continue to operate normally.

Station access restrictions will start to apply during tomorrow.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Elsebeth Rhiannon
CEO, SoE Roughriders
Electus Matari

“Well we tried playing it the nice way - but that just got a war dec so they can get ■■■■■■ if they think we are going to play it nice from this point in time.” (Challis Drant, EM executor, allegedly to his docking staff on his arrival to Thebeka)

“[These words] can be taken any way the Amarr Empire wishes to take them, for they know the truth of the matter very well indeed!” (Keitan Yun, Inner Circle)


“Well shite.” (Marys not expecting to have to fight someone who can defend themselves.)


And I just got here with apples.

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Alkabsi is now on the back burner, seems Thebeka is our main stage. Recall orders are issued and taking effect.

Mary can get ■■■■■■.


Good luck with the civilian evacuation, I’m hoping the best for ya.


Why do Capsuleers always have to shoot at someone? I am sorry to hear that those jackasses are troubling your affords.

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Despite my rocky relationship with Electus Matari Fleet Command, The Ghosts of Kahah welcome the arrival of Electus Matari forces to the system of Thebeka. We are both alike, for we espoused peaceful intentions until war was declared against us. The Amarr do not respect any but themselves. Such a sorry state of affairs must end.

And so we shall rise to end the old way and reforge this tyrannical and corrupt Empire anew.


The “safest course of action” would have been to withdraw entirely or, better yet, to have stayed on your side of the border in the first place.

But this was never about safe courses of action for you. Rather, it was always intended to be a hostile action against Amarr.

At least now you are being open about that blatant hostility and ill intent.


Yeah, yeah. EM committed a vile act of aggression by blatantly making PIE declare war on us.

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Wtith respect, you are the aggressors in this war, it’s not a leap of logic that declarations of hostility will be met with declarations of hostility. They weren’t acting hostile in Thebeka.


Unless of course you consider declarations of being non hostile is hostility in this day and age.


Any EM presence in Thebeka is hostile, no matter what they say, given EMs history and Elsebeth’s actions and words regarding Kahah.

Elsebeth calls for mass revolution in one thread and supports a terrorist invasion of an Amarr world. A week or two later she suddenly is non-hostile and humanitarian in her presence adjacent to a rebellion on another world.

Even if she didn’t have a decade long history of militancy against Amarr, that would be rather suspicious.

Then in the last week, our forces are running into pockets of foriegn military equipment. And here we have an “aid organization” that openly called for the revolution right on the scene. Yet more suspicion.

But Elsebeth isn’t just anyone, she is someone who has actively worked against Amarr for over a decade and is in an organization that is an open enemy.

So, in short, her actions mean we would have to be idiots to believe that her presence in system was neutral, regardless of what she says.

Her claiming neutrality at any point is just about as absurd as if we were claiming neutrality.


Well, I’m not going to argue that, it is valid logic. I only would hope that in such a situation as this is: aid is absolutely necessary (real aid that is), I hope you aren’t shunning those willing to help the innocent for ulterior motives. You speak of a lack of trust in an individual. With the past months events in mind, the cluster as a whole has reason to be questioning as well.

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You realize of course she hasn’t claimed neutrality. She claimed humanitarian aid. Now, I wouldn’t have trusted her either obviously, but do keep your accusations straight.

Personally I have no issues with this wardec, I am just rather curious to see if PIE are willing to engage in this war or if they’re going to hide under Kimchi Haram’s skirts who themselves hide under another set.


Still bitter the lambs she preys upon have a fence around them now…

“Lambs” that are engaging in war against my people. Regularly fighting them within the borders of my nation. You even use them in your own warfare, knowing you’d be utterly destroyed by a single Raitaru otherwise. Some “lambs” you got there, Aldieboo.

Perhaps it’s time to stop pretending they’re such poor innocent bullying victims, given their constant acts of aggression and warfare. I suppose admitting to them being the epitome of cowards, and you guys being so very dependent on cowards would be a bit much to ask of you.


You tribals never learn. This incursion will be dealt with.

I’m sorry, waging war. Why just yesterday I took a casual stroll though this lovely village upon Pator, with a entire battalion of the Royal Guard where we murdered babies and fed the men and women to our hounds while prancing around a fire made from the ruins of the burning village cackling at our own evilness.

Wait, that didn’t happen. Largely because last I checked SFRIM aren’t ‘waging war’ within the Republics Borders as I’m pretty sure that would be in breach of the Yulai Convention that governs Capsuleer activity. In fact I don’t believe SFRIM even ventures into Minmater space, I myself haven’t been near Minmater space in just over half a decade.

Perhaps you should take a look at your navigation system and check were your people are currently waging a insurrection because it certainly isn’t within your borders , because last I checked Domain is certainly not the Republic. Next time you wish to make unfounded and baseless claims may I suggest being less of a hypocrite perhaps.

Heimatar is isn’t within our borders?
Or Metropolis perhaps?

I can name a sizable amount of systems within our borders that consistently appears on your organization’s combat records, where your organization engages in warfare against capsuleers of my people. This is a matter of public record and can’t be falsified. Your organization frankly rivals PIE - by dint of numbers I’m sure - in terms of combat activity within Republic borders, against Minmatar capsuleers and forces.

Your organization may not be waging a formal war, cowards that you are, but you most certainly are fighting my people very regularly. Offensively, attacking them within our space. While cowering from consequences behind the skirts of CONCORD like the pitiful cowards you are.

It’s a pity watching AmarrBloc descend further and further into such a pitiful state. There’s almost no spine left.


Mizhara is correct; I have never claimed full neutrality. I have quite openly stated, for example, that we are transporting people out, and that I am connecting those willing to fight to those who are already doing it, arranging for parties to arm them in their way. This is all a matter of public record. The Admiral is correct; I am no friend of his or his government.

I have claimed, and will continue to claim where appropriate, that humanitarian bases are humanitarian bases.

Again, “[These words] can be taken any way the Amarr Empire wishes to take them, for they know the truth of the matter very well indeed!”


Meh. Recall that these stiff-necked fools refused Matari help, genuinely offered with no caveats or preconditions, at the start of the Sansha incursions. Once again we came in the spirit of peace and were once again slapped in the face for our efforts.

Very well, the die is cast and the choice made. Just let it be known that it was the slavery death cultists who precipitated this conflict, not EM.