Floseswin IV Evacuation Efforts

Over two weeks have passed since evacuation efforts on the surface of Floseswin IV have begun, and I am happy to report that forces dedicated to the protection of civilian populations have safely moved a substantial number off planet.

Given the present situation, evacuation efforts will continue, however they will be consolidated into a single defensible location from which we will continue to hold and operate, even in the face of invasion from Amarr terrorist forces. For civilans unable to make the journey them selves, we will be coordinating pick up and extraction services as the situation permits.

If any civilians who read this that wish to be evacuated should make their way to [coordinates redacted] or contact our local field commander to arrange for transportation to the center.

I will stress again to my fellow Matari pilots, and to all our allies that while civilian protection efforts are important, we must do more to protect the people of Floseswin IV, the entire system, and the Republic itself from violent Amarrian terrorists and extremists.


Do you require assistance with the evacuation efforts?

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Thank you for the offer. Contact myself, or Jorda Hareka privately to coordinate any assistance.

I somehow doubt the efficacy of these efforts while the Crusade maintains nearly uncontested space superiority in the system. But by all means, add you drop to this bucket.

It’s a populated temperate planet.

Evacuation of a full population is a fool’s errand, would be a fool’s errand even if it was not a warzone. A full Reclaiming, if even possible, will take years, and pockets of resistance will remain even with the worst possible outcomes.1

Still everyone does what they can, at any given moment, choosing from whatever possibilities for action they have.

1. Unless you just glass the damned place like you did Starkmanir, of course. I suppose that would count as ‘Reclaiming’ for some, too.


Indeed, in the New Reclaiming, this method should be employed more often. One of the failures that led to the Minmatar Rebellion was that greedy Holders insisted on enslaving every last Minmatar, instead of orbitally exterminating the more recalcitrant populations.

I wonder though, where do you “evacuate” them into? Some sort of Minmatar ghetto where they can rot like these slaves who were “liberated” and will have to slit each other throat for a piece of bread, blooming into even more criminality than there is already in the Republic?

All sort of evacuations on that scale imply impending humanitarian crisis.

Ms. Kim, I believe your perceptions may be skewed regarding how this sort of work proceeds. Yes mass evacuations tend to cause humanitarian strains, which will require additional resources, however what you describe as the potential conditions they might find themselves in is exaggerated.

For reasons pertaining to security I will not disclose the location here. What I will say, Commander Kim, is that we are fortunate enough to have access to state of the art facilities, as well as the expertise to handle these sorts of situations. I would dare say that sanitary and service standards are equal to those of even the State.

If you need more space, my clan’s ancestral land on Mikramurka has enough space to house about 100,000 more people comfortably before we start stressing our infrastructure. Although it is a bit cold there, so dress warm.


This is a reminder that transport vessels operating with a militia transponder are valid military targets and will be engaged without warning. It is the responsibility of the crew and pilot to see to the evacuation of their cargo prior to destruction of their vessels. Recovered civilians will be rescued and brought to the nearest 24th Imperial Crusade facility for reclaiming.

Well then.

Our source also repeated rumors that the infamous slaver Orlon Zashev has been commissioned by House Sarum to orchestrate the “Reclaiming of Floseswin IV.”
Galactic Hour News Roundup

Just a reminder.

Clan Seykal’s raid on HZO Refinery is nothing more than a pathetic PR stunt in light of this.

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So glad to see Sarum’s interest in Zashev was about the pursuit of justice.




For the love of all that is holy, I hope that “source” is Gutter Press.

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“Aye, be real nice to put in a bit more to the Seykal Clan city-ship fund!”
(Sesli Ashok of Seykal, YC121.10.19)

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Nope, we indeed ■■■■■■ up.


One can hope.

Edit: Also, I posted this here because it specifically touches on Floseswin IV. I guess, if LUMEN/PIE want to duke some diplomacy issues out, off-topic might be maybe a little better destination.

It is a very good thing your opinion matters for nothing in these matters.

And yours, for that matter.

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