[DAEV4] Thebeka III Freeport Aid Stations

Good Evening.

It is my pleasure to announce that a pair of Aid Stations have been anchored and onlined successfully in the orbit of Thebeka III. Aid Station Hesediel sits above the Northern hemisphere’s landmass, and Aid Station Jegudiel above the Southern.

These stations are currently Freeports, with no docking restrictions in place. Any who wish to come to Thebeka with the intent of providing non-military aid are welcome to make use of their facilities. Any who are discovered to have been using these stations to stage military or naval equipment for use either on the surface or in orbit of Thebeka III will see their docking rights removed.

The primary purpose of these stations is to enable coordination of Orbit-to-Ground humanitarian aid, and Ground-to-Orbit evacuation of casualties on either side.

The secondary purpose is to monitor civilian band communications, and, if allowed to do so, provide extraction for civilians caught between the Rebels and Imperial forces as they battle over the city.

Any inquiries should be directed to myself, either here or by mail.


I would advise people not to make use of aid stations put up by an Angel Cartel supporter who assisted Khanid forces in the pacification of Kahah.


Mmmh, not quite. I aided Imperial forces in the orbit of Kahah, specifically in the conflict with Ushra’Khan. I had nothing to do with either the Khanid or the pacification of Kahah.

Edited to add:
People are welcome to use them, or not, as they please. That is the purpose of a Freeport. My loyalties have no impact on what people may, or may not, choose to use the stations for.

Considering that the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris has issued war declarations against two corporations with structures in Thebeka, are we to expect that their docking and tether rights have been revoked or will you allow them access to your Raitarus as staging hardpoints?

Should PIE attempt to use my structures as staging for military action, they will see their rights revoked the same as anybody else. I imagine they are well aware of this, as so far I have not seen a single PIE pilot approach either.

To all interested parties, Kalaratiri has agreed to allow neutral inspectors to board her facilities and ensure she is not conducting any illegal actions or favoring a side in the conflicts in orbit or on the planet surface.

Perhaps some of you would like to suggest a neutral authority to conduct such inspections that all sides might be happy with?

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Confirming my agreement.

I will of course refrain from making any suggestion of my own.

I suggest inspectors from the Fed Navy.

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If a representative of the Federation navy can be found with time and permission to come to Thebeka, I would be delighted to host them.

I am delighted to be able to report that search and rescue efforts are officially underway. Transmissions from the surface are being monitored, and shuttles basing from the command ship BARACHIEL are prepped and ready to go as soon as requests for aid are detected.

Casualties will be transported directly from the planet’s surface to the nearest Aid Station. For particularly urgent cases, or unusually large numbers, the BARACHIEL itself comes equipped with emergency triage centers staffed by an experienced team of Salvations. When required, the BARACHIEL can move into low orbit to enable shuttles to make multiple, shorter, trips to the surface more easily.


Thank you for making my presence in Thebeka feel utterly redundant. :v:

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The Federation Navy is not neutral in any way.


I saw @Jandice_Ymladris in Thebeka. Perhaps she will do?


Perhaps you could be this neutral observer they’re trying to find.

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They’re more neutral than anyone else is. They may be biased, but they don’t have the balls to do more than whine.

On behalf of the Raata Zaibatsu, we could fill in as the neutral party to conduct an efficient investigation of the freeports.

For a while now, we’ve kept our distance from the ongoing “situation” in the amarrian borders and kept to our own devices. That said, we have been keeping an eye on how everything develops in the event that there’s an opportunity we could be of use to the wider cluster.

The Zaibatsu has not aided either the Amarrians or Matari in their recent hostilities and we plan to continue that to maintain neutrality. At the same time we have no commitment or obligations to the Caldari State or Gallente Federation, the respective allies of the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic. We’re entirely independent

It doesn’t get more neutral than this.

If @Kalaratiri allows us, I will round up a team of unarmed personnel to do a sweeping search of the stations and ensure that that both adhere to the claims initially advertised, and put to rest the doubts many may have about the freeports.


I would certainly welcome the Zaibatsu’s presence, assuming they are considered acceptably neutral by the other various interested parties.


I shall wait a few more hours for any potential objections to be raised, but otherwise I will begin discussion with the Zaibatsu about bringing their men aboard as soon as possible.

Any Capsuleer who wishes to send a representative, or even join themselves, to the Zaibatsu’s inspection is welcome to do so.

I really do have nothing to hide.

I am unconvinced there’s any more “neutrality” here than there’d be for a Fed inspector.

It’s going to be a terrible chore to find someone who can represent the entire peanut gallery.