[MHE] Humanitarian Aid to those suffering under Khanid atrocities

Following the atrocities being committed in the Kahah System and mainly on Kahah III under the name of Khanid “pacification attempts”, I in the name of MHE Industries and our Partners have given a direct order to aid the people who are currently being slaughtered on the Planet.

We currently have a Providence-Class Freighter and Marshal in Orbit, deploying rescue orbital vessels to save the people off the planets. We will attempt to sneak the landing vessels into the camps and close to cities to save as many family’s, children and mistreated people as possible.
Additionally Command centers were deployed an hour ago near habitation zones to have military personnel guarded hubs for our rescue operation.
We will provide food, medicine, shelter and a Quafe in the providence, free of charge for any person that is rescued from the planet.

It cannot be that innocents have to suffer and die for crimes they did not commit. Think about how everyone will look back at the actions you now take and what that will say about you. Apology letters will not fix the gruesome crimes that your soldiers are committing on these very days.

We condemn any acts of violence against our civil troops as we lead the rescue operation with no goal of violence against the Khanid Kingdom.

Thaila Lemrenoy,
CEO of MHE Industries


As CEO of Crielere Cloaking Technologies, I too would like to speak out against the inhumane treatment and even genocide of the slaves. We are aware that this statement might cost us clients, but we would rather have a clean conscience than deal with people supporting the crimes against humanity currently going on in the Kahah system.

Along with our message for the Khanid to cease the hostilities against the innocent at once, we have some of our capsuleer employees aiding the MHE effort utilizing our Marshal class vessel as mobile headquarters for the operation put into action by Ms. Lemrenoy.

Riraille Issier,
CEO of Crielere Cloaking Technologies.


What the Kingdom is doing can not be considered pacification, indeed. A casualty count of seven million is a massacre. The Kingdom has, with the help of the blood raiders instigating the chaos, killed more slaves in a day than the Butcher did in 4 years.

I also offer my support in providing aid, transport, and sanctuary to anyone fleeing the violence occurring on the planet.


None of your ‘help’ is needed here foreigners. The insurgency in Kahah is being dealt with - in a wasteful, stupid, inefficient way - by proper Kingdom authorities, but it is being dealt with. What is being proposed here is an outright invasion of sovereign Kingdom land.


Then demonstrate your ability to unfuck this situation.


Humanitarian aid? Why not guns so this massacre is not one sided. If a peaceful conclusion could be brought to bare, there wouldn’t be many people laying dead. Both sides have to want it for it to happen, if not then they shouldn’t be allowed to simply murder these people.

Seems to me Khanid could do with some proper invasion-ing.

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I am supremely confident that I could have the 331st Sarum Hussars in theater and decisively engaged within six hours. I am even more confident they could could ‘deal with’ this situation more effectively and with less loss of life than the Khanid forces.

I’m actually going to be on Sarum Armis Weekly in a few hours discussing this very topic with some other Sarumite officers.

Frankly, if the 7th Asbara and 19th Royal Uhlans were under my command, I would have already had the regimental commanders shot for gross incompetence and dereliction of duty.

I remember Empress Jamyl took away the Kadorian fleet after it was ‘misused.’ Perhaps Empress Catiz should consider taking away the Khanid ground forces.

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SFRIM has, since the chemical attacks were first reported, been preparing humanitarian and medical relief for the system. We would be glad to cooperate with others in doing so in a lawful manner.

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With no due respect, you have no idea what the Khanid forces are dealing with, as regards these “deathglow”-afflicted people.

Until yesterday, nobody had ever heard of this substance. What are its effects ? What behaviours does it induce in the afflicted ?

If this substance suppresses the pain response, allowing the afflicted to ignore wounds until loss of blood renders them unconscious, then the effectiveness of conventional crowd-control nonlethal weaponry cannot be relied upon.

In short, you have no idea what you’re dealing with.

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I am the very model of a modern Khanid-General.
I’ve information vegetable, animal, and mineral,
I know the kings of Khanid, and I quote the fights historical
From Vak’Atioth to Mekhios, in order categorical;

In fact, when I know what is meant by “barbican” and “orbital drop”,
When I can tell at sight a scrambler rifle from a cleaning mop,
When such affairs as sorties and surprises I have actually made,
And when I know precisely what is meant by formations in enfilade,
When I have learnt what progress has been made in modern gunnery,
When I know more of tactics than a novice in a nunnery,
In short, when I’ve a smattering of elemental strategy
You’ll say a better Khanid-General has never sat a gee!

For my military knowledge, though I do not get a passing grade,
Still in my dress uniform, I look immaculate out on parade;
But still, in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral,
I am the very model of a modern Khanid-General.


Unless Deathglow turned them into three-meter tall death mutants, impervious to bullets, able to run at speeds of one hundred kph, and tear open armor with their bare hands, then I am still dealing with men.

I’m confident because I have fought before on the ground. I’m confident because it’s my job and I take it seriously. I’m confident because I know the difference between that and hubris.

Then you should be equally aware of the difficulty levels involved in dealing with such issues without turning it into slaughter.

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You could have saved yourself the typing effort and just posted



I am. I want to save these people. And I am 100% certain I could do a better job than kesselschlacht and artillery bombardment.

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Maybe. Of course, the Khanid and Empire doesn’t actually want this to not be a slaughter, so it’s kind of moot in the first place. This is exactly what they’re after, and it’s pretty blatant at that.

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You’re right. And it’s disgusting.


There is nothing to - ‘unfuck’ - as you so eloquently put it. There is a slave revolt happening and it will be put down. I do not doubt the forces of the Kingdom will succeed, but, as commented on already by my Marshal Protector, it is our opinion that the Kingdom forces are conducting themselves ineptly.


I’m sure you’ll have seen those video clips of civil police having difficulty subduing 1 suspect who is all hepped up on goofballs, where it takes half a dozen officers to restrain them. And that’s one suspect, not an entire city of them.

Or maybe your plan is to use enormous clouds of sleepygas, and then cuff the unconscious ? And where are you going to process the arrested ? How many medics do you need to keep millions of prisoners sedated (and alive - stop them choking on their own tongues/vomit), until you can resolve the situation properly ?

So I remain sceptical.

The providences Bays are open to SFIRMS Help. Our doctors and offices would love to cooperate with you in this unfortunate matter. If there is anything you wish to help us with please notify me directly. We need to take the uttermost care when handling and treating these refugees as the substances effects are mostly unknown.