[EVENT] Operation Starfall - Kahah

Capsuleers of New Eden and associates,

As a native of the Ammatar Mandate, I have watched in horror from afar as millions have been slaughtered senselessly by the Khanid Kingdom. All the while New Eden does next to nothing. This ends now.

I was young when the Elder Fleet rescued the Starkmanir from the Mandate and when Ana Utulf urged us to defect, I chose to remain complacent and complicit like many of those around me. Today, I heed that call to action. I have taken my family’s wealth and have put it towards building an army and a fleet to aid the people of Kahah.

But I am only a businessman, not a warrior. The arms, ships, munitions, and supplies I have purchased are nothing without capable hands to ensure they are delivered to the cause. The first two great alliances to rise with me are Ushra’Khan and Villore Accords. I call upon every Minmatar to join us.

Guarded by the pilots of Ushra’Khan, Villore Accords, and those who have yet to answer this public call, I will pilot a freighter bearing this army to a point of low-orbit above Kahah III, where the fighting is heaviest and where the commanders of war criminals strut about the surface. To atone for my past complacency, I shall shed this skin of neutrality and will proudly wear the colors of Ushra’Khan if they will have me and the Tribal Liberation Force if they do not.

This freighter, which I have named “Khadrea,” will hold at the low-orbit point until all ground forces are deployed and have established a base of operations near the planet’s equator on its southern continent. My advisers place the estimated duration of disembarkation at one hour. In that hour, with all eyes of New Eden upon Kahah, we shall see who stands for freedom and human dignity and who holds to slavery and brutality. We will not move from this position until the deployment is complete or every ship I have purchased has been destroyed—this I solemnly vow to the people of Kahah.

My forces are directed as thus: To establish a ground base that links “Khadrea Base” in orbit around the planet with the ground, creating a travel corridor by driving a wedge into Royal Khanid aerial and orbital defenses through which we can transport refugees and freed slaves off of the planet and supplies and armed forces to the surface. We will hold this corridor with Surface-to-Air weaponry and the innovative use of bomb launchers dreamed up by egghead Sebiestor combat-engineers. Electron bombs will distort and offline Khanid detection and early warning systems while Shrapnel bombs will obliterate ordnance fired to intercept spacecraft.

We will name this corridor “Khadrea’s Ladder.”

The terrestrial half of “Khadrea’s Ladder” will expand across the continent over the days following the deployment, through a rapid, offensive campaign conducted by mechanized infantry and armoured divisions supported by artillery and close air support from the atmospheric-capable craft I will include in the landing force. No longer will the Khanid military toy with its opponents—I bring with me a conventional army. This footprint will be the foundation of the Khadrea Base Safe Zone.

Simultaneously, freedom fighters will be deployed across the planet, to accelerate the training of rebel forces, bolster their ranks, assault slave detention facilities, disrupt Khanid logistics, and guide refugees back to the Khadrea Base Safe Zone. I ask that any Minmatar sympathizers with forces on the ground engaged in these activities already to contact me so that we may coordinate our efforts.

However, I recognize that I am a single man and my forces will have limitations. The Khadrea Base Safe Zone will be limited in size once Royal Khanid installations and forces of immediate threat are destroyed or neutralized. Once established, it will be a fortified place of refuge for those who now suffer at the hands of brutal Khanid monsters. But at the same time, though seized by mercenaries in contract to me, I am willing to present and hand over control of the territory to joint Gallente Federation-Minmatar Republic administration.

These are my goals for the people of Kahah.

To all those who hear or read this message, now is the time to rise up. Rise up! Take up arms and throw off the yoke of complacency. I call upon every freedom fighter, every smuggler, every sympathizer to join us in Kahah! We will do what they tell us cannot be done!

Let history remember that on the Fifth of November YC120 at 19:00 NEST—that that was the day and hour King Khanid’s Kingdom began to crumble. This is our rebellion! Stand with me! Arise!


UPDATE: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/event-operation-starfall-kahah/117867/89?u=armast_darkar


If you succeed, will you have separate accommodations for the violent and non violent Minmatar, and a cure or treatment for the deathglow chemical weapon that was used to start this whole mess? If the effects of the deathglow don’t wear off, you will be in the same situation, only your troops will be blamed for any more Minmatar deaths.

The problem now is that those suffering from Deathglow who weren’t lucky enough to reach humanitarian colonies before the Khanid troops cut them off have zero access to regular treatment of any kind except artillery shells delivered by Khanid war criminals. Once Khadrea’s Ladder is operational, a relatively safe passageway will be open to facilitate transfers of medical supplies and personnel to the Khadrea Base Safe Zone for immediate triage and stabilization while the affected and recovering refugees can be transported to, quarantined, and monitored at the orbital Khadrea Base before being released to other facilities in New Eden for specialized treatment.

I’m not sure if you understand what the deathglow has done. The deathglow is what started the minmatar on the planet, fighting. They are probably fighting other minmatar and will probably fight you when you get there. I would recommend rescuing the settlements that weren’t struck with the chemical weapon, first. Then, when the situation has been assessed, try and save the others.

You are throwing away a freighter for no gain. Do you really think the Khanid blockade can be run by such a large ship? Especially now?

There is a good reason I inserted a small force covertly after all.

Well…stay out of the Black Hand’s way if you do get through.

If you have conclusive evidence that the Deathglow compound’s effects are permanent or that the compound is self-propagating (or alternatively that it is still used on the surface in additional attacks that have escaped news reports), then I invite you to share that information with my science team for dissemination to my medical staff.

I don’t know that, just like we don’t know that they don’t. There is currently a study researching that now, but to my knowledge, they haven’t come up with anything conclusive yet

I do not have any delusions that the blockade can be run by a single freighter. I do believe that it can be run with a freighter supported by a large enough task force of ships piloted by Ushra’Khan and Villore Accords, among others.

I’m not sure you understand the situation. Deathglow was used on multiple targets throughout the system. The largest significant outbreak of Deathglow-related violence took place across parts of Kahah III. However, the response from the Khanid forces was neither surgical, nor effectively targeted, as they began indiscriminate slaughter of the affected and unaffected alike.

As a result of this callous disregard for human life, and demonstration of how little the slaves’ well-being mattered to the Khanid, uprisings began among populations not affected by Deathglow, on a number of planets in the system. The Khanid are now actively ‘liquidating vermin’, as one of their nobles put it, and the people targeting the Matari in the system are not their fellow slaves, and they are not under the influence of Deathglow.


And like I said before, the acts of the Khanid are atrocious and uncalled for. But in this conversation, it would be irresponsible to go in and possibly cause more harm because you don’t understand the effects of the deathglow. Yes, the Minmatar should be rescued, as they should be on every Amarr planet, but this situation is different and not black and white, except for the needless killing by the Khanid.

“Liquidating vermin”.

Do you understand what the Khanid intend in all this? Do you see what the obvious end-result of a strategy of indiscriminate slaughter is?

Do you really think anyone’s going to ‘cause more harm’ than the Khanid will cause when they slaughter the entirety of those slave populations down to the last man, woman, and child?

And, again, Deathglow’s being identified as the agent involved in the attack on Osis, as well, and there are no reports of long-term effectiveness of the toxin or sustained behavior changes.


There’s an easy solution to this, kill the aggressors. It has been plainly illustrated to the cluster their motives, motives based in pride. They are not there to help, they are there to mop up a stain on their character. Humanitarian efforts, nevermind for the victims but for the cluster is to amputate this septic limb.

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From what I have been told, both from the research group (Ameriya can confirm) and from the doctors working with my sister, who was afflicted (during the Rens attack), the effects of Deathglow are not permanent, and do wear off with time.

This has all moved well beyond a chemical-induced riot and into something else.


I think a lot of people agree on this.

Now, if we just could agree on who the aggressors are

(Agreed on the throwing away a freighter not helping. My limited second-hand experience from current conditions of the rebellion suggests that small ships & tactical drops have better chances. Yes, they can do less than a freighter-full of stuff could, if that freighter-full of stuff survived and got down semi-intact. But option A is not better than option B if it looks so on paper but is not feasible in practice.)

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There seems to be a misconception about the freighter, but I am happy to clarify. The freighter is going to be supported by a fleet. The freighter will remain in low-orbit but it will not land on the planet’s surface. If it comes to a confrontation of the Royal Khanid Navy or its proxies, I am confident that the pilots of Ushra’Khan, Villore Accords, and others, will be able to fend off the aggression.

I would be more than happy to coordinate with Electus Matari or other groups who would care to provide smaller vessels to ferry troops and supplies from the freighter to the ground and refugees from the ground back to the freighter in a “Little Ships of Kahah” operation.

While I’m hesitant to even bother recognizing this Darkar creature as sincere, given his choice of public avatar, it should be mentioned to everyone dealing with this subject at this time:

Don’t use freighters for transporting freed slaves from this system. It’s too public, too predictable, and too easily intercepted.

It doesn’t take much to destroy even the most protected freighter in highsec, no matter what kind of fleet escort you have. A number of Tornados can inflict that lethal volley without any escorts even having time to lock up the aggressors before the destruction is a certainty.

With cargo that precious, and this… sensitive, use DSTs. It’ll take more time, but when there’s this much scrutiny of the extraction system, fourteen thousand eggs per basket - which is far less vulnerable, heavily tanked, can mwd+cloak etc - is a far more reasonable number.

It’ll limit each transport pilot to roughly fifty thousand evacuated per hour if using my personal options for treatment and processing, but that just means having to put more work in, for a significantly higher security.

Any refugees rescued from the surface of the planets in Kahah will be brought to the “Khaedra Base” Raitaru in the system. From there they can be transported by Deep Space Transport or Blockade Runner. I am more than happy to provide you with access to our facilities for your review or to work with your designated intermediary if you believe my intentions to be insincere.

So you’re basically looking for a shoot-out? Such PR could serve to… let’s say spice up the situation more, and as such I do not find myself opposed to it.

I doubt I can convince EM to, though.

I am looking to make a bold statement while New Eden is focused upon Kahah. If the Royal Khanid Navy and their Imperial or Kingdom proxies want to cement themselves as supporters of indiscriminate mass murder, then so be it. Regardless of if such would come to pass or not, the fleet I am mustering will concentrate on breaching the Khanid aerial defenses to support ground operations.

I invite all Minmatar to join us with their transport ships and light vessels. As I said, let all step forward to be known as the “Little Ships of Kahah,” for this is our rebellion and will mark the beginning of the end of the Khanid Kingdom.

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Nope. Regardless of the situation on the ground, you can no more deploy those forces on Kahah III than someone from the Empire can deploy a force on any Minmatar world.

Also, what is it with people giving numbers of their forces? God, that’s just stupid.

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