[MHE] Ongoing Humanitarian Aid to the population of Kahah III

Since yesterday, the 24.10 YC120 MHE Industries and many volunteers are successfully rescuing people off Kahah III and the other inhabited Planets in the System. While the number of rescued are below what we have hoped for, the fact that we can make a difference in this horrible crisis was worth every minute we are spending in orbit.

Multiple setbacks both in destroyed planetary landing vessels and the destruction of Samira Kernher’s Mastodon and Reginald Sakakibara’s Nestor, in his aid to the previous, through Concord have occurred. But the lives of volunteering crew lost in this dwarf the number of rescued and treated people that we estimate to be close over 10.000 during the days wide spread rescue operations. Further information about these are currently classified. A funeral for those lost will be held over Kahah soon, in memory of the millions of lives lost on the planet as well as those who died in their attempt to help.

In the name of MHE and all rescued I want to speak my thanks out to the pilots: Samira Kernher, Reginald Sakakibara, Deceiver’s Echo, Khaprice, Viverina Cielvoss, Yuno Tsuki, Elena en Chenaki and Astera Zandraki. Aswell as the Pilots from Crielere Cloaking Technologies. A special thank you to Garion Avarr for helping, handling and negotiating this situation with politeness and respect.

With the situation on the planet reaching a very tense point we are open to civilized negotiations with the Khanid forces to ensure the safe handling of this operation. As the current practice of slaughtering innocents is not acceptable and has already been officially condemned by the Republic and Federation. If they agree to resolve this crisis in a humane way, we are willing to fully disassemble the Command Centers and linked facilities spread over the planet. We are currently prepared to peacefully transport our equipment back to orbit at a steady pace.

While a part of our objective is to avoid a direct conflict as much as possible, the situation on the planet has not improved. Millions of innocents are still being slaughtered under the goal of “pacification”. This is simply unacceptable! Our main goal is not to support the rebels but to rescue those suffering under mass genocide by the Khanid from both orbital bombardment and ground forces. We condemn any delivery of weapons to surface installations.

Preserving local human life is not only in our humanitarian interest but should also be of concern to the Khanid Kingdom to save the planets future food production. Killing millions of innocent slaves only to take the lives of a few terrorists has obviously catastrophic consequences for the planet’s infrastructure.
How many more must die until the cost is too high?

Again, it must be stated that if harm is done to those with the only intention to help others, something must be fundamentally wrong.

MHE wishes to use this occasion to offer support in equipment and manpower to Ameriya’s and Mizhara’s projects to research the substance known as Deathglow.


Thaila Lemrenoy
CEO MHE Industries


Khanid or those your trying to save and yourselves? Not too many for the former and I don’t think they’re figuring in the later in their calculations.

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Be nice to reverse those ratios a little though, wouldn’t it?


That it would… that it would.

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Chief Executive Officer Lemrenoy,

As Lord Adjutant of the Cerra Holding in Huola VII and the director of the Cerra Relief Mission in Kahah, I would like to formally and humbly request the inclusion of Cerra Relief Mission fallen in the funeral services.

In consultation with the families of the fallen, the structure of the services, subject to your approval, will be as follows:

The cremated remains of humanitarian aid staff will be placed into modified moon scanning probes instead of the standard geological survey payload. Inscribed on the probes will be the names of the fallen as well as a short obituary as space allows. The probes will then be loaded onto the sister Nestor-class flagship of the Cerra Relief Mission. This ship will then convey the probes containing the remains of the fallen—21 in total—to a low orbit staging position that has already been established near the planetary customs office above Kahah III. In conjunction with the standard funeral Mass of the Rite of Holy Amarr (adjusted for burial-at-space and the unique circumstances of Kahah), the probes will be launched continuously towards the planet’s surface on a trajectory designed to guarantee they will disintegrate upon entry.

It is the goal of the Cerra Relief Mission and the families of those who lost their lives, that these twenty-one probes serve as “shooting stars of hope” to a peaceful resolution of the crisis on the planet’s surface. I await your response at your leisure.

By His Light and His Will,
Lord Reginald Sakakibara,
Lord Adjutant, Cerra Holding, Huola VII


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