[ARC] Lirsautton VI humanitarian relief

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It would appear the Aidonis Foundation is establishing an aid camp on the surface of Lirsautton VI following revelations of a humanitarian crisis. Without commenting on the politics of the situation, it seems both reasonable and just to offer assistance to the Aidonis Foundation and those people abandoned to die on the planet.

We will be seeking contact with the Aidonis Foundation, and hope to work with any Federal organization aiding this humanitarian effort.


Devara Biotech has dispatched a mobile medical unit a long with staff and supplies. Since I will not be available to overseer the operation myself I have transfered it to you, Ms. Priano, and I hope that ARC can make good use of it.



Thank you, Dr. Starsurge! The facility itself will prove quite useful.

We’ve moved the supplies to preliminary staging, and will begin orbital interface within the day.

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Sorn Industry will soon be leaving Nishah III with supplies for the humanitarian effort. we are sadly not a medical frim still, we would like to help both planetside and station wise.

So expect an Impel to arrive in Lirsautton within the next few days, with the following goods onboard


I have made an initial delivery on behalf of SFRIM, before specific needs were known, to ARC in the system.

I hope ARC, of which SFRIM is a part, and UNF-A are able to cooperate, given UNF-A presently has a facility in orbit targeted for this purpose.

SFRIM will be making a more specific delivery to that facility of water and and foodstuffs as I understand that is the immediate need. Relief efforts such as this should transcend differences and I pray that the capsuleers involved cooperate to maximize assistance.


Good evening, Directrix, Ms. Blackfire! Thank you both for the provision of aid so far. The resources we’d staged at Lirsautton IX-3 have been relocated to the UNF-A staging facility, as discussed.

I should note that approximately a quarter of a million cubic meters of foodstuffs were part of IKAME’s initial commitment. Water, however, was not made provision for, on the hope that the Aidonis Foundation would deploy filtration at the aid side to provide for local water sources. A detailed relay will follow in the UNF-A thread, given the entertaining duplication on this forum.



The Arataka Research Consortium wishes to state its continued dedication to humanitarian relief in the Lirsautton system. However, we understand that this effort exists at the challenging intersection of sovereignty, cultural mores, and the humanitarian needs of a population suffering from untreated but eminently treatable ailments.

To that end, ARC reiterates its desire to assist the Aidonis Foundation in its humanitarian efforts planet-side. It is our firm belief that the Aidonis Foundation would not have deployed to address this issue unless there was suitable legal grounds for humanitarian intervention. Nonetheless, understanding that the Aidonis Foundation has greater legal grounds than ARC for its intervention, ARC states its intent to file amicus briefs in support of the Aidonis Foundation if a legal challenge by the Sang Do should occur. For the sake of brevity, I won’t expand on our legal understandings of the situation at this time.

Likewise, to minimize potential cultural issues, ARC actively solicits the advice and recommendations of Gallente nationals on this matter. Please contact me directly on these matters, if you please.

We hope for a peaceful, productive, and cooperative resolution to these matters, and look forward to further word from the Aidonis Foundation and the Sang Do.

In service,
Makoto Priano
Arataka Research Consortium, Coordination Group


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