[UNF-A][Humanitarian Aid] Vale Humanitarian Relief Effort

Hello pilots,

With the current ongoing situation in Vale, a massive humanitarian crisis is on the horizon. Regardless of the Triglavian’s plans for the civilian populace(which for the time being seems to be to leave them be,) the potential for massive crop failures and other shortages due to reduced solar output requires immediate action and remedy.

At this time, the various Aid Workers and Units within the UNF and under Wolf Brothers INC are mass mobilizing to move prepackaged meals and purified water into Vale, staging from the nearby system of Cat at the CAT VII - Moon 3 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio station, and will be actively coordinating relief efforts from the aforementioned station. We are currently accepting further donations of purified Water, Frozen Foods, and other necessity items to be shipped into system and deployed to stockpiles already being established on the temperate planets in Vale.

We will not be engaging Triglavian forces in system, so as to avoid drawing unnecessary aggression toward civilian centers being supplied by UNF and other organized relief group efforts.

First shipments have been made and further ones are now arriving as of 0228 NEST at the staging station in Cat. And many more shipments are scheduled for arrival later tonight and over the next several weeks.

We also currently have listed buy orders for 4 million units of Frozen Foods at our staging in the Cat VII - Moon 3 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio station at 120 isk per unit for the more profit minded capsuleers that won’t help without an incentive. That is at a higher buy rate than most corporate sell orders for such are authorized. The UNF will be making further similar buyorders as further funds are allocated, and hopefully will be expanding relief efforts to other systems affected in similar manner to Vale.

Hopefully we will be able to mitigate the impact of the coming crisis on the planets in Vale. Let us hope that unlike the Lirsautton Refugee crisis, that doing the right thing will not trigger a legal incident with local GalFed memberstates, regardless, the UNF will continue to actively render aid and assistance as necessary and able, despite our foreign national status and reactions thereto that may occur.

Thank you for your time pilots.


The Khazad Consortium is currently very limited in it’s transport capabilities, we sadly will not be able to help on the logistic part.
That said, we do intend to help on this matter.
While the director’s Board was in extraordinary session to discuss what aid we could provide, a referendum was proposed by our Members Initiative Representatives, asking for participation in said relief.

I’m glad to announce that the motion was accepted by all directors and representative.

[lengthy firsts legal declarations, stating the actors, their legal existence, etc]
A first 500.000.000 isk donation will be made to [UNF] today (20/06/122).
A second donation of the same amount will be done if transaction data is given to guarantee the good use of said donation.
Lastly the operation will be transmitted to the various contacts of the Khazad Consortium.
[more legal information on the funds origins, the donation legal text of the SCC, a “no responsibility” article for the use of the aid and lastly a list of signatures]


On a personal note I must congratulate the UNF-A for their continuous and neutral Humanitarian efforts across the cluster. It’s always a pleasure to see such operations.

Sevala Fallenstars,
Khazad Consortium Representative.


On behalf of the humanitarian effort, I thank you for your donation to the effort, and in keeping with transparency with where funds are going, the funds provided thus far from Khazad Consortium has been put toward the purchase of additional prepackaged meals that will be transported to the staging in Cat for further distribution.

Thank you,
Lauralite Anne Brezia
United Neopian Federation



second half, sent.

Umbre. KC


As many celebrate across the Federation today this impending crisis serves as a stark reminder that we must always be vigilant and aid all of our brothers and sisters in their plights.

That being said, Rook’s Hold has made its first deliveries of Frozen Food goods to the Cat staging station to assist with relief efforts. We will continue to source and supply these goods throughout the next week with or without sanction from Federation officials who worryingly continue to consolidate power in the face of the Triglavian invasion.

Agaku Weiksonen
CEO Rook’s Hold
Until All are Free


Arataka Research Consortium have ongoing projects in affected systems, we will be happy to assist in rendering humanitarian aid if possible.


I must apologize for my husband’s dryness.
He spent a lot of time on his work those days and sometimes forget that people need more than some data.

While I cannot edit his message I can add some things on it.

First, the khazad consortium is happy to see such transparency from [UNF-A]. As stated before, it’s always a pleasure to work with you.
While my husband don’t like to give information until he has strong evidences, I can say without hesitation that the humanitarian help should expand to medical centers and maybe some structure-sized life supports in case the dimming of the sun stay that way.

I would also like to suggest sending some psychological help, either in form of certified personnel or by communication.

The traumatic experience that would be the sun sudden and brutal change would certainly cause a lot of unrest and agitation. Given the apparent quick and violent way to deal with military operations on grounds, it would be a sad news to learn that a city was bombed from orbit because a few citizens chose to fight.

I do believe in the liberty of each to express said liberty, but they must do it knowing the consequences. I do hope it will not happen.

They can die only once…

Sevala Fallenstars.
Khazad Consortium Representative.

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The Relief Effort continues, though at a slower pace than initially expected. Plans are being drawn to establish proper supply bases planetside in the Vale system to deploy aid materials more effectively, beyond the prefab structures and bases we have been using up to this point. Current projections put food supplies on the surface of Vale as mostly stable for the next few weeks, perhaps a month and a half, if some level of rationing is implemented.

As a foreign national, I have no say in if such can or will be instituted to ensure the further longevity of the civilian populations, but I would encourage those in positions of authority on the populated worlds of Vale to put such policies in place.


With today’s news release I would like to thank the Gallente President Agaurd’s recognition of the ongoing relief efforts, and would also like to thank all contributors, past and current to the continuing efforts in Vale. The United Neopian Federation will be putting forward another 500m isk worth of food supplies and water to the effort, and continuing to maintain its current distribution and stockpiling, and will continue to make efforts to help evacuation efforts where possible.


Dear Director Brezia,

I congratulate you on the recognition your effort has achieved within the Federation. It is a valuable contribution towards a normalized state of relations where a coexistance of the empires of New Eden and the Triglavian Collective may be possible. As such, I have made a humble contribution to your project in the hope that the supplies will be used to stabilize and deescalate the situation in Vale and assist the people of Vale and the Collective in finding a modus of peaceful sharing of the system.

If there is a necessity for vessels that won’t be agressed by Triglavian ships, I could also provide additional help in that way.

Signed digitally
Scius Falkenhaupt
Kybernaut Researcher


Despite the loss of contact with the system governor of Vale, the relief effort continues and more supplies are continuing to be brought in. I have already begun diverting resources to attempt to locate the whereabouts of the system governor, if at all possible but the chances are, unfortunately, quite slim.


Work continues on for the Vale Relief effort and I would like to right now thank all those who havee contributed thus far, many of whom have chosen to remain anonymous at this time.

I also must, regretably make a decision regarding the ongoing situation on Vale V particularly, with the actions of the VPLA continuing to escalate, causing problems with deploying supplies to certain areas as their increasingly agitated actions have begun to draw the ire of local Triglavian forces. I, and others in the Relief Effort have decided to shutdown resupply efforts to areas near where the VPLA is actively engaging the Triglavians, and will not supply the VPLA itself with weapons or equipment, despite a call to do so from one current Relief Effort supporter. We cannot afford to have supplies unduly lost in retributive actions that could otherwise be used to help the people in need.

At this time we continue to search for the system governor of Vale, but the outlook is unfortunately not positive at this point.

To those on the planets in Vale I say this. You are not abandoned. You are not forsaken. Aid will continue. Do not throw yourselves needlessly into the line of fire.


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