UNF Fiction Archive

This thread will be an archive of various posts, threads, documents, and other media related to my long standing projects under the United Neopian Federation, and the assorted activities it has been part of or gotten up to. Feel free to discuss things or ask questions about various things if you’re so inclined.

Much of this would be information or material you could reasonably find and dig up on the UNF and its activities in character, and I’ll be separating things into segments below and will continue filling this out as time allows

IGS Posts, Documents, and Fiction
UNF Backlore Compilation document
General Information about the United Neopian Federation

Solitude/Postouvin Containment Response Thread
UNF’s first open involvement in the public, leading up to and during the Kyonoke Inquest

Announcement Removal of Infrastructure - Postouvin
UNF’s dismantling of containment response POS after Kyonoke Inquest’s conclusion

[UNF deploys and develops Neopian Solar Plaza freeport grid in Archavoinet]

UNF opens Eugales Harbor Complex freeport grid

Ruins Discovered during moon fracturing operations
during early moon fracturing operations, UNF detected and extricated assorted ruins believed to be connected to the Yan Jung

Eugales VI Arcology and Terraforming Initiative
the UNF’s ongoing colonial project in Eugales, an unincorporated system in the Gallente Space

Lirsautton Humanitarian Aid
UNF deploys humanitarian aid center during the Lirsautton Refugee Crisis of YC120, and subsequent activities

PRA-N officially joins United Neopian Federation

UNF Volunteers Dystek Armories in pursuing AEGIS Small Arms Contract with Bosena Accords

Official Statement on Involvement in Intaki
UNF issues its statement on involvement in the Intaki Crisis of YC121

UNF Offers Independent Intaki Militias trasnsport

Humanitarian Relief to the System of Vale
UNF-A organizes humanitarian relief to the system of Vale in June YC122 after the system falls to Final Liminality, calling on capsuleers for support

News Articles and Rumours Posts Related to UNF
Placid Tribune, 1.19.YC121 - Foreign Entity Lodges Salvage Rights Claim in Pegeler, Josmaert, and Unour

Placid Trade Journal, YC121-5-19 - Joint Acquistion Talks Conclude in Osmeden

Neopian News Channel 7-1-YC121 - Arcology Conflict

Verified Viriette, YC121-8-19 - UNF-A and Valkyrie’s Curse Deploy to Intaki

The Ryan Davith Report, YC121-8-19 - The UNF Deploys; Relief for Intaki Militia Arrives with Chaotic Opening

Pegeler Inquirer, YC121-9-28 - Archavoinet Security Franchise Up for Grabs

Archavoinet Archive, YC121-10-19 - United Neopian Federation Commandeers Zorya’s Vedmak

Archavoinet Archive, YC121-11-19 - After Extensive Contract Bidding UPA Appoints New Security Franchise, Declares System of Interest

YC121-12-14 - Leaked Emergency Responder Helmet Recording, Audio Only, Eugales VI, Masariin Gazaar Arcology Habitation Block 16 - Silver Concourse

Pegeler Inquirer, YC122-1-6 - Shipping and Astromining Franchise Contract Conclusions and Handovers; Eugales System of Interest Claim Notarized

YC122-1-9 - Memo: Beta Site Activation

YC122-1-26 - Mail to Shine Ehklel(Eugales VI) Orbital Development Community re: Material Allocation

Republic Star, YC122-4-12 - Bosena Accords and Allies Double Down on Skarkon II Invasion

Heath Row News, YC122-4-13 - Skarkon Situation Heats Up: Supercarrier Sighted Over Skarkon II

Heath Row News, YC122-5-3 - Breaking: Neopian Force Presence Escalates Above Skarkon II

Heath Row News, YC122-5-13 - Clone Pilot Airstrikes Begin in Earnest Against Krellufor Convoys and Supply Bases

Heath Row News, YC122-5-15 - Breaking: UNF Facilities on Skarkon II Assaulted by Unmarked Warclone Units, Presumed Tronhadar Freeguard and Onikanabo Brigade Connection

Heath Row News, YC122-5-21 - Second Unmarked Warclone Assault Against UNF Thwarted by Joint Defensive, Forces Traced Back to OB and TFG Forward Operating Bases

Archavoinet Archive, YC122-5-25 - Franchise Holding Capsuleer Corps Sell Orbital Customs Offices in Archavoinet

Heath Row News, YC122-7-5 - Breaking: Massive Atmospheric Displacements Detected as UNF Combined Arms Force Inserts Over Sahaal

YC122-7-10 Serpentis Gate Monitor Log: MCH-R3


Unsecured Clone Pilot Comms Chatter, Sea of Skadki, Skarkon II

Placid Tribune, YC122-11-29 - Local Capsuleer and Baseline Economies in Disarray in Pegeler and Josmaert, Fate of Refugees Uncertain

Re: Developmental Progress of Orbital Yards and Further

Pegeler Inquirer, YC123-01-06 - Start of First Community Open on Eugales VI Draws Thousands from Archavoinet, Frarie, and Aubenall

Additional Material and Media
Skarkon II After Action Evaluation - Clone Pilot Advanced Craft MKII and MKVII Designations

ArSec Defensive Units Closing in on Industrial Block H4-DL3Y during YC121 Warclone Assault

(Concept Art Commissioned from and credited to Crazy Intense Art on DeviantArt)


(Art Commissioned from and Credited to KitsuneMist on DeviantArt)


(Art Commissioned from and Credited to @TheBestiocracy/EternalBeast on Twitter/NewGrounds)